An Elephant and Ant – Panchatantra Stories in English

An Elephant and Ant – Panchatantra Stories in English. A big elephant lived in a big forest. The elephant was very proud of his body and strength. He unnecessarily harasses the animals of the forest. All the animals of the forest were very much disturbed by that elephant. But they could do nothing because the elephant was very big and powerful.

One day when the elephant went out on a jungle walk, he saw a rabbit on the way. He came out of his house and was eating carrots. Seeing that rabbit, the elephant asked him to give me what you are eating.

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In such a situation, the rabbit refused to give its food to the elephant. Angry, the elephant broke the rabbit house and went ahead. The poor rabbit is now upset. Going forward, the elephant found a parrot on the tree. The elephant asked the parrot to bow before him and salute the elephant. The parrot refused to do so. The elephant uprooted the entire tree to teach the parrot a lesson. That parrot flew from there. The elephant started laughing when he saw the parrot going from there.

After doing this the elephant went further and found a pond where he started drinking water. He saw an ant nearby. He asked the ant what are you doing?

Panchatantra Stories in English
An Elephant and Ant – Panchatantra Stories in English –

Then the ant replied that he is collecting food before the rain comes so that he will not have any problem in the rain. In such a situation, the elephant filled water in his trunk and threw it over the ant. Ant’s entire food wasted. Seeing all this, Ant got very angry and thought of taking revenge from the elephant.

A few days later the ant noticed that the elephant was sleeping after eating its food. Seeing the opportunity, the ant entered the trunk of the elephant and started biting hard inside the trunk. The elephant started to have a lot of pain and jealousy. Due to which the elephant started crying loudly. On hearing the cry of the elephant, ant came out of the trunk. The elephant got scared seeing the ant.

Now the elephant had understood that he should not disturb anyone. The elephant apologized to the ant and told him that he would not bother anyone from now on.

Moral of the Story

We learn from this story that we should not bother anyone unnecessarily. Otherwise he can play enmity with us. In such a situation, we can harm ourselves. We should help others, if we cannot help others then we should not harm them either. An Elephant and Ant Story.

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