The Frog and The Rat – Panchatantra Story in English

The Frog and The Rat – Panchatantra Story in English. In a dense forest, a rat lived under a tree by making a hole. The mouse was very good who treated people very well and he also made friendships with others quickly.

Near that rat’s hole there was a small reservoir. A frog lived in that reservoir. All day the frog was thinking that his reservoir is very small. Because of which not many people live there. In this case, he had no friend. He used to remain unhappy about this.

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One day when he was sitting silently unhappily on the banks of the reservoir, the mouse noticed him. Seeing the frog sad, the rat wondered why he was so sad? In such a situation, he went to the frog and asked, “What is the matter, my friend? Why are you so sad? I was watching you from a distance. Seeing your sad I could not keep me away, that’s why I came here.”

The frog liked the rat. Then he share him his problem, “Actually, the reservoir in which I live is small. No one lives in that reservoir except me. I am alone. I have no friends. That’s why I am sad. “

Hearing this, the rat said, “That’s all. I become your friend from today.”

Hearing this, the frog was very happy because now he also had a friend with whom he could talk and share his feelings. From that day onwards the frog and the rat became very good friends. They both sat together and talked for hours. The friendship of both of them was increasing day by day.

The Frog and The Rat - Panchatantra Story in English
The Frog and The Rat – Panchatantra Story in English /

Most of the time frog would go to the hole of rat and talk with him. One day, a thought came in the frog’s mind. The frog thought that he goes to the hole of a rat to meet his friend, but that rat does not come to visit the frog’s reservoir. In such a situation, he started making the idea that somehow he would bring the rat inside the reservoir.

The very next day he went to the rat and said to him, “Dude how nice it would have been when we remembered each other and we could know it. You would have known if I had missed you and you had known when I would miss you.”

Hearing this, the rat said, “Yes, you are right.”

In such a situation, the frog said again, “Why don’t we tie each other with a rope? When I stay in the reservoir and remember you, then I will pull the rope, then you will know that I am missing you. That’s when you will you remember me while living in hole, then you pull the rope, then I will know that you are missing me. “

The rat liked the idea of ​​a frog. After this the frog tied the rope in his leg and the rat tied the rope in his leg. After doing this, the frog pulled the rope and brought the rat inside the reservoir. The rat was fluttering because he could not swim. After some time, that rat died.

When this was happening, an eagle was watching the rat from the sky. He flew straight and came down and pressed the rat into his feet and flew up. The frog was also tied to the rope with a rat. As soon as the eagle flew with the rat, the frog also started flying in the air. The frog could not understand what was happening to him?

Then he saw that he was tied with a rope and the rat was pressed into the eagle’s feet. In such a situation, the frog got scared because he knew that the eagle would not leave him and would kill and eat him. The eagle did the same. The eagle first ate the rat and then killed the frog.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that we should not do bad things to others. When we do bad things to others same thing can be happen with us. The Frog and The Rat – Panchatantra Story in English.

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