Swan and The Talkative Turtle – Panchatantra Story in English

Swan and The Talkative Turtle – Panchatantra Story in English. There was a small pond in the middle of the big forest. Many animals lived in that pond and many animals used to come to drink water there. There was also a turtle in that pond which used to talk unnecessarily. That tortoise talked a lot and spoke anything without meaning. All the people used to bother him due to this habit.

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The turtle also had two good friends who cared about him and thought about him. Both of their friends were swans. Both the swan and the tortoise were very good friends.

After a few days, the water started drying up due to the heat of summer season. Because of that, all the animals in the pond became worried. In such a situation, both the swan started worrying about their friend, Turtle.

They went to the turtle and told him that he should leave this pond and go to some other pond so that the turtle can live his very comfortably. Hearing this, the turtle told them that he does not know about any other pool, then how can he go to another pond?

Both swans told him that there is a big pond nearby, where the water does not dry up, he can go there. Hearing these things from the swans, the turtle agreed and he was ready to go to that pond.

Swans got an idea to take the turtle to the new pond. They brought a strong stick and both the swans hold on each corner of that stick. In the middle the tortoise will hold the stick with its mouth. Then they will fly and take the turtle to the another pond.

Swan and Turtle - Panchatantra Story in English
Swan and Turtle – Panchatantra Story in English / kidsmoralstories.blogspot.com

Before flying, swans told the turtle that he had nothing to say. If he says anything, then the tortoise will fall down. They also told the turtle that by reaching the new pond he can talk as much as he wants.

Both started flying and the turtle was holding the stick pressed to the mouth. When they were passing over a village, the people present in the village below were surprised to see such a scene.

The villagers saw for the first time that two swans were taking a turtle together. In such a situation, the villagers started clapping together. The turtle could not stop looking at them all and said what are all the people doing below? As soon as the turtle said this, he immediately started falling down. He fell from such a height that he died as soon as he fell into the ground.

Moral of the Story

We learn from this story that we should not say anything unnecessarily, otherwise we can create trouble for ourselves. Swan and The Talkative Turtle – Panchatantra Story in English.

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