Two Goats Panchtantra Story in English

Two Goats Panchtantra Story in English. Two goats lived in a big forest. Both used to live at the other end of the forest. Goats used to go to the forest to graze grass. They used to graze a lot of grass. Sometimes goats also eat the green leaves of the forest.

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A river flowed from the middle of that forest. There was a small bridge in the middle to cross the river. The bridge was very weak which was made of wood. Only one person could go through the bridge at a time. Due to the weak bridge, there is a risk of breaking it. That is why people used to walk carefully on it.

One day those two goats came to the banks of the river grazing grass. They saw that the grass across the river is very green. They both thought that they would cross the river and eat the grass on the other side.

In such a situation, both started to find a way to cross the river. Finally, they found a bridge with which both of them could cross the river. The goat from one side started walking on that bridge. Another goat from the other side started walking on that bridge.

Both goats got stuck in the middle because they both had a goat face to face. In such a situation, both of them could not cross the bridge. Seeing this, the first goat said, “I came to this bridge first, that’s why I will cross it first. You get out of my way and go back.”

Hearing this, the second goat said, “No, I came here earlier, so you go away from here and let me go first.”

The debate broke out between the two goats about who would cross the bridge first. While arguing, the first goat thought that he would have to show his strength. This will scare the other goat and give way to him. For this the first goat started kicking both his legs on that bridge. By doing this, the bridge started moving.

Two Goats Panchtantra Story in Hindi
Two Goats Panchtantra Story in English –

Seeing this, the other goat did not get scared. She also did the same. She raised both the front legs and hit it hard on the bridge. Then both of them started repeatedly banging their feet on the bridge.

By doing this, the bridge weakened further and broke through the middle. The two goats fell down as the bridge broke and flowed into the water. The water of the river was very deep, so both of them could not save themselves. They died.

Moral of the Story

We learn from this story that quarreling does not solve any problem, rather the problem increases further. That is why we should find a solution to any problem without quarreling with each other.

If our focus is on finding a solution to the problem, then we can move ahead by removing our problems as soon as possible.

Talking about this story, if one of the two goats retreated for some time, a goat could cross the river ahead. Then the other goat could easily cross the river after that. Not doing this, both of them started fighting. Due to which they had to lose their life. Two Goats Panchtantra Story in English.

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