Frog and The Ox Story

Frog and The Ox Story. There were very few frogs in a forest pond. The number of fish in that pond was less. The size of the frogs varied. Some were very thin, some fat, small and very large. Slender frogs would make long jumps and sit on top of the rocks. The little frogs were adept at hiding. The big frogs used to leap hard and were a little lazy.

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There was also a big frog among them. He was a healthy frog. His name was Makala. Makala was very arrogant about her body. He was very proud of his body. All the frogs knew that the most and the only healthy Makala. He was the biggest creature for them. They had not seen anyone bigger than Makala.

Makala used to sit and eat a lot of insects and flies all day long. Makala also had four small children who played with other children.

One day the children together thought that they would all get out of this pond and go somewhere else. They did the same. Everyone came out and started traveling nearby. While walking, they saw a small pond. The water in that pond was very clean and they all took a dip in that pond. They were all playing with each other. Frogs were having a lot of fun there.

Then suddenly things started moving around. A terrible voice was coming towards them. Because of which all the children got scared and came out of that small pond and hid themselve behind the stones. But one of those little frogs could not get out of there. He slipped and fell in the same pond. Then a big bull came in that pond. Seeing that bull coming, the child started crying and said to him, “Stop! Stop! Don’t kill me. Forgive me. I just came to play here. Don’t kill me.”

The bull listened to the little frog and said to him, “Why would I kill you?” I will not kill you. I came here to drink water and I don’t eat frogs.”

“What do you eat if you don’t eat frogs?” Asked the child from the bull.

“I eat the grass, the leaves of the trees. But I don’t eat the frog, so there is no need to fear me.” The bull replied to the child.

The rest of the frog children hid behind the stone and were watching all these. As soon as the bull said that if he did not eat the frog, all those children came out in front of him. All of them asked about the bull, “You don’t eat frogs. It’s a good thing. Well tell me how your body has become so big? Our body is small. But you are very big. We have one named Makala. He is the biggest among us. But his size is not even half of your size.”

On hearing this, the bull started laughing, “Ha ha ha ha, you are looking at me and thinking that I am the biggest, but it is not so. There are even more big animals.”

The bull told a lot of things to those children and they were all amazed to hear that bull’s talk. The bull told the children about the elephant. Time passed and night had come. That is why the bull and all the frogs returned to their respective homes.

The children told all things to Makala. Makala was unwilling to believe that there could be someone bigger than him. But the rest of his friends knew that in the outside world there are more big animals. Makala started filling her body with air to show himself big. As the air filled, he asked everyone, “Tell me who is the greatest and biggest?”

Everyone tried to convince him that doing so would do nothing. Makala breathed more so that his body swelled a little more. He again asked the same question, “Tell me who is the greatest and biggest?”

Everyone tried to convince him that by doing this he was harming himself but Makala was not ready to listen. He filled his body again with air, his body had swollen completely. His eyes had almost come out and he had become red. Everyone explained to him again and again, “Don’t do this. It can hurt you.”

But Makara did not listen at all, and he filled air again. Then after some time his body was burst like a balloon and he died.

Moral of the Story – That is why we should not boast much on anything. Too much pride and ego can causes collapse.

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