The Crow and Owl Panchatantra Story in English

The Crow and Owl Panchatantra Story in English. A long time ago the birds used to call their meeting and discuss each other’s problems in the meeting. After discussing the problems, they all went to the king and discuss the problem with him. This was the time when the king of birds used to be Garuda(eagle).

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Garuda was always engaged in devotion to Lord Vishnu and did not pay attention to other works. Because of which people started suffering a lot because their problem was not ending.

Everyone called the meeting again and all of them were wondering how they could solve the king’s problem. One by one the birds suggested that we should change our king and choose someone else. Hearing this suggestion, all the birds like peacock, cuckoo, pigeon, parrot etc. agreed. They were all ready to replace their king.

Now they had to choose their new king. All together chose the owl as their king. After choosing the king, the owl was to be crowned. The next day a lot of preparations were made for the coronation of the owl. The forest was well decorated and the two parrots were reciting mantras together. Then the owl came over there.

The two parrots together told the owl, “you should go to the temple of Lakshmi(Indian Goddess) and worship. The coronation can be done after worshiping.” Hearing this, the owl agreed and all three went to the temple of Lakshmi.

A crow passed by that place. He saw that there was good preparation in the forest. He felt that some festival preparation was being done. To clear his doubt, he asked the peacock, “What is happening here?”

The Crow and Owl Panchatantra Stories in English
The Crow and Owl Panchatantra Story in English –

To the crow’s question, the peacock replied, “The coronation is taking place here. We have chosen our new king.”

“When did this happen? And why was I not called when choosing the king?” The crow asked the peacock.

The peacock then replied, “You don’t live here. You live in a city with people. That’s why you were not called.”

The crow then asked that who is going to become the king? The peacock tells the crow that the king is about to become an owl. Hearing this, the crow shouted loudly and banged his head on the tree.

Seeing him doing this, the peacock asked him, “What are you doing? Tell me what’s the matter?”

Then the crow said, “How did you choose an owl as king. He sleeps throughout the day and awakes at night. He sees nothing by day. He is a lazy and cowardly bird. If you go to him with your complaint You have to go to him at night. “

After hearing all this, the peacock started thinking that the matter of crows is absolutely right. Gradually that thing spread in the whole forest and then everyone slowly started going from there. All the preparations made in the forest were also removed. That place became completely empty.

After some time the owl returned with the parrots that accompanied him. They saw that all the people had gone from there to find out the exact reason both the parrots also left from there. The owl could not see anything, but after listening to the silence around there, he understood that there is no one left.

In such a situation, he asked his owl friend that what happened here due to which everyone left that place? The friend of that owl told that this is all done by the crow. Having said this, he told the whole thing.

Hearing this, that owl became very angry and then said that from today onwards he and the crow are enemies.

Henceforth, all owls and crows consider each other enemies. Whenever a crow sees an owl, he kills it and whenever an owl sees a crow, he attacks it.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that we should not interfere in anyone’s work. Otherwise we can get enmity for a lifetime and it can also harm us. The Crow and Owl Panchatantra Story in English.

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