Dog and The Rabbit Story

Dog and rabbit story. A long time ago there used to be a rabbit in the forest. The rabbit also had many small children. The rabbit would go out daily to find food for his children. Whenever he went out, he worried about his children that no hunter would come and eat them.

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On the other hand there was also an old wild dog in the forest. He was very old. One day he was wandering in search of food. Then he saw the rabbit and her children. At first the wild dog thought that he would hunt them. But as the rabbit left his children and went on a quest to eat. So the dog took pity on the children and did nothing to the children. Rather he sat near them and started taking care of them that no other animals come and hunt them.

After some time the rabbit reached his children with food and he first saw the wild dog. The rabbit got very scared seeing the wild dog. But after some time he saw that his small children were playing around and the dog was not doing anything to them. He became very happy to see his children alive and the fear in him diminished.

Then slowly went to the dog by stealth. The dog looked at him and said, “Don’t be afraid my friend, I won’t do anything to you. If I had to do something, your children would not be alive yet.”

Hearing this, the rabbit agreed to it and went near him. Both of them sat and talked. Both of them had become very good friends. A fox standing far away was watching all these things. Seeing this, she devised an idea. The fox thought that she would first befriend the wild dog and then, seeing the time, would eat those rabbit babies.

Now as soon as the wild dog came out from there the fox came to him and started talking to the wild dog. The fox was very clever. She was talking to the wild dog very fondly. Because of this both of them had become good friends too.

Everything was going well over time. But one day when both the wild dog and the rabbit went hunting, the fox came and took a rabbit child and ate it. When the rabbit and wild dog came back, they saw that one of the rabbit’s children was missing. She was very worried about it but both understood that an animal came and took the baby of the rabbit.

They thought that nothing would happen the next day so the two went on a hunt together. This time again the fox came there and took a rabbit child and ate it. The wild dog and the rabbit came back again and they saw that one of the children was missing again. Now the wild dog starts thinking, who is coming here to take the children of the rabbit every day?

The next day the wild dog thought that he would not go for hunting and would stop and look at the children. The next day he did the same rabbit went in the search of food and the wild dog hid behind the tree and started looking at the children.

After some time the fox came back again. Seeing the fox, the wild dog had understood that she was the fox behind all this. Fox cleverly came and befriended him and was fooling him.

Seeing all this, the wild dog killed the fox. When the rabbit came back, the wild dog told him everything and then both started living happily together.

Moral of the Story – Friends, we learn from this story that we should be friends, but never blindly trust any friend. We should always be vigilant not to harm us in any way.

So this was the story of rabbit and dog, if you like it, then definitely share it with your friends. Dog and The Rabbit Story

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