Washerman’s Donkey Panchatantra Story in English

Washerman’s Donkey Panchatantra Story in English. The washerman lived in a small village. The washerman was a hard worker who washes people’s clothes and gave them back well. This was the source of his income. With this he earned money and run his home. That washerman also had a donkey. That donkey was also very hardworking and loved his master very much. The washerman also used to take good care of his donkey.

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The washerman and the donkey got up early in the morning to go to the village houses and bring dirty clothes from them. The washerman used to make a garment box and put it on the donkey. When the work of collecting the cloth was completed, they both returned home. The washerman gave grass to his donkey. He would wash clothes and dry them in the scorching sun. As soon as the clothes are dry, he removes them and arranges them well and makes its bundle. He would put the bundle on top of the donkey and give the clothes back to the people house. He used to do this every day.

Gradually time passed and the washerman’s donkey began to grow old. Being old, the donkey could not carry much weight.

One day both of them were going to the village during summer time. The condition of both of them had worsened due to the heat. The condition of the donkey was even worse because he had weight on his back. In such a situation, the washerman thought that they would both sit under the tree for a while to avoid the sun. There was a big tree in front.

The washerman took his donkey and went to that tree. While walking towards that tree, the donkey’s feet began to falter and he fell into a nearby pit. As soon as he fell in the pit, the donkey shouted loudly.

On the other hand, his master was trying his best to get him out. After some time other people of the village also came to that place. They also started helping the washerman. Even after trying for some time, they could not get the donkey together.

Washerman's Donkey Panchatantra Story in English
Washerman’s Donkey Panchatantra Story in English

In such a situation, a man came to the washerman and said, “why are you wasting your time behind this? Let it go. This donkey is old anyway and is of no use to you.”

He was not ready to listen to the person’s words. But at the behest of the rest of the people there, he agreed. After this, all those people wanted to bury that donkey alive in that pit.

For this people brought a shovel and started pouring mud on it. Mud was pouring over the donkey. The donkey understood what was happening to him. In such a situation, the donkey started crying and shouting loudly but after some time he became silent.

The washerman saw a unique thing in this donkey. The washerman saw that the donkey was slowly climbing over the soil with intelligence. People were laying mud on it, but the donkey removed the soil and laid its feet on it.

After doing this for some time, he came out of the pit and saved his life. Seeing the donkey outside safe, its owner washerman became very happy.

Moral of the Story

From this story we learn that we should not waste time crying or regretting in times of trouble. Rather, we should think about solving the trouble and use our mind. The donkey did the same in this story. He cried for a while but later he used his brain to come up.

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