36 Panchatantra Story in English With Moral

The King and the Foolish Monkey Panchatantra Story in English

This is the story of a king who kept a monkey near him. He used to raise that monkey because he love him. The monkey also loves the king very much. But the monkey was very fool.  Being a fool, the monkey used to work inversely.

One day the monkey was airing to his king with a hand fan. He was giving a very relaxed breeze and was watching his king sleeping peacefully.  While he was doing this, a fly came and started disturbing him.  Seeing the fly the monkey wanted to get rid of it.  But that fly was not ready to go away from there.

When the fly sat on the head of king, the monkey used to wind rapidly near the head of the king.  Then it flew away and sat down on the king’s chest, and the monkey again started to wind fast on the chest of the king.  Then it flew and sat on the king’s stomach. The monkey started to air fast on the king’s stomach. The monkey began to do random moves.  But the king was sleeping very comfortably.

The monkey was very much disturbed by the fly.  The fly went back and sat on the king’s nose.  Enraged, he pulled out the sword placed in the Sheath and climbed on the king’s stomach.  After climbing on his stomach he raised the sword up.  Due to the this act of the monkey, the king was awakened. The king was afraid to see the monkey standing with a sword like this.

Then that fly flew out of the King’s nose and started flying in the air. The monkey was following its move. He started moving the sword in the air.  The king was very scared after seeing all this. Out of fear, the king fled out of the room and called the soldiers. The soldiers somehow snatched the sword from the monkey and pacified him.

From this story, we learn that trouble can come on you by giving place to an idiot.  Stupid people act without thinking and the people around them also have to suffer the consequences.

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Sparrow and Monkey Panchatantra Story in English

Story of Sparrow and Monkey. There was a big tree in a forest with. Two sparrows lived in their nest on that tree. The two were very happy among themselves and were happily spending their lives. The cold time had come and this time the cold was too much. Due to the which, all the animals had made their place of residence and started living in it so that they could survive this cold.  But there were also some monkeys in the forest who had no place to live.  In such a situation, those monkeys used to roam here and there.


One day some monkeys came wandering under the tree on which both of them sparrow lived. All the monkeys were shivering in the cold.  In such a situation, one of them said, “Today it is very cold. Why don’t we burn a fire together? That fire will also give us heat.”

Hearing this, all the other monkeys thought that it would be right to do so. They started collecting dry leaves and sticks to light a fire.  While they were doing this, the sparrow sitting at the top was watching them. She could not hold herself and in curiosity she said to the monkeys, “Who are you all? You look like a human in appearance. You have legs and hands too. So why don’t you all make home?”

All the monkeys got angry on hearing this from the sparrow and one of them said, “You do your work and let us do our work. Don’t you know we should not disturb others when they are working?”

After that the sparrow became silent.  They had collected wood and dry leaves.  Then one of them monkey said, “We have gathered wood and leaves, but how will we light a fire in it?”

In such a situation, another monkey replied, “I have seen a man burning fire. He lit a fire with a spark. We will do the same.”

When they were talking about fire and spark a firefly passed by. On seeing firefly, the monkeys felt that it is a spark. Because of that they all started catching that firefly.  After capturing the firefly, they tried to burn leaves from it. But the leaves did not burn with the firefly and after some time it flew away from there.

Then the sparrow sitting at the top started thinking how foolish the whole monkey is. They are trying to burn a fire with a firefly.  The sparrow could not resist itself and said to them, “Hey, do not light a fire like this. To burn a fire two stones have to be rubbed together. Spark come out from the stones when we rub it together”

The monkeys did not listen to her and they started catching that firefly again. The sparrow again told them that the stones can be used to burn things by rubbing them. A monkey got angry and climbed on that tree. He threw sparrow’s nest from the tree. After this, sparrow started crying sadly and all the monkeys left from there.

What is the moral of the Monkey and Bird story in English?

We learn from this story that not necessarily everyone listening to you, giving knowledge to an idiot is like hitting an ax on one’s own foot.

Two Snakes Panchatantra Story In English

A long time ago, the king of a country, whose name was Devashakti, was very upset.  The reason for his trouble was his ailing son because a snake had kept the prince’s stomach as home. The prince was weakening day by day due to the snake.  Whatever the prince eats would make the prince vomit.  Because of this, he was not able to eat or drink anything in the manner.

To remove that snake from the stomach, the king also called the famous doctors from different countries.  But even the doctors could not do anything.  In such a situation, the King’s concern was increasing.  He felt that he would lose his son.  The prince was upset after seeing his father so worried.  He decided that he would leave this place so that his father would not suffer too much.

The prince fled from that country and moved to his neighboring country. He lived like a beggar in a temple of the neighboring country. The name of the king of the country in which he went was Bali.  The king also had two daughters who loved their father. One day while Raja Bali was walking in the garden, his first daughter came and said to him, “My father is the greatest king of this country. Everyone is happy because of him.”  The king was very happy to hear this, but then the second daughter of the king said, “You will get the same results as you do.”  Hearing this, the king was angry because the king hated those who told the truth and spoke harsh words.

