Foolish Camel and A Lion – Panchatantra Story in English

Foolish Camel and A Lion – Panchatantra Story in English. Once upon a time, a camel lost away from its herd and reached the forest. The camel was lost in the jungle. He could not understand what he would do. In such a situation, the camel wandered in the forest.

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There lived a ferocious lion in that forest who would hunt and eat animals. The lion also had three servants. The three crow, the jackal and the cheetah were servants of the lion. The lion would eat whatever it hunted. Crow, jackal and leopard would eat leftovers of the lion and fill their stomachs.

The lion looking at the camel in the forest asked his servants, “Which animal is this? I have never seen it here till date?”

In such a situation, the crow told the lion, “It is a camel but it does not live in the forest. Perhaps it has lost away here from its herd of friends.”

The crow again told the lion that he could hunt it. It will be tasty to eat camels. Lion listened to the crows but did not want to eat that camel. The lion told them, “He is our guest. We will keep him as our guest.”

Then the lion went to that camel and asked him what he was doing here? The camel responded and said that he was separated from his herd and wandered here. The lion felt pity on hearing of the camel and told the camel that he was his guest and could live in this forest.

The camel lived in that forest and became healthy by eating grass and leaves there. The camel’s body had become better than before because he was getting plenty of food.

One day, suddenly there was a fight between the lion and the elephant of the forest, which injured the lion. The lion was unable to hunt any more due to being injured. In such a situation, that lion slowly weakened. Because of this, his servants crow, jackal and cheetah were also starving. All three were also weak.

In such a situation, the crow went and said to the lion, “You have become weak. If you will be hungry for a few more days, then you can lost your life. Now you should hunt that camel and eat him. As you will be healthy again and be able to start hunting again. “

Foolish Camel and A Lion - Panchatantra Story in English
Foolish Camel and A Lion – Panchatantra Story in English

The lion got angry after hearing the crow’s statement and said to him, “I can’t do that he is my guest.”

Hearing this, the crow again said, “If that camel came himself and said that you hunt him, will you hunt him or not?”

The lion said to the crow, “Yes, if he comes and says, I will definitely hunt him.”

Now the crow, along with his other companions Jackal and Cheetah, started making a plan how to make that camel goofy.

The trio made an idea and then the crow went to him and said to the camel, “The lion is very sick. He is weak, I don’t think that he will survive.”

The wolf and cheetah came there when the crow was saying this. The crow then said, “I will ask the lion to hunt me and feed me.”

Jackal said, “No no, I will go and ask him to hunt me and fill his stomach.”

Then the cheetah also said, “No no, I will go and ask him to hunt me and full his stomach.”

On hearing all three, the camel also said that I would go to the lion and tell him to hunt me. The camel had fallen into the trap of all three.

Now, the four went to the lion together and the first crow said, “Lion, you hunt me and fill your stomach. You will be fine by eating me.”

Jackal said, “No, by eating you he will not be able to fill his stomach. Lion should eat me and fill his stomach.”

In such a situation, the cheetah said, “No, if the lions eat you, then who will give him good advice? Then who will be his advisor? He should eat me.”

The crow said, “No, if he eat you, then who will be their commander again?”

The three had cleverly saved themselves. Now it was the camel’s turn, the camel felt that the lions would not eat him because he is lion’s guest. In such a situation he said, “Lion you can hunt me and eat me.”

As soon as the camel said this, the lion broke over him and hunted him. That camel died. The lion ate that camel, then the remaining parts of it were eaten by the crow, the jackal and the cheetah.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that we should never be misled by others and should not listen to others’ words immediately. We must work using our mind to find out what is right and wrong. Foolish Camel and A Lion – Panchatantra Story in English.

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