The Quiet Parrot Panchatantra Story in English

The Quiet Parrot Panchatantra Story in English. There was a very big banyan tree in a forest. In which many parrots used to live. Those parrots used to talk a lot among themselves. Their day started with talking to each other and their night ended with talking to people. They also had a king who was his greatest parrot.

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Apart from all this, there was also a parrot in that banyan tree who used to talk very rarely. His name was Mittu Parrot. Seeing Mittu Parrot, all the people kept thinking that how could he live so quietly? Other parrots kept teasing him about this.

One day, two parrots were talking together. One of them said, “friend, one day during the summer I had found a mango that was very lush. No man has eaten such a mango till date. That mango I had eaten all day with great fun. “

Hearing this, the second parrot said, “Yes, I had also found a mango that was very tasty. Which I also ate whole day with fun.”

When both of them were talking about this, all the people around them were listening. This thing spread among everyone. All the parrots started discussing mangoes. But that parrot did not say anything. He sat quietly in his place.

Seeing him calm like this, the king said to him, “How can you be so calm. All of us have to do is talk. We all talk all day long but you keep quiet. I think you are not a parrot You’re a fake parrot. “

When the king said this, all the parrots of the tree used to tease him by calling him a fake parrot.

A few days later the necklace of the king’s wife was stolen. In such a situation, the king’s wife went to her husband and told him all this. She told her husband, “My necklace has been stolen. I have seen the thief. The thief had a bandage on his face. But his beak was out. His beak was red.”

In such a situation, the king called a meeting. All the parrots of trees were present in that assembly. The king told everyone about the theft of the necklace and he told that the beak of the robber was red. In such a situation, a parrot came and said, “king, there are only two parrots in our group, who have red beak. One of them is a Mittu Parrot and the other is a Shyam Parrot. You can ask both of them that who is the thief? “

The king was afraid to interrogate them both as they belonged to his group and were his own. In such a situation, he took the help of his friend crow. He called his crow friend and told him the whole thing.

After knowing everything, the crow begin questioning. First he asked Shyam Parrot, “Where were you when the robbery took place?”

In such a situation, he answered in a loud voice, “I am…… I had slept after dinner. “

“Can you provide proof that you were sleeping that night?”

“Yes.” Shyam Parrot again raised his voice and said, “Everyone know me here. They can tell you that I was sleeping that night.”

The crow then asked Mittu the parrot, “Where were you that night?”

In such a situation, Mittu Parrot replied, “I was sleeping that night.”

After listening to both, the crow told that the thief is Shyam parrot. After hearing this, the king asked, “How can you say that Shyam has committed theft.”

The crow replied, “I heard both of them. Shyam Parrot was speaking with a loud voice and the same Mittu parrot was speaking in a very simple voice. The one who is telling a lie proved his truth by saying his words in a loud voice. Shyam tries to do it. That’s why the thief is Shyam Parrot. “

Hearing this, Shyam started apologizing to the parrot king because his theft was caught. Now the king thought of punishing Shyam Parrot. In such a situation, Mittu said to the parrot king, “Shyam is apologizing for his mistakes and he has committed theft for the first time. For this you forgive him.”

The king listened to Mittu Parrot and forgave Shyam Parrot.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that we should not talk unnecessarily. By talking more, we lose our importance in front of others. The Quiet Parrot Panchatantra Story in English.

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