Because of this, he married his second daughter to a beggar as a punishment. That beggar was none other than the prince. After getting married, the princess considered the beggar as her husband and started serving him.  She took good care of him but did not know that there is a snake in her husband’s stomach.

The prince thought that it was not right for both of them to stay in the temple because he was now accompanied by his wife.  Because of this, he thought of leaving the temple and going to some other place.  In such a situation, he set out with his wife in search of another place. The prince felt thirsty as he walked and felt very weak.  Due to weakness, he became very unconscious, so his wife got nervous. She kept her husband in a nearby tree and went to fetch water.

There was no one around then that snake came out of the prince’s stomach. He came upto his mouth and started looking here and there. Then another snake came out of a nearby hole and they both started talking among themselves. Then the prince’s wife came there and seeing this, she hid behind a tree.

Then the other snake said, “Friend, how long will you stay in the stomach of this man and keep making him sick? See how sick he has become because of you, if anyone give him cumin and mustard soup, you will die.”

Hearing this, the snake inside the prince said, “Well, if this is the case then why do you protect the treasure kept inside your hole? That is of no use to you. If a person comes and pours hot oil in your hole, then you will die. Then he can take all the treasure.”

After talking to each other the two snakes went to their respective places. After this, the prince’s wife, took the prince to a safe place and gave him cumin and mustard soup.  After drinking the soup, the snake inside the prince died and he slowly started to get better. A few days later, the prince’s wife poured hot oil into the snake’s hole which was treasured. The snake inside the hole died of hot oil, and then the princess took out the treasure inside.

After all this was done, the prince took his wife to his real country. There the king welcomed his son and his daughter-in-law with great pomp.

What is the moral of Two Snakes Story?

We learn from this story that there are some people in our lives who depend on us and continue to do bad things to us.  We should get rid of such people as soon as possible, otherwise they will continue to do us bad over time.

The Blue Jackal Panchatantra Story in English

Once upon a time there was a very strong storm in the forest. To avoid that storm, a jackal hid under a big tree. The wind was blowing, due to which a branch of the tree broke. The broken branch fell on the jackal’s head.  The branch hurt the jackal’s head. Out of fear, the he went to his cave.

The jackal was injured and because of that he was not able to hunt as well. Due to not hunting, the jackal started to starve and was getting weaker over time. One day he was too hungry and went out for hunting to eliminate his hunger. He set out towards the forest and while walking he saw a deer.

The jackal wanted to hunt the deer. He followed her but the jackal quickly tired as his body was still weak. Because of this he could not hunt. Jackal thought that he could not hunt any animal with this weak body. For this reason, he thought of going out of the forest and go towards the village, because he would find a goat or chicken there. By eating that he could satisfy his hunger for some time.

He went towards the village. As the jackal entered the village, he noticed that some dogs were coming towards him in the herd.  He sneaked into the area to avoid those dogs. The dogs were still following him. He kept looking for a place where he can hide himself to avoid those dogs. Then he found a tank and jumped inside it.  Inside the tank, the launderers had kept the indigo solution.  Because of this, the jackal’s body became full blue.

The jackal stayed in that tank overnight.  When those dogs could not find the jackal, they left. The jackal came out of the tank after the dogs had left.  Exiting the tank, he saw that his body had turned blue. Seeing his blue body, the jackal got an idea and went straight towards the forest.

Going into the forest, he announced in front of all the animals that he is an animal that God has sent. All the animals reached the jackal. After all the animals arrived, the jackal said, “Have you ever seen a blue animal?”

Everyone replied, “No.”

“I am an animal that has been sent by the one above. God has sent me to rule in the forest and he have asked me to guide you all.” Jackal said. All the animals accepted him as their king.

The jackal had a problem that there were more jackals in that forest. He feared that they would recognize him. For this, he told all the animals of the forest, “We have to drive all the jackals out of the forest. This is God’s command. God have told me that to maintain the balance of the forest, we have to remove the jackal from the forest.”

After he said this, the animals of the forest drove out all the jackal of the forest from there.

Then the jackal went to his cave where he was served by the animals.  The peacock would spread his wings and wind him and the monkey pressed his leg. Whenever he felt hungry, he would ask others to sacrifice. After sacrificing he would eat that animal. His life was going on very smoothly.

One day at night he was very thirsty. To quench his thirst, he left the cave and went to a nearby river and stood there. He started drinking water. While he was standing and drinking water, only the sound of other jackals was coming from far away. The jackal could not stop himself after hearing the voice of them all and he himself shouted with the jackal’s voice.

Hearing his voice, the surrounding animals were awakened. After the animals were awakened, they saw that he was no other animal but a jackal who was fooling them.  Knowing all this, animals got angry and killed the jackal. The Blue Jackal Story in English.

