List of Fools – Akbar Birbal Story in English

List of Fools. Emperor Akbar sometimes comes with such desires, which people were very surprised to hear. This happened once when Emperor Akbar handed over a task to Birbal. Emperor Akbar gave Birbal a task. Akbar asked Birbal to make a list of 6 most stupid people. So let’s know about this story-

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List of Fools

One day Emperor Akbar was sitting in the court and he was telling his people, “I am very fortunate that we have so many intelligent and promising people. It should be so because to run the country there is a need of intelligent and promising people. But till date we have not known who are the stupidest people in our country? I am wishing that I also wanted to know about those people who are the most stupid people in our country. That is why I want to find these people. “
List of Fools

Emperor Akbar asked Birbal by saying, “Birbal, will you be able to do this work?”

“Yes Huzur, I can do this work but what will I have to do? Can you tell me in detail?” Birbal told Emperor Akbar.

“You have to go and make a list of six people who are the most stupid. We can call them crazy. Go and find out these people. I give you one month.”

“I understand, but it won’t take me one month to find it. Jahanpnah, I can do it very quickly.” Saying this, Birbal left the court.

He took his horse and rode out of the palace. While he was on the way, a question was repeatedly arising in his mind, that from where would he finally find out about the six stupidest people?

When he was thinking about it a man was sitting on the donkey coming towards him and a bunch of grass was placed on his head. Seeing this, Birbal thought to talk him. Then he ordered the person, “Wait. Just come here. What is your name?”

“Yes, my name is Ramu. I belong to this place.” He answered.

“Well, why are you keeping this bunch of grass on your head? You can even put it on donkey.” Birbal told Ramu.

“Yes Hazur, I can keep it but I don’t want to put any more burden on it. That’s why I put it on my head and I sat on it.”

Hear this Birbal was laughing. He thought, “Such a fool man.”

Birbal understood that Ramu is his first fool for his list. He had found the first stupid man. Then Birbal said to Ramu, “You seem a good man. How much you care about animals and for that I will ask for reward from Emperor Akbar. You will come with me.”

Ramu was overjoyed to hear about the reward and he followed Birbal. Then both of them started going forward, after some time they found two men who were fighting among themselves. Then Birbal ordered them, “Stop. Stop. Both of you stop. Why are you fighting?”

“We are sorry! sorry!” One of them said, “He is saying that his lion will eat my cow and I will not let him do it.”

On the other hand, the other person said, “I will order my lion to eat his cow.”

Hearing this, Birbal asked both of them a question, “Okay okay. But where is the lion and the cow?”

They both replied, “God is going to give us a cow and a lion in the boon.”

In such a situation, Birbal had understood that he had got two more stupid people. Then he said to both of them, “I am happy with both of you trusting God so much. Come with me I will reward you with Emperor Akbar.” After that, all three men walked behind Birbal.

It was late in the night, so Birbal stopped them in his house and told them, “Today, we are late for court and it is night. We cannot meet Emperor Akbar now. That is why we will have to meet him tomorrow. Rest here all of you. Tomorrow we will go to him.” Saying this, Birbal left and he started walking in the garden. Then he found a person whose name was Yakub. He was looking for something in the bushes.

Birbal went to him and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for my lost ring, Huzur.”

“Well, that’s the case.” Birbal said, “Just tell me where your ring was lost.”

Then the person said to Birbal, “Do you see a big tree on the far side? My ring was lost under that tree. But there is darkness, that’s why I come here and find my ring in the light.”

Hearing this, Birbal finds his fourth stupid man. He said to the person, “Don’t you worry. I will ask Emperor Akbar to get you a new ring.”

The person was very happy to hear this and went with Birbal. As soon as the next day happened, they all reached the court with Birbal.

Birbal said to the emperor, “Jahanpnah, I have found those stupid people.”

“Good so soon!” Akbar said to Birbal, “Tell me, why they are the most stupid?

On asking the question of Emperor Akbar, Birbal narrate the incident that happened to him. After hearing all these things of Birbal, Emperor Akbar agreed that all four are really very stupid.

But Emperor Akbar asked to make a list of 6 people. There was only 4 people. In such a situation, the king asked Birbal, “Birbal, I had asked you to make a list of 6 people. But here, there are only four people. Where are the other two?”

“Six idiots are present here, Huzur. Four are standing here and the fifth idiot is me who went out to find these idiots.” Birbal said.

Hearing this, the king started laughing and then he said, “Well and who is the sixth man who is the biggest idiot?”

“Sorry to say this Huzur.” Birbal said, “That sixth stupid person is you who ordered this!” On hearing this from Birbal, Emperor Akbar started laughing loudly. After this, all the people present in the whole court started laughing loudly.

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