Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs Story in English With Moral Value

Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs Story in English With Moral Value. This is a story of a farmer who lived in his house with his wife. Both of them were very hardworking people who had a small farm where both used to do farming together. But they did not get results according to their hard work. His crop was not good. Because of this, his life was spent in poverty. To avoid this poverty, the farmer thought that he would now make money by selling geese’s eggs. To keep the geese, the two first built an enclosure on the ground in their house where they could keep those geese.

After building the fence, he went to the market and bought some geese from there. He kept the geese on the farm and gave them some grains to eat. The farmer and his wife started taking care of the geese. The next day both of them got up and saw that one of the eggs was of gold. They were both very happy to see the golden egg. The farmer took that gold egg. He went to a jeweler and sold it at a good price.

The next day also, they found a golden egg with other eggs. Seeing this, he could not understand which goose was giving the golden egg? In such a situation, both of them decided that they would monitor the geese overnight and find out which goose was laying the golden egg? After monitoring overnight, they came to know which goose was giving the golden egg. Both of them separated that goose and kept it in a seperate place. Together they both took good care of that goose.

But one day the wife of the farmer started thinking how long both of them would keep collecting golden eggs one by one? The farmer’s wife wanted to become rich as soon as possible. In such a situation, she went to her husband, farmer and said to him, “We collect a golden egg every day, but how long will we do it? I have a better suggestion that you will be happy to hear.”

On hearing this, the farmer said to his wife, “If that is the case then, tell me quickly.”

The wife said, “We can cut the stomach of this goose and collect and sell all the golden eggs inside it. Together we can earn a lot of money. This will make us very rich and then we will never worry about money.”

On hearing this, the farmer also got tempted and said to his wife, “Your suggestion is very good. I immediately go to the market and bring a knife. Then with that knife we ​​will cut the goose’s stomach. We will take out all the golden eggs from it.” Saying this, he went to the market and bought a knife from there.

At night, both of them cut the goose’s stomach with the help of that knife. As soon as they cut its stomach, they saw that it was like a normal goose and there was no golden egg inside. Seeing this, both of them started to regret about it and in the end, they both sat on the ground holding their heads. Both regret their greed. Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs Story in English With Moral Value

Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs With Questions

Here we have asked some question from Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs story. Try to answer them.

What do we learn from the Golden Egg story?

From this story, we learn that we should not be tempted or be greedy too much. With more greed, we can lose what we have. If we talk about this story, then the farmer and his wife used to get a gold eggs every day but now they are not going to get a single gold egg due to greed. That is why we should not be tempted. Greed is bad.

What kind of life was the farmer and his wife living?

The life of the farmer and his wife was very tragic as they had to struggle a lot to spend their life. They did not have enough money.

What did the farmer think of doing to keep his life well and earn more money?

To make more money for his life, the farmer thought of selling eggs. He bought some geese from the market so that he could sell their eggs and earn extra money.

How many geese were giving golden eggs?

Out of the purchased geese, only one hen was laying a golden egg.

For what reason did the farmer’s wife think of cutting the goose’s stomach?

The greed had gone inside the farmer’s wife. She wanted to earn more money together. For this, she thought that there would be many gold eggs in the goose’s stomach. Because of this, she thought of cutting its stomach.

What punishment did both get at the end of the story?

At the end of the story, both of them got punished that now they will not get any golden eggs. They have to work again to run their life.

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