Moral of the Blue Jackal Story in English

This story teaches us that our lies can be caught at some point or the other. One day the lie will be revealed to everyone. We cannot make anyone fool.

The Lion and the Jackal Panchatantra Story in English

A strong lion lived in a forest named Sundarban. All the animals of that forest were afraid of him. He used to go hunting mostly along the river and he fills his stomach by hunting. One day when he was returning from hunting by the riverbank, he saw a jackal. As the lion approached the jackal, he fell under the lion’s feet and said to him, “You are great and strong. I want you to make me your servant. I will always be at your service and always remain faithful.”

Hearing this all the lion was shocked. Then he said to the Jackal, “I don’t need any servant. I am alone enough and what will I do to a weak jackal like you?”

The jackal said, “I beg you to make me your servant. Then I will fill my stomach by eating the rest of what you hunt. In return I will serve you.”

On requesting so much, the lion agreed to and made the jackal his servant. Now both of them used to go for hunting in the forest together. First the lion eats the prey and then the remaining eats the jackal. Likewise, time passed. Now Lion did not consider Jackal as his servant, but both of them had become good friends. The jackal was also healthy now. He used to get food every day because of that he was also very strong.

Boasting his bravado, he said to the lion one day, “Now I am as strong as you are. Now I can hunt alone too. I will hunt a big elephant and then I will eat it. You will eat the remaining as I do.”

The lion senses that he is having a joke with him in a friendship but after some time he comes to know that the jackal was not joking. The lion was aware of the power of an elephant, so the lion warned the jackal not to do so. But that jackal did not want to give up the arrogance of his strength. He climbed a nearby tree and waited for the elephant to arrive.

An elephant passed under that tree then the jackal thought that he would jump on top of that elephant and hunt it. He jumped from the tree but in the wrong place. When the jackal fell in front of the elephant’s feet, as soon as the elephant stepped on him, the jackal died out of the weight of the elephant’s body.

Moral of the Lion and the Jackal Story in English

We learn from this story that we must follow the advice of our good friend. We should never boast about anything else it will be our loss. The Lion and the Jackal’s Story The Lion and the Jackal Story in English

The Sparrow and the Elephant Panchatantra Story in English

The Sparrow and the Elephant Story in English. Two sparrows lived on a tree. Both were very happy among themselves. The sparrow used to go daily to find food for himself and his wife. His wife used to say on the nest to cure their eggs. Both of them were very happy that they were going to have children. They were waiting for the moment when their children would come out of the eggs and then both of them would be happy about this.

One day, Sparrow was caring her eggs and her husband went out to find food. Just then, a mad elephant came to that tree and started to hit that tree again and again. In such a situation, the bird went to the elephant and said, “Stop, don’t do this. Because of you our nest can fall and the eggs can fall from it. Please do not do this.”

Despite repeated requests of the sparrow, the elephant was not paying attention to her.  He grabbed the tree branch with his trunk and broke the branch on which the sparrow’s nest was. Her nest fell to the ground and the eggs laid in it fell off and broke. After all this, the elephant went away.

She was sitting near her broken eggs and crying. Then her husband returned. When he saw all this, he also became very depressed.  Then his wife told him everything that happened there. In such a situation, the two sparrows thought of taking revenge on the elephant.

That sparrow went to his friend Woodpecker.  Woodpecker was his friend. He went to him and told the whole thing. Woodpecker also got angry after hearing this. Then he devised an idea so that he could punish the elephant.  The woodpecker went to his other friends, the frog and the bee, and told them the plan.

After that all three of them went to that elephant. At first the bee buzzed in the elephant’s ear in a melodious tone. Elephant got lost in the melodious voice of the bee.  Then that woodpecker began to hit in his eyes. In this way, his eyes ached and he closed both his eyes. The elephant could not open its eyes.

Then the frog brought his group and went near a mud pool to make a sound. Hearing the sound of those frogs, the elephant went to them because he felt that there is a pond of water. He wanted to drink water from there. But the elephant got trapped in that swamp and in this way the three punished him for his mistake.

Moral of the Sparrow and The Elephant Story in English.

That is why we should not bother anyone, because doing so we can increase the problems for us, the upset person can take revenge on us. In this story the elephant harasses the sparrow and they take revenge on the elephant. The Sparrow and the Elephant Story in English.

Right-Mind And Wrong-Mind Panchatantra Story In English

Two friends lived in a village. They were very good friends among themselves. One of them was named Dharmabuddhi and the other was named Papbuddhi. They both used to do farming. This time they had a good harvest. In such a situation, Papabuddhi thought that if he sells his crop in the village, he will get a lower price. So he started thinking about selling his crop to the city.


