8 Short Cat Bedtime Stories For Kids

Cat Bedtime Story For Kids – Children like animals very much. Some like cats more than others. We have brought here only stories related to cats. Which children can enjoy reading it.

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1. Catsy and Her Milk – Short Cat Stories For Kids

Catsy is a very cute cat. Everyone likes her very much. She used to roam from place to place and loved everyone by saying meow. Catsy loved drinking milk. She makes many things from milk like – ice cream, cheese, and cream. Water comes into her mouth when she saw milk.

Every day Milky Cow used to come and give milk to Catsy. But one day the Milky cow suddenly did not come and Catsy did not get her milk. In such a situation she was very sad but then she thought why not go to Milky Cow’s house and bring milk.

Now Catsy tied a handkerchief around her neck, put a cap on her head, and came out with a car key in her hand. Catsy also had a cute little bottle in her hand which had a picture of a cat on it and it was written on it, ‘Catsy The Cat Meow Meow’.

While going, she thought that where would she go? Catsy didn’t know the way to Milky’s house. She thought, “Who is the one who knows the way to Milky’s house?”

Catsy remembered that there is a knowledgeable owl in the city who knows everything. Now Catsy will first go to the Gyan Owl’s house.

Catsy swung the car and moved towards Gyan Owl’s house. After reaching the owl’s house, she started loudly ringing the horn of the car, ‘Pe Pe Pe Poooooo.’

The owl came out from inside and said, “Don’t shout! Don’t shout! I am coming”

“It’s me, Catsy your sweet cat meow meow,” said Catsy.

“Oh my dear Catsy, you came here after a long time. What’s the matter?” The Gyan owl said.

Catsy asks, “I don’t know the way to Milky Cow’s house. Can you tell me the way?”

The owl said, “Oh wow! You are going to Milky’s house. You are so good I have to give some stuff to Milky.”

Then the owl asked, “Will you give these kinds of stuff to the Milky?”

Catsy said, “Yes, I will definitely. Put all the stuff behind the car.”

After picking up the luggage the owl told Catsy the way to Milky’s house. Catsy then turned on her car and moved towards Milky’s house.


Catsy sings along the way, “I’ll go to the Milky house meow meow. I’ll go to the Milky house meow meow. Bring the best milk for me meoooooooowwwwww.”

Catsy went on to sing the song. On the way, many people were going to Milky’s house. Catsy now reached Milky’s house. There she saw that Milky was on the bed and many people were standing near her.

Catsy noticed that Milky was about to give birth to a new baby. Everyone waited for the new baby, then after some time, Milky gave birth to a child. Everyone was very happy to see that lovely child.

Catsy was happy to see the baby and gave the baby her sweet bottle. Today Catsy did not take milk. She left milk for the newborn baby. Now the baby will grow up after drinking lots of milk.

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2. Kitty and The Ringing Bell – Short Cat Story For Kids

In a small town, a cat came hiding in people’s homes and people named it kitty. Kitty used to come to everyone’s house and drink milk and sometimes eat food. People slowly started getting worried about this.

People thought of catching the kitty. For this, they laid a trap for the kitty.

At night, Kitty went out in search of her food but she fell into that trap. After being caught in the trap, she was kept in captivity for several days.

Kitty screamed fondly, “meow meow meow meow”

Seeing Kitty upset, a girl named Lily thought of taking care of her and making her a pet. Lily brought Kitty to her home and put a ringing bell around her neck.

When Kitty moves her bell sounds, “ting ting ting”.

Lily would give good food to the kitty every day and also give her milk. But Kitty enjoyed going to others’ homes to eat stolen food.

Kitty started to go out at night and went to the others’ houses. But now she gets nothing. People would hide the food after hearing the sound of her ringing the bell. Whatever the kitty tries, she does not get anything.

In such a situation, Kitty enlisted the help of her friend Rat. The rat bit the kitty’s bell with his tooth. Rat helped kitty to get rid of a ringing bell.

Now the kitty was free again. People no longer know when the kitty comes and goes. Now Kitty is smarter than ever.

3. Two Cats and A Monkey – Short Cat Story for Kids

This is the story of a black cat, a red cat, and a monkey. Both the cats were good friends among themselves. The two set out together in search of food. They used to eat fish and various food together.

One day both of them got a piece of bread then both of them decided that they would eat it equally by sharing it among themselves.

The cats made two pieces of bread and shared them among themselves.

In such a situation, the black cat said to the red cat, “Look, my piece of bread is small and your piece is big.”

The red cat said, “No, my bread is smaller than your bread, I should get more bread.”

Both of them got into an argument over a piece of bread. This debate lasted between them. To resolve this problem both of them decided that they will go to someone else and take the right decision.

Both the black cat and the red cat went to the monkey and said, “You tell us, the monkey who has a big piece of bread?”

The monkey took out his scales and said, “Don’t worry both of you, I will do justice to both of you now.”

The monkey placed a piece of bread on each side of the scales. The monkey saw that a piece came down because it was heavy. Seeing this, the monkey said, “Hey, a piece of it is heavy. I have to make it equal.”

Saying this, the monkey broke a small piece of bread and ate it.

Now the other part of the scales became heavy due to which that part came down. The monkey said, “Hey, a piece of it is heavy. I have to make it equal.”

Saying this, the monkey again broke a small piece of bread and ate it. While doing so, the monkey ate whole bread.

Both cats understand that the monkey is making them stupid.

The cats said, “We came to you for justice and you were the one who made us stupid.”

After that, both cats went away. Now both of them understood that greed does not help in the end.

