The Honest Trader – Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Honest Trader. It is very important for a king to be honest. A king should always do justice to others. Emperor Akbar always used to do justice to the people and justice was done to whoever came to him. This story is also about justice. So let’s know the story of an honest trader –

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The Honest Trader

One day, two merchants reached Emperor Akbar’s court. One of them said, “Hail to Emperor Akbar. Jahanpanah My name is Gopaldas and I am a butter trader. I make and sell butter in the market. About 1 month ago Chanduram came to me. He asked me hundred gold coins. I gave him that because we are good friends, but when I went to get it back from him, he said that he did not take any coins. He refused me to give it back. I want you to do justice with me and return my gold from Chanduram. “

The Honest Trader

Then Chanduram stood there, saying, “No, there is nothing like that. Gopaldas get jealous with me. He wants to spoil my business. He got jealous by seeing my business grow. That is why he spoils my name and my business.”

Emperor Akbar could not understand which of the two was right and wrong. In such a situation, he gave this work to Birbal. He asked Birbal to find out who among them is telling the truth and who is telling the lie?

After this Birbal askad Gopaldas, “Gopaldas, what happened that day, tell everything in detail to.”

“About 1 month ago, in the evening when everyone had closed their shop and went back home. Then I too was preparing to close my shop after packing my stuff. That’s when Chanduram came to me. We both had a good talk. Because he is a friend of mine, that’s why we talked to each other. During the conversation, Chanduram told me that he was running out of money for ghee(condensed butter), that’s why he started asking me for a hundred gold coins. I immediately took the gold coins out of my safe and give it to Chanduram. He took that coins and then he left. But, yesterday when I asked him to return it, he started telling me that he had not taken any coins and he drove me away from my shop. “Gopaldas told Birbal.

“Okay, that’s it,” said Birbal.

After this Birbal gave Chanduram a chance to say and tell him the whole thing.

Chanduram said, “Huzur, Gopaldas keeps coming to my shop. Because we are both good friends, he keeps coming to the shop. One day he noticed that the number of people in my shop is increasing. He saw that My business is growing and he got jealous of seeing this. Gopaldas created a false story that he has given me 100 gold coins. He started defaming me by telling people so that my business will be spoiled. I have not taken a single coin from him. “

Hearing both of them, Birbal told Emperor Akbar that either one of them was lying. Birbal will find out who is a liar and who is telling the truth.

After all this was done, the assembly for that day was adjourned and all returned to their homes. Birbal came back to his house and sat in one place and wondered what to do so that he could find out. In such a situation, he tried to know about both. For this he called Ramu, a servant of the house and asked him to go to the market. Birbal told Ramu, “Ramu go to the market and bring all the information about Gopaldas and Chanduram.”

Ramu went to the market and interacted with the people there. After gathering information about both of them, he came back home and told Birbal all the things. Ramu told Birbal, “Of the two owners, Gopaldas is the most honest and people do not like to do business with Chanduram as he is dishonest with people many times.”

After thinking all this, Birbal thought of an idea and brought two pot. He put ghee in those pots. After adding ghee, he put a gold coin in each pot. He then told Ramu, “Ramu you will go to both of them like a trader and sell this ghee to them. After that you stay in the same market and see who comes and returns these gold coins to you.”

Ramu did exactly what Birbal had asked him to do. Ramu went to the market and first of all he sold the ghee to Gopaldas. Then after that he went and sold ghee to Chanduram, then he remained in the market.

The next day Birbal entered the assembly in front of Emperor Akbar. Gopaldas and Chandu Ram were also there. Birbal immediately told Emperor Akbar that the person lying was none other than Chandram.

Hearing this, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal, “Well, if that is the case, can you tell me why Chanduram a liar?”

Birbal replied to Emperor Akbar’s question, “Jahanpna, yesterday I gave a task to Ramu and I came to know that Gopaldas returned the gold coin in the pot to Ramu with sincerity. But on the other side Chanduram Did not do so. He kept that coin with himself. This proves that Chandu Ram is not an honest person. If a person who can show greed for a single gold coin. Then he can be dishonest for a hundred more gold coins. That’s why Chanduram is telling lies.”

After hearing this, Emperor Akbar fined Chanduram with 100 gold. Chanduram returned the coins to Gopaldas and along with it he gave 100 more gold coins to Gopaldas as he harassed him. After all this, Emperor Akbar again praised Birbal and thus Gopaldas got justice. The honest trader.

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