He also wanted to take his friend Dharmabuddhi with him. But at the same time he wanted to harm his friend with a wicked thought. Papabuddhi started thinking that he would take his friend with him too and on his return anyhow he would steal his money.

He went to his friend and told him that we should sell the crops in the city. His friend, Dharmuddhi agreed with him. Now both were going to the city to sell their crops. They both left for the city. They sold their crop in the city.  They earned a good income by selling crops and accumulated a lot of money with them.

Both were very happy due to the good earning, but Papabuddhi had something else in his mind. He took his friend by the path of the forest. While he was in the forest, Papabuddhi said to his friend, “Friend, we have a lot of money. If we take it to the village, then the thieves may be eyeing on us or someone will borrow from us. Why don’t we hide some money here? So that we can come and take it from here when we need it. “

Dharmabuddhi found this right and both of them dug a pit under a big tree in the forest and put their money in that pit. After this both of them left. Two days later, Papabuddhi went to the forest and brought out all the money from that place.

The day passed and the wealth of Dharmabuddhi was over. He needed money.  He went to his friend Papabuddhi and took him to the forest.

They both went under the tree where they hid the money. After digging the pit, he saw that all the money was missing. The Dharmabuddhi was shocked to see this, but Papabuddhi started crying purposely and screaming. Papbuddhi rushed to the court.  He accused the Dharmabuddhi in front of the judge that he had stolen all the money. But Dharmabuddhi said that he has not stolen the money.

In such a case, the judge took the examination of both of them. He asked both of them to put their hands in the fire so that the fire god could find out the truth.  Papabuddhi was clever. He immediately said, “No, we will find out the truth with the help of forest god because he have seen it all.”

In this way, all the three went to forests. Papbuddhi immediately hid behind a tree.  Then the judge shouted loudly and said, “Forest God tell us who committed the theft?”

Then Papabuddhi shouted from behind the tree, “The theft is done by the Dharmabuddhi.”

The tree from which the sound was coming, was burnt by the Dharmabuddhi.  Because of the fire, the Papbuddhi came out burning and he told the everything truth. The judge sentenced him.

From this story we learn that those who dig a pit for others they fall into it. In this story, Papabuddhi thought bad for Dharmududdhi but in the end it got worse with Dharmududdhi. By learning from this story, we should understand forever that we should not do bad to others.

Foolish Crane and The Mongoose Panchatantra Story in English

Foolish Crane and The Mongoose story in English. A crane used to live on a peepal tree in a big forest. He had been living at that place for a long time. A snake lived under the same peepal tree. Whenever the snake received the news that the crane had given birth to a child, he used to go up and eat the baby of the crane. That crane was very upset by this.  Troubled, he sat on the banks of the river flowing from within the forest. He sat there sadly. After some time, a crab came out of the river and came to the shore. He saw that the crane was very sad.

In such a situation, the crab asked the crane, “What’s the matter, you look so sad today? What has happened?” Crane had tears in his eyes as he asked him.

He cried, “A snake lives under the tree I live on. It eats my children every time.I don’t know how to get rid of it.I’m in a big dilemma, do you have any solution?” Is there is a solution for this? “

After telling the his trouble, the crab started thinking that this crane kills and eats our people every time. That crane is also a hunter. In such a situation, the crab made an idea so that it could kill both the snake and the crane.

The crab told his trick to the crane. He said, “Don’t you worry my friend. I have an idea that will solve your problem. The tree you are talking about a mongoose live near it. Both the mongoose and the snake are enemies to each other. All you have to do is keep pieces of flesh from the place of that mongoose to the snake’s place. That mongoose will eat those pieces of meat and reach to the snake’s place and kill that snake.”

That crane did the same. He kept the pieces of meat from the place of mongoose to the snake. The mongoose came and started eating the piece of meat. Then he saw the snake there. After this, a fight broke out between snake and mongoose.

Crane was getting very happy while watching the fight. After getting excited, crane started attacking the snake from behind. Suddenly, the snake turned back and directly hit the crane’s neck and gripped his neck. That attack killed the crane. Seeing the opportunity, the mongoose killed that snake too.

This story teaches us that we should not do bad for others. Otherwise that bad can happen to us. The story also tells us that in excitement we should not lose consciousness. Crane wanted to kill the snake, but he was also killed in this trick.  Foolish Crane and The Mongoose story in English.

Frogs and The Snake Panchatantra Story In English

Frogs That Rode A Snake Story In English. A long time ago a snake lived in a forest. He had grown old over time. As he got older, he became weak and was not able to hunt. He was starving. Being hungry, his body became thin. While worrying himself, the snake thought of an idea so that he could fill his stomach.

He went to a nearby pond where a lot of frogs lived. He went there and sat quietly on a nearby stone. While he was sitting there, a frog came out of the pond and asked him, “What’s the matter, you look very sad? Won’t you hunt anyone today?”

