Honey Bees and Trees-Honey Bee Story for Kindergarten

Honey Bee Story for Kindergarten. It was spring time. All the animals of the forest animals were very happy because the trees had beautiful and amazing flowers. Bees extract nectar from these flowers and make honey. Honey is their food for bees. Because of this the bees were also very happy.

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One day the bees were extracting nectar from the flowers of the trees, when an arrogant tree said to him, “What’s the matter? You come here all the time and steal the nectar from our flowers. You shouldn’t do that. You take out our nectar like a thief.”

“Sorry my friend. This is our job and it also gives us food. That’s why we do it.” Honey Bee said to the tree.

“You are not my friend. You are a thief to me who steals our honey without asking. From today you will never be able to extract the nectar of flowers from me.” Saying this, the tree drove the bee away.

After some time, the tree called a meeting with the rest of its companions. All the trees of the forest were present in that assembly. That tree said to all, “Friends, today I have called you here to discuss a very important thing.”

“Well, if that’s the case, tell us soon.” The other tree told him.

“The thing is that the bees have crossed the limit. Those honey bees come and steal the nectar from our flowers without asking. They all make more honey than necessary. We will not let them take our honey from today.”

Everyone else agreed on that tree. They also refused to give nectar to honey bees.

The next day a swarm of bees came into the forest and the trees shook themselves as soon as they started sitting on top of the flowers. After this all the bees flew away. Again they all started sitting on top of the flowers. But again the trees shook themselves vigorously. All the trees shout on them and said, “Go all of you from here and don’t come here. We have decided that we will not let you take your nectar. Go away from here.”

Honey Bee Story for Kindergarten
Honey Bee Story for Kindergarten

After hearing all these things, the whole bee returned to their hive. Everyone together talked to their queen Bee about this problem. Everyone told the queen bee, “Queen, all the trees in the forest have decided that from now on they will not let us take the nectar of their flowers. In such a situation we will die of hunger. Now you tell us what to do?”

Queen Bee was very worried to hear this. After thinking for some time, she said, “We will leave this forest and go to another place where we can find honey easily.”

With the order of the queen, all the bees left the forest. All the trees were happy to see the bees leaving the forest. Now that forest was without bees. There were no bees left in the forest.

Because of this, the pollen of flowers was not able to go from one flower to another. The fruits of the trees stopped coming. Neither did the seeds of the fruit and new trees stopped growing in the forest. The condition of the forest had become very bad. The trees then called a meeting again. All the trees started talking to each other that why there is no fruits on them? Why their flowers are not converting in fruits?

Then a butterfly came to them and said, “When we sit in your flowers and take your nectar, then the pollen of the flowers sticks on our body. When we sit on another flower, the pollen moved to that flower. And because of that flower converted into fruits. This happens to bees too and they are the most capable of doing this. They are no longer here so pollen is not moving from one flower to another. “

Hearing all this, the trees decided among themselves that they would call back the honey bees and let them take the nectar of their flowers. After this, the trees said to a pigeon, “My friend you have to take a message and go to the honey bees. You have to tell them that all the trees in our forest are inviting them to come back here and they can take nectar from our flowers as much they can. We will not refuse them.”

Taking this news, the pigeon went to the bees and told all these things to the queen of bees. Hearing all this, the queen of bees agreed to return to that forest. The queen ordered all her people that they all go back to the same forest from where they had come. As they returned to the forest, all the trees apologized to them and the Queen of Bees accepted their apology.

Now all those bees could take honey from the flowers of the trees, due to which the trees started to bear fruit and the seeds started coming back. This caused new trees to rise again in the forest. Honey Bee Story for Kindergarten.

Moral of the story – This story teaches us that we should not have too much ego of ourselves and help others. The way the tree knew that honey is food for bees, but they refuse to give them their honey. Because of which they have to face troubles. Therefore we should do good work for others. Honey Bee Story for Kindergarten.

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