Urban Rat and Village Rat Panchatantra Story in English

Urban Rat and Village Rat Panchatantra Story in English. The two rats were very good friends among themselves, but one of them lived in a rat town and the other rat lived in a village. Both used to take news of each other from others. One day the urban mouse thought that he would go to meet his village friend. In such a situation, he sent the news to another rat that he was going to visit the village.

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On hearing the news of his friend’s arrival, the village rat became very happy and he started preparing for his arrival. The very next day, the urban mouse got ready and left for the village. As soon as he reached his friend, both of them were very happy to see each other. Both of them talked a lot.

While talking, the village rat said, “There must be a lot of pollution there. I have heard that there is a lot of pollution and smoke in the city. The urban rats did not respond to this.

It was time to eat food while talking, then both of them sat down to eat. The village rat gave his friend bread and cereal to eat. The urban mouse finished his meal and went to sleep after eating.

Waking up the next day in the morning, both of them were going for a walk on the village. But before that they wanted to have breakfast. They thought of having breakfast. At breakfast the village rat served him bread and cereal again. The urban mice finished their breakfast, then both went on a walk to the village.

The view of the village was very beautiful. Seeing the village, both of them were very happy because there was a lot of greenery and there were trees. While wandering around, the village rat asked his friend, “Do you have so much greenery there too? Do you have so many trees there?”

On this question too, the urban mouse did not give any answer and he started walking. By evening, both of them reached home. At night, again the bread and grains were given to the urban rat to eat. This time the urban rat became angry and said, “Do you all eat the same food again and again? Come to my city. I will feed you different kinds of dishes that you will never forget those food by eating.”

The next day the urban rat took his friend, the village rat, to the city. Upon reaching the city, the village rat saw that his friend lives in a large house’s hole. In such a situation, they went inside the hole. As soon as they reached inside, the village rat saw that his hole was very beautiful. There was a table to eat there.

Urban Rat and Village Rat Panchatantra Story in English
Urban Rat and Village Rat Panchatantra Story in English

The urban rat decorated the table. First they ate cheese. The village rats liked cheese. He became crazy after eating cheese. Suddenly a cat entered the house.

In such a situation, both the rats went inside the. The village mouse was very scared. Then the urban rat told his friend, “This cat keeps coming here and whenever he comes, we have to go inside.”

Hearing this, the rat of the village was very scared. He had never seen such a thing. After some time, that cat left from there. Both of them reappeared after the cat left. Again they both started eating cheese. They were both having fun by eating cheese. Then the owner of that house entered with the dog. Both of them again entered inside. The urban rat told his friend, “This dog is the owner’s dog. He lives in this house.”

Hearing this, the rat became even more afraid. Out of fear, the village rat left that place and said to his friend, “I cannot live here. I cannot put my life in danger because of a comfortable life.” The village rat left the place saying this.

Moral of the Story

That is why we should always pay more attention to our security. One should not worry about comfortable life by putting one’s life or else life in danger. It can cause us great loss. Urban Rat and Village Rat Panchatantra Story in English.

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