When the frog questioned him, the snake pretended to cry and said to him, “I was chasing a rat to eat today. That rat walked to a village and hid among the people.”  I accidentally bit the daughter of a Brahmin while following that rat. Because of that the Brahmin cursed me that the frogs would ride me. That is why I am depressed.”

On hearing this, the frog immediately went inside the pond and told the whole thing to the king of frogs. Hearing this, the king of frogs immediately went to the snake and said to him, “Is what I heard is true?”

The snake replied, “Yes it is true.”

“Then can I ride you?” The frog asked.

On this question of the frog, the snake said yes to him. After this, the king of frogs climbed on the head of the snake and started jumping there. Seeing his king doing this, the other frogs climbed on the snake and started jumping. The snake was getting upset by all this, but he thought that now he would have to do this. Then he moving forward taking frogs over him.

The frog rode a snake for the first time. The king was enjoying it all. The king of frogs was very happy. He said to the snake, “I had never taken such a ride till today. I am enjoying it very much.”

The snake did the same for a few days so that he could win the trust of those frogs. A few days later the snake started walking slowly.  Due to the speed of the snake, the king of frogs asked him, “What is the matter, why are you moving so slowly?”

“I am getting old and I am not even able to eat. Because of this my speed is slowly decreasing.” The snake told the king of that frog.

Listening to the snake the king was concerned about him. Then he told the snake that he could eat small frogs in the pond.

The snake said to him, “Although I refuse to hunt frogs but if you are saying that, then I eat them.”

After that he started eating the small frog of pool. After eating the frogs, he was fit and, seeing the opportunity, he also ate the king of frogs and gradually he also ate the all frogs of the pond.

Moral of Frogs That Rode A Snake Story In English

This story teaches us that we should never trust anyone completely. We should first test then trust any person. Story of a frog riding a snake.  Frogs That Rode A Snake Story In English.

Brahman and Snake Panchatantra Story in English

This story is of a Brahmin named Maniram. He worshiped very well and trusted in God. He considered small things as the message of God. The Brahmin also had a field in which the crop was not as good. But whatever crop he had, he used to survive. The time had come for the crop to ripen. He used to sleep in the afternoon under a tree in his field to monitor his harvest.

One day while he was sleeping under a tree in his field, a snake was standing in front of him spreading its hood. After some time, the Brahmin woke up and saw that there was a snake in front of him. At first, he was a little scared but later he realized that it is a deity.

Thinking this, he immediately ran towards his house and brought milk in an earthen pot. Then he gave that milk to the snake and went from there. Before leaving, he begged the snake to save him from every trouble and bless him with wealth.

The next day when he came again, he saw that there was a gold coin in the earthen pot. Seeing the gold coin, he thanked the snake. Now he used to bring milk for the snake every day and every day he used to get a gold coin in return.

A few days later that Brahmin had to go to another state due to work. While he was going out, he gave his son the job of feeding the snake. The son also gave milk to the snake in the pot and the next day, he saw that there was a gold coin in that pot. Seeing the gold coin, that boy increased his desire to get more money. In such a situation, he thought that there would be more gold in that snake’s burrow.

He wanted to get that gold together. Now he started thinking that he would take all the gold out of the snake’s burrow. But he was afraid of snakes, so he created a plan.

Like every time, this time too he went to give milk to the snake. While the snake was drinking milk, he attacked the head of the snake with a stick from behind. That snake was strong so that nothing happened to him. Angry, the snake-bitten the Brahmin’s son. The Brahmin’s son died of snake venom.

When the Brahmin returned home, he was very sad to hear the news of his son.

From this story, we learn that excessive greed is very bad. Excessive greed surrounds us with troubles. That is why it is good to earn money with honesty by working hard not by greed.

The Potter’s Truth Panchatantra Story in English

There lived a potter named Kishan in a village. He was a hard worker who made pottery and made money by selling them throughout the day. This would have saved him. But he had a bad habit that he used to drink alcohol with the money earned.

One day he got a good income, so he thought that he would go to drink at night. He went to drink at night and had drunk a lot of alcohol. when he was returning, he fell down on the road. There was a piece of glass on the road which was stuck to his head. The potter suffered a deep injury on the his head. Blood was coming out of his forehead. In the same condition, he went home and went to sleep.

When his intoxication subsided in the morning, he felt great pain on his head. Then he immediately went to a physician. Physician cured his wound and put an ointment on his injury and said, “I have treated you. But this wound of yours is very deep. It will take time to heal. When it is healed, its mark will remain on your head forever.

After this he went to his house. A few months later there was a famine on that village. Due to the famine, people started migrating from the village to another place. Kishan also left that place and went to another country. He went to the king’s court in search of work. The king, looking at him, thought that this man has a deep mark on his head, it seems that he is a masterful and mighty warrior. Who got hurt on the head during the war.

