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Full Story of Rapunzel. Long ago there was a haunted fort near a distant forest. There used to be a witch named Dame Gothel who used to do a lot of black magic. Gothel had a problem that she could not have any children. She wanted to have a child whom she could give her magic and a lot of her magic secrets too. But this could not happen.

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Rapunzel’s Parents

There was a small town near the forest where a couple lived. In the couple, the man used to do farming and his wife worked in their home and served her husband.

One day his wife told a good news. The wife told her husband, “We are going to be parents soon.”

Hearing this news, her husband was very happy and said to his wife, “I am very happy today. It is very good news that a child is coming to our home.”

Both happily continued their work and the husband took very good care of his wife. But a few days later the wife fell ill. She had a disease that no one knew about. The husband fed her a lot of medicines so that she would get well as soon as possible and his child would also come out in a healthy manner. But despite many attempts, she was not getting well.

In such a situation, a well doctor of the village said to him, “Only one can treat your wife.”

“Yes, please tell me how I can treat my wife properly.”

Doctor said, “for this, you have to go to the forest. There is a fort in which a witch lives. He has a cure for your wife’s illness. You can go to her and ask for help.”

Hearing this, the farmer immediately began to prepare to leave for the forest. While he was getting ready, his ailing wife asked him, “What’s the matter? Where are you going in hurry?”

“I am going towards the forest. I have come to know that I can find a cure for your disease there.”

The husband said to the wife, “Okay, but you should take care and come back as soon as possible.”

leaf of Cure

He immediately left for the forest. After a long-distance, he finally reached the fort. On reaching the fort, the farmer knocked the door and waited for some time. But no sound came from inside. He waited for that, yet no one came out. So he knocked on the door again and said, “Is there someone inside? I need help.”

After a while, the witch came out from inside and said angrily, “What’s the matter? Don’t you fear of me? I can finish you in a moment if I want.”

In the pleasent way, the farmer said, “No, please forgive me. But I do not want to disturb you just like that. I want a medicine from you so that I can cure my wife.”

“Go from here, I don’t have any medicine that can cure anyone. Go to another doctor.” The witch told the man.

“See, I have tried a lot but my wife is not recovering. I want you to give me the medicine to cure her. My wife has a baby in her stomach. She will die if she is not cured.” The farmer said.

Upon hearing about the child, the witch started thinking for a while. Then she said yes to help the farmer. The witch said, “All right! You stay here I bring medicine from inside.”

Gothel went inside and brought some leaves from there. After bringing the leaves, she said to the farmer, “Go feed it to your wife a little bit every day, it will cure her.”

The man immediately took leaves from Gothel and reached his wife and started feeding her. He would feed her a little bit every day. After some time he saw that his wife was recovering. By the time she was fully recovered, her health started deteriorating again after the leaves were finished. Because of that the husband got upset again.

He then went to the witch. On reaching Gothel, he knocked on the door again and the witch came out from inside.

Gothel told him, “Now what happened? I gave you that medicine. Now, why did you come here?”

“The medicine you gave is over. She took that medicine for a few days and she was perfectly fine. But as soon as the medicine is over she starts getting sick again. So I have come to you to get more leaves.” The man said to Gothel.

Witch tricked the farmer. She knew that the man would definitely come back to take medicine. The witch said, “Well, I will give you seeds of the medicine leaf. You can grow if and give it to your wife. But, I have a condition. I will give you this seed only if you accept those conditions.”

“Yes, yes, I am ready to accept your conditions.” The farmer said to the witch.

“If you have a girl child, you have to give it to me,” Gothel told the man.

Hearing this, the man got nervous and said angrily to the witch, “It can never happen, I will not give my child to you.”

Saying this, the person left. When he reached home, he saw that his wife was very sick. He started taking care of her but the days were getting out and his health was not recovering. So the husband decided that he would go to that witch again. He knew that if he did not do this, both his wife and child would die.

He went to the witch and agreed to her condition. The farmer told Gothel, “I am ready to accept your condition and you give me the seeds of those medicines. So that I can cure my wife.”

Gothel was overjoyed to hear this and gave the seed to him. The person immediately took those seeds and planted them in his fields. Soon, leaves started coming out of them. He broke the leaves and fed them to his wife.

Birth of Rapunzel

Gradually his wife started recovering and this time she was not short of medicine. Time passed and his wife was cured. It was time for her child to come out. They had a daughter!

As they had a daughter, Gothel arrives at their house and took the child. Taking the child in his hand, she said, “Her name will be Rapunzel.”

On the other side, there lived a king in the palace. His wife was also pregnant. The day the girl was born. The princess’s son was also born on the same day. Both were born on the same day and they were going to live together with each other.

The witch took the girl to the forest. The witch had a tall tower there. Where she took her upstairs and started taking care of her. She would take good care of her.

Rapunzel was slowly growing up and that witch would take good care of her. Gothel would come to her daily and comb her hair.