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4. Belling The Cat – Short Cat Stories For Kids

5. The Dogs and The Cat – Short Cat Stories For Kids

6. Story of Cat and Mice – Short Cat Stories For Kids

There used to be a lot of rats in a big house. There were more than 100 rats in that house. They lived in that house very happily. Everyone got enough food to eat and drink. But everything was going to change.

One day suddenly a big cat entered that house. As soon as that cat entered that house. All the rats entered the holes on seeing that cat. Everyone hid in their holes. The cat had never seen so many mice together. Seeing so many mice, the cat’s mouth became watery and she started thinking that she would eat everyone one by one.

As the night approached, the cat would hide in the dark and wait for the mice to come out. At night, the rats went out in search of food and the cat would hunt them one by one. Cat’s terror was increasing day by day. Those mice could not understand how they would escape from the cat. Because the cat was very clever.

In such a situation, the mice called a meeting. All the mice of the house were present in that assembly. Everyone was discussing how to avoid the cat. People gave a lot of suggestions one after the other but none of the suggestions were accurate.

Then an old rat came in front of them and said that they should all tie a bell to the cat’s neck so that they can escape from that cat. As soon as the cat goes or comes, they will know from the sound of the bell where the cat is?

People liked this suggestion very much and on hearing this, all the rats started dancing with fun. All were dancing with joy when a sensible rat shouted them out loud and told them that the danger is still not averted. To do this, all of them must first tie a bell to that cat’s neck. This will be very difficult to do. Hearing this, all the rats again got frustrated thinking that who would tie the bell in the neck of that cat?

While they were talking about this, everyone heard the cat’s voice and everyone ran away and hid in their respective holes. But no one could tie the bell to that cat’s neck and that cat kept hunting those mice.

Moral – From this story, we learn that we should not only make a plan but also work on that plan. Otherwise, we will never get results. There are many people who just make plans but never work on them. Do such people just keep thinking only that when they will get successful? Success can be achieved only when the plan is worked out.

7. Cat’s Justice – Short Cat Stories For Kids

This story is of a forest where a pheasant lived in the shell of a tree. Pheasant had been living on the shell of that tree for a long time. Whenever he felt hungry, he would go to the fields and fill his stomach. After filling up his stomach, he would come back to his house and relax. This is how his life was going.

One day a friend of his came to him and told him that there are different types of crops planted at some distance from there. So both of them left to enjoy that crop. They reached there. He was so happy to enjoy the crop that he lived around the farm. pheasant did not want to go back.

For a long time, his house was empty, due to which a rabbit came and lived there. That rabbit made the tree shell his home.

The harvesting time had come. A few days later the crop was harvested. Now there was no crop. In such a situation, he went back to his forest. When he came back, he saw that a rabbit was living at his house. He got angry and went to the rabbit and said to him, “What are you doing here? This is my house, evacuate it as soon as possible.”

Hearing this, the rabbit said, “Do you not know the law of the forest? The one who is living becomes his home. This place was empty for a long time, and because of that, I came to live here. Now, this is my house and you have nothing to do here. “

A debate broke out between the pheasant and the rabbit over the house. Both were fighting for the same things. While fighting, both of them thought that they should seek the help of a third person so that they could solve their problem.

When both of them were fighting among themselves, a cat nearby was watching them both. Seeing the pheasant and the rabbit, the cat’s mouth was watering. She wanted to eat both of them then she planned to do so. She sat there like a scholar and started talking about knowledge. She was speaking loudly about knowledge so that her words could reach the ears of rabbits and pheasants.

As soon as the rabbit and the pheasant listened to her, they thought that they would go to the cat and find a solution to their problem. Both of them said to the cat, “You seem to be a genius to us. We want you to solve our problem and tell us who is the real owner of this house. And you can eat the one who is not the owner of this house.”

The cat cleverly responded to both of them, “I have stopped committing violence and I do not kill anyone. I am old and therefore I do not hear very well. You two come to me so that I listen to you then I can give a good decision. “

Hearing this, both of them went to the cat. Seeing the opportunity, the cat attacked the pheasant and the rabbit. Both of them, pheasants and rabbits were killed and the cat’s motive was completed.

This story teaches us that we should take care of our place. This story also teaches us that if two people are quarreling with each other, then the third should not be interrupted.

Now you tell us how you liked these Short cat stories for kids? Also, tell us in the comment that have you done any such detective work.

8. Fox and The Cat Story for Kids

Once upon a time, a cat and a fox were walking among themselves in the forest then the fox was praising her. While praising her, she said, “I am very clever. I know the solution to avoid every problem. I have hundreds of ways to avoid a problem. There is no one like me.”

Listening to the fox, the cat said, “Hey! I know only one way to avoid trouble and use it every time.”

The two were moving forward talking with each other. While both of them were walking in the forest, they heard the sound of wild dogs. In such a situation, both of them got scared and started running away from there. Slowly the dogs reach them. The cat immediately climbed the tree without thinking. The fox, on the other hand, could not think of what she would do while running. The dogs were following her.

Then the cat said to her, “Hey! Hurry otherwise the wild dogs will kill you. You were saying that you have hundreds of ways to avoid problems. Use one of them and save yourself from wild dogs.”

She listened to the cat but the fox still could not think what she would do. The wild dogs increased their speed together and the fox was tired. Due to fatigue, the speed of the fox was decreasing. Finally, the wild dogs catch the fox and kill him.

On the other hand, the cat climbed into the tree and saved his life. But he regrets that he lost his friend.

This story teaches us that we should focus on one solution instead of hundreds of measures to avoid problems.

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