Thinking this, the king gave Kishan a good job in his palace. He got a high designated job. Now Kishan was doing his job well and the king used to keep an eye on him. Seeing Kishan working in a high position, the prince, ministers and others got jelous of him. They somehow wanted to remove him from there.

One day the enemies attacked that kingdom. The king prepared his army and took Kishan with him. While they were going together, the king asked Kishan, “During which war your head was hurt and yout got a mark on your head?”

Hearing this, Kishan thought that the king trusted him and he wanted to tell him the truth. Thinking that Kishan told the king that he is not a warrior but a potter. He also gave information about the mark on his head. He told the king, “This mark you are seeing on my head is not from the war but in my drunken state. When I was returning home after drinking alcohol a piece of glass penetrated my head.”

Hearing all these things, the king became angry and said to him, “I thought of you as a warrior and worked with you. But you kept me in deception. I want you to leave now and never come here.”

“Excuse me, Your Majesty, but I can die for you in battle.” Kishan told the king.

Hearing this, the king said to him, “No, you are not a warrior, nor are you from the clan of warriors. That is why you cannot fight. Go away from here in time or if the prince finds your truth, he will kill you.”

On hearing all these things of the king, Kishan left from there and never returned.

From this story, we learn that our secret sometimes comes before the people. That is why it is better to walk on the path of truth by not hiding things.

The Hermit and the Mouse Panchatantra Story in English

A monk lived in a temple of a city. The monk was very good, which people used to like very much. He was always engaged in the worship of God and used to teach religion and knowledge to the people in his spare time. Whenever people went to him, they would donate to him. Most people gave him food in charity.

He used to hang up the leftovers after eating food. His life was going on like this and he was happy. One day when he hung up the leftovers after eating food, the next day he got up and saw that his food had disappeared from there. His food was not there. In such a situation, he started thinking that where could his food be missing?

Now he thought that he would hang the food again and monitor it. He supervised the food throughout the day, but soon after night, he saw that a mouse came in the dark of the night and took away his food. In such a situation, the next day, he hung the food up further so that the rat could not reach it. By doing this, he fell asleep again.

But the next day the rat came again and this time the rat saw that the food was too high. So the rat jumps too high and reaches for food. This time too, he stole food and took it away. Seeing all this, those monks got upset. Worried, he went to the temple. While he was sitting there worried, a Brahmin came to him and asked him, “What is the matter that you are feeling very upset?”

On the question of that Brahmin, the monk told him the whole thing. Hearing all these things, the Brahmin started thinking that how could that rat jump so high? Both of them then decided that they would both keep an eye on the mouse. Then the mouse came to the temple and started stealing goods from there. Both the monks and the Brahmins followed him. While chasing, they saw that the rat used to take all the things in his hole. His hole was in the temple itself.

In such a situation, when the rat was not present on his hole, then the Brahmin and the monk dug it. They noticed that there were a lot of things. Seeing so many things, the Brahmin said, “So because of this the confidence of that rat is so much.”

They took all the goods from there and distributed it among the people. When the rat came back there, he saw that all his belongings had disappeared. Now he will have to collect everything again. Now the monk started hanging his food again. But the rat was not able to make the high jump this time because his confidence had weakened. He could not steal food.

From this story we learn that having sufficient resources increases our confidence. But lack of this resource leads to loss of confidence.

Tale of the Golden Droppings Panchatantra Story in English

Once upon a time, a bird lived on a tree in the city. That bird was very special because whenever he used to give up his waste, it would fall into the ground and become gold. No one had ever heard of such a bird nor had anyone seen such a bird. No one from the city was aware that there is such a bird who is so precious.

One day a traveler from that city tired of walking and stopped under that tree so that he could rest for a while. While he was resting, the bird sitting at the top thought to help that person. Thinking this, the bird gave up its waste on the side of the person. As soon as his waste fell on the ground, it became gold. The person was surprised to see this. The person picked up the gold and was happy about it.

Now the greed inside him started growing. In such a situation he wanted to catch the bird. To catch the bird, he laid a net on the tree and he caught him. After catching the bird, he took him home. Taking home, he started waiting for when the bird would give up its waste and it would give him gold. Thinking all this, another thought came to his mind. He started thinking that if the king of the kingdom came to know about the bird, they would take it, and perhaps the king could even punish him to hide it. For this reason, the person took the bird and presented it to the king.

Going to the king, he told that this bird is not a common bird, but it is a special bird whose waste turns into gold. Hearing this, the king kept the bird with him. After some time a minister came to the king and said to him, “king, all these things are rubbish. Have you ever heard that a bird gives up wastes of gold? That is why you leave this bird and don’t waste your time.”

Hearing his minister the king obeyed him and ordered the bird to be released. As soon as the bird started flying, he gave up his waste in the court and his waste became gold as soon as it fell on the floor. Seeing this, the king was stunned and ordered the minister that he should somehow get the bird.