In the morning she would take Rapunzel to the forest and play with her. Sometimes the witch is not with her, then Rupunjal would play with the birds and small animals in the forest. She enjoyed nature. Rapunzel was getting mature now and the witch had never cut her hair.

One day Gothel came back from outside and she called Rapunzel from below the tower, “Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Throw your hair down. Let me see your hair.” Rapunzel then throw her long hair down the window.

Gothel saw that Rapunzel’s silky hair was so long and it would reach the ground. The witch climbed upwards, holding her hair. On reaching the top, she recited a mantra and broke the stairs of the tower and completely blocked the way to get outside. Now, no one can come into the tower and no one can get out of the tower. After doing this, Rapunzel could not go out. She lived in the same tower only and used to see the outside.

That witch would leave Rapunzel in the morning with the help of Rapunzel’s hair. She return to the tower at night. Gothel used Rapunzel’s hair for landing and also used Rapunzel’s hair for climbing. Months passed while doing this.

Prince and Rapunzel

On the other hand, the king’s son the Prince was also matured. The king’s health was slowly deteriorating and the king was worried about the coronation of the king and also choosing a princess for him. Nearby princesses used to come to the Prince but the prince did not like anyone.

One day the prince set out on an excursion with some soldiers. On the way, the prince saw a dense forest. The prince told his soldiers, “We will go through this forest.”

Hearing this, the prince’s soldiers said, “Prince, we all cannot go through this forest. This forest is magical and dangerous. Going here is nothing but getting into danger. Most people say that if anyone goes there, does not return.”

The prince was very courageous and did not believe all these rumors. The prince said, “Nothing will happen. Come on, don’t be afraid of it.”

All of them started going into the forest and as soon as they came in, they started seeing the forest. They did not see anything that scared them. After walking some distance, they heard the sound of singing in a melodious voice. This song was sung by Rapunzel. Prince was attracted to her by listening to the song. Then he was hiding behind a tree and listening to the song.

After a while, the witch came over there and shouted, “Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Get down your hair and let me come up.” Upon hearing the witch’s voice, Rapunzel threw her hair down. Gothel climbed to the top of the tower holding her hair. The prince was hiding and watching all these things. After that, the prince went back from there.

The next day the prince decided that he would go there again and meet the girl. The prince went towards the forest with his horse. Reaching the tower he shouted, “Rapunzel throw your hair down and let me come up.” Rapunzel panicked after hearing that strange voice and immediately came to the window to see who was calling her?

Rapunzel saw a boy for the first time. Rapunzel was up in the tower and Prince was down. Both started talking a lot to each other. By talking with the prince, Rapunzel had come to know that there is no danger from him. Rapunzel then threw her hair down and, holding her hair, the prince climbed over the tower. Both of them talked a lot.

While talking, the prince asked her, “What are you doing here. The outside world is very beautiful. You should go there. How can you live in this prison.”

“My mother does not want me to go to the outside world. There is a lot of evil and very bad people,” said Rapunzel.

Hearing this, the prince said, “Yes, there are evils in the outside world but there is also goodness. There is also a lot to see. There are lots of people, river, mountains, waterfalls, beautiful palaces etc. everything. You shouldn’t waste your life by staying here. “

Rapunzel listened to prince’s words and thought that his words were absolutely true. She should get out of here.

Freedom of Rapunzel

The prince then cut Rapunzel’s hair and tied it to the window. Both of them got down with the help of hair. The prince took Rapunzel to his palace. After some time, when the witch came back there, she saw that the hair was already down for her. Gothel thought that Rapunzel must have seen her from a distance, that’s why she threw her hair down.

The witch climbs up with the help of hair. She saw that there was no one inside. Rupanzel had gone from there and his hair was tied to the window. In such a situation, Gothel started getting very angry and she shouted angrily, “Rapunzel you have cheated me, I will definitely take revenge.”

Prince then took Rupunjal to his palace. Going into the palace, he saw that his father was well and that his illness was gone. When the prince asked how he got well,. the king answered to the prince, “I met a person who had a cure for my illnesses. He fed me the leaves of a tree named Rapunzel.”

“Rapunzel!” Prince and Rapunzel shouted together. Hearing the name Rapunzel, both of them were amazed. Then after this, the king told the prince and Rapunzel the story of the person who cured the king. After listening to all the things, both of them understood that who is Rapunzel’s real parents and where are they?

Knowing all this, both Rapunzel and prince both went to Rapunzel’s parents. Rapunzel stood in front of her house and knocked on the door. Her mother came out from inside. The woman recognized that she was Rapunzel and she was his daughter. That way both of those parents get their lost child back.

After this, the king imprisoned the witch Gothel in the tower she had built. Everyone lived happily.

So this was the story of Rapunzel. If you like this story of Rapunzel, then share it with your friends and tell us through comments, how much did you like this story? Full Story of Rapunzel.

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