The Crows and The Evil Snake Panchatantra Story in English

The Crows and The Evil Snake. In a distant forest, there was a big tree on which a crow made his nest. He lived in that nest with his wife. One day a snake passed by that tree and his eyes caught sight of those crows. He thought that when they lay eggs, he would eat them. The snake made a hole to live under that tree. Now he started living in the same hole.

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After being there for a few days, the snake saw that the crows had laid eggs in their nest. The snake became very happy knowing this. He will get delicious eggs to eat now. He kept looking at that crows. And then as soon as they flew in search of food, he saw the opportunity and climbed on the tree and ate the eggs.

After eating the eggs, the snake went back to his hole and hid. As soon as they returned in their nest, they saw that the eggs was missing from there. They could not understand where that eggs disappeared. The day passed and after a few months they again laid eggs in their nest. The snake came to know all these things again. He again waited to see when the two would leave.

As they both flew from their nests in search of food. Then the snake climbed the tree and reached the nest. Then the two crows returned early. They noticed that the snake was eating their eggs.

Seeing this, both of them got very angry. To prevent their nest they took their nest above the tree so that they could protect their eggs from that evil snake.

Now both of them went in search of food again. The snake again climbed the tree but noticed that the nest was not there. Then he went down disappointed. A few days later, the snake finds out that the nest is above the tree. So he again climbed the tree and ate the eggs kept in the nest.

When the two crows returned, they saw that the egg was missing again. They both knew where the egg went. Their eggs were eaten by snakes. The crow thought to get rid of the snake. The crow got an idea. He flew away and went towards the city. He went to the city and entered the king’s palace.

The Crows and Evil Snake
The Crows and Evil Snake

There he saw that the princess was wearing a precious pearl necklace. He took the princess’s necklace and flew from there. Seeing this, the princess called her guards. The guards started chasing the crow for that necklace.

The crow was flying towards the jungle and was followed by guards. The guards were watching and chasing him from below. The crow was intentionally flying slowly as he wanted the guards to follow him.

While flying, he reached the tree and put the pearl necklace in the snake’s hole. Guards were watching this. The Guards went to the hole and put his hand in and took out the necklace. Then that evil snake came out of the his hole of that tree and started attacking those Guards.

In such a situation, the Guards took out the sword and wounded the snake. The evil snake was wounded and left that place forever.

In this way both of those crow got rid of snake.

What is the Moral of The Crows and The Evil Snake Story?

This story teaches us that we should not bother others again and again. Otherwise, they can take some big steps to get rid of us by getting frustrated. The snake used to eat the crow’s eggs again and again, which troubled the crow and they thought to get rid of the snake.

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