Flying, the bird said, “I was an idiot who gave up my waste in front of that person. That person was an idiot who gave me to the king and this king is an idiot who let me go from here. All of the people in this kingdom are idiots. “

This story teaches us that we should never get into the words of others. If someone is advising us, we should consider that advice well and then decide on it. Only after doing this, we will be called a sensible person.

Pandit’s Wife and The Mongoose Panchatantra Story in English

Long ago there lived a Brahmin named Devavrata in a village. He used to live with his wife Devavadhu. For a few years of marriage, they had a problem that they had no child. Both of them used to pray to God daily to get children. A few years later they had a child. Both of them were very happy about receiving the child. They considered the child a blessing from God.

Devavadhu cared for her child and loved him very much. One day when she went out of the house, she found a mongoose baby. Seeing the child of that mongoose alone, Devavadhu felt pity for it and brought it to her house. She raised her child and mongoose’s child well and cared for them both.

Over time, his son had grown up a bit and that mongoose had also grown. Mongoose and his child used to play among themselves. One day the Brahmin’s wife went out keeping her son in the cradle. While she was out, a snake came to her house. It was moving towards the child kept in a cradle. Mongoose attacked it after seeing it. There was a long fight between the two and then the mongoose finally killed the snake. In this way, the mongoose saved the child’s life.

After some time, when Devvadhu came back to her house, she saw that there was blood on the mouth of the mongoose. On seeing the blood in the mongoose, the Devvadhu was scared and the first thought in her mind was that the mongoose killed her child. Due to this thought, Devvadhu beat the mongoose with a stick. She beat it too much that she took its life. After killing the mongoose when she went inside, she saw that her son was sleeping safely in the cradle and a dead snake was lying nearby.

Seeing this, the Brahmin’s wife understood that the mongoose had taken care of her son and the death penalty was given to it. In such a situation, Devvadhu sat on the ground and started crying. Then her husband returned, he asked his wife what had happened there?

On asking her husband questions, Devvadhu told her the whole thing. Devvadhu also told that he is now regretting it. In such a situation, her husband said to Devvadhu, “You left the child alone. You are getting punished for this.”

From this story we learn that what we see is no actually what it looks like. And from this story we also learn that we should not take a decision without taking full information.

Old Man, Young Wife and Thief Panchatantra Story In English

Long ago an old farmer lived in a village but his wife was young. The wife of the old farmer wished that she be married to a young man, but this did not happen. she was not happy with his old husband. For this reason, she used to be disappointed. A thug thief was observing that old man’s wife. He wanted to rob her. He created a plan to rob her. One day the wife of the old farmer was going towards the market then the thief followed her. After following her he gradually went to her and said, “My wife is dead and since then I am alone. But I have loved you ever since I saw you. If it possible then I will immediately drive you away from here and take you to another place. Then we can start a new life together.”

Hearing all these things, the wife of the old farmer started becoming happy inside. Because she was standing in front of a man she wanted to marry, who was willing to spend his life with her. In such a situation, she told the thief, “You stop here, I bring all the wealth of my husband from home. Then both of us will leave this village and go somewhere else.”

The thief’s trick worked, so he became happy. The thief said to the farmer’s wife, “Okay you go, I am waiting for you.” The farmer’s wife went to her house. On her way home, she saw that her old husband was sleeping on the bed. Seeing the opportunity, she collected all the jewels and money and made a bundle of it then left from there. She reached the thief. The thief was tempted to see the bundle of money. He was getting happy inside. Today he is going to earn well.

Both left to leave the village. The thief wanted to get rid of her by taking that bundle of money. A river came on the way. On reaching the river, the thief said to her, “We have to cross this river but it is deep. Because of this I will take you from this river. But before that I will have to take this bundle across the river. And I will come again to take you there because i can’t take you both together.”

Hearing this, the girl said to him, “Well, it would be nice to do it. You go quickly and put it across the river and come to pick me up.”

The thief took the bundle and crossed the river. He went to the other side but he did not return. Seeing this she understood that the thief had fooled her.

This story teaches us that anyone can take advantage of our weakness. That is why we should not always reveal our weaknesses to others. We also learn from this story that we should never trust the words of others immediately.

The Musical Donkey Panchatantra Story In English

This story is about a donkey whose owner was a washerman. The washerman was very stingy because of this he would not feed the donkey properly. The donkey became weak due to a lack of food. Many times the washerman would send him to another place so that he could go and eat the grass. One day the donkey went away from his house towards the forest in search of food. While walking in the forest, a jackal came to him and said to him, “What’s the matter, my friend, why do you look so weak? Don’t you get food?”

On hearing this, the donkey got depressed and said to the jackal, “My life is very sad my friend. My master does not give me food properly and that is why I am weak. He just leaves me and today also he left me to graze the grass. I came here in search of food”

Hearing this, the jackal also felt pity for that donkey, then he said to him, “Don’t you worry, I have a very good provision to fill my stomach. There is a garden just a few miles away from here, there are delicious vegetables and fruits in that garden. We can be healthy again by eating that. We will go and fill our stomach. There is a small way to go to that garden. Come, let me take you there. “

The donkey liked the jackal and he was hungry. Because of this, he went to the garden with the jackal. While walking, both of them reached near the garden. Then the jackal said to him, “Now the wait is over, my friend. Today you will eat such delicious and tasty fruits and vegetables that you would never have eaten. Let me enter the garden you and follow me.”

Saying this, the jackal went inside and after that, the donkey also went inside. As soon as he went inside the garden, the donkey noticed that there were lots of vegetables and fruits. Both of them ate their food in full and then left from there.

Now that donkey was happy so donkey decided that he would not go back home and would stay with his friend. Both of them used to go to that garden every day to fill their stomach. The life of both was going well and the donkey was healthy. One day both the jackal and the donkey went to the garden. There the donkey ate fiercely fruits and vegetables. His stomach was so full that he lost his consciousness. Then he said to his friend jackal, “Friend do you know that I sing a very good song? And I will sing you a song right now.”

On hearing this, the jackal got nervous because by singing the song of the donkey, his voice would reach the owner of the garden. In such a situation, the owner of the garden would come there to catch both. For this reason, the jackal tried to calm the donkey and said to him, “Hey friend, donkeys don’t sing better songs.”

Hearing this, the donkey said, “Donkeys are very good singers, they sing in a melodious voice with hee-haw.” The jackal understood that the donkey could not be silenced, so he thought of leaving from there. He said to the donkey, “If this is the case then I believe your point. I think you are a very good singer. The owner of this garden will give you a garland of flowers after listening to your song. But I will also give you a garland of flowers. You do one thing after I leave then you will start your song till then I will bring a garland of flowers for you.” Saying this, he left the donkey, and then the donkey started singing his song.

Hearing his voice, The owner came running to him. As soon as he saw the donkey, he understood that he used to steal the food from his garden and eat it. In such a situation, he beat the donkey very much and drove away from there.

From this story we learn that if someone is telling us our good things and trying to explain something good, then we should obey him. Sometimes we get into trouble because of disregarding such people. In this story too, the jackal explained the donkey well but the donkey did not listen to the jackal and he was caught.

The Brahmin and Three Crooks Panchatantra Story in English

This story is of a Brahmin named Shambhu Dayal. He lived in a village called Vidarbha. Because of his good behavior, people used to call him in his house and donate various things to him. One day he received an invitation from a wealthy man. Shambhu Dayal went to the invitation and when he was returning that rich man gave him a goat in a donation so that he could drink the milk of that goat. After this, he hung the goat in his shoulder and went away.

When he was returning with a goat on his shoulder, three thugs looked at him him. They formed a plan so that they could take the goat from that Brahmin. All three thugs went away and stood up in some distance. Shambhu Dayal was moving with the goat in his shoulder then the first thug saw him and started laughing loudly. In such a situation, the Brahmin asked him, “What is the matter, why are you laughing at me?”

On the question of the Brahmin, the thug replied, “Excuse me, Maharaj, but I have seen for the first time that a Brahmin is carrying a donkey in his shoulder.” Saying this, the thug started laughing again. Shambhu Dayal did not listen to him and he left from there. While walking, another thug came on the way. The other thug said to him, “What is the matter, Maharaj, is this donkey injured? What are you carrying it on your shoulder?”

On hearing this Shambhu Dayal got angry and said to him, “Don’t you see? It is not a donkey. It is a goat and I have received it in charity. That is why I am holding it on my shoulder.”

Then the thug said, “Excuse me, but maybe you have been cheated by someone. It is not a goat but a donkey.”

Shambhu Dayal started thinking that the earlier person was also calling it a donkey. He is also calling it a donkey. What has happened to people? Thinking this, he went ahead. While walking, he found a third thug on the way. The third thug said to him, “Brahmin deity why are you suffering so much. Let me handle this and I will carry it up to your house. Working for a Brahmin is a virtuous work, this will give me your blessings.”

The Brahmin was pleased to hear this person and said to him, “Thank you very much. You seem like a good person.” Then he handed over the goat to the thug. They both started walking together. After walking some distance, the thug asked Shambhu Dayal, “By the way, where are you taking this donkey?”

Hearing this, Shambhu Dayal told him, “This is not a donkey. It is a goat.”

“Sorry Brahmin someone has tricked you. It’s not a goat but a donkey.” The thug said to that Brahmin.

Shambhu Dayal was frustrated and he believed that it is actualy a donkey. Then he said to the thug, “I donate this donkey to you, take it away.”

On hearing this, the thug became happy inside because his idea worked. After this, he took the goat and sold it to the market. They made a good profit.

From this story, we learn that by repeating any lie, people start believing it to be true. That is why we must make decisions using our minds at all times.

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