The Brave Goat Story in English

The Brave Goat Story in English. Once upon a time. Famous priest lived in a village. He was very popular among people because people considered him a perfect man and listened to what he said. But he used to tell people the wrong method of worshiping. He told people to sacrifice animals. Priest believed that God will be happy by sacrificing. He encouraged people to sacrifice goats.

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The Brave goat story in English

One day that priest also thought about sacrificing a goat. He called two of his disciples and told them, “Go and bring a goat. Remember that goat must be good. Today we will sacrifice it.”

The disciples of that priest did the same. They brought a goat and said to the priest, “We have brought a good goat like you said. Now what should we do with it?”

The priest then told his disciples, “First we have to cleanse this goat. For this we have to bathe it in the river. Both of you go and bathe this goat in the river.”

“As you command.” Both those disciples said.

While they were leaving, the priest again told them, “After bathing the goat, both of you also take a bath and come wearing clean clothes.”

The goat was listening to all these things and he understood that they were going to kill him. In such a situation, the goat started thinking about protecting himself. What will the goat do to save himself so that his life is saved? Just then, there was an idea in his mind.

After some time all three reached near that river and then all three went inside the river and took bath. When both the disciples were bathing the goat, the goat started laughing. The goat laughed very loudly. Both the disciples were surprised to see that goat. Then after some time the goat started crying. Both of them were even more surprised to see that goat crying.

In such a situation, a disciple asked the goat, “Why are you doing this? Some time ago you were laughing and crying now. What has happened?”

On the question of that disciple, the goat did not say why he was laughing. But he did tell why he was crying. The goat said to him, “I am laughing thinking of your master.”

The two disciples became angry and said to the goat, “You are insulting our master.”

The two disciples took the goat to their master and told him everything and the also told, “Master this goat was crying thinking of you.”

Then the priest said, “Are you a silly goat, you are crazy? Your death is near but you are weeping thinking about me. Tell us also why you were laughing and what you thought about me that you started crying? “

The goat told, “In my previous life I was also a priest like you and I sacrificed a lot of goats. That is why I became a goat due to the curse in this birth. And whoever kills me then I am free from my curse that is why I was laughing thinking that I will have a good life in the next life. But whoever kills me will have to become a goat in the next life and you are going to kill me so that you will have to become a goat in the next life. Thinking that I was crying . “

Hearing all this, the priest got a little scared and got into the words of that goat. He changed his mind and said to his disciples, “Free this goat. Remove the rope from its neck and let it go.”

In such a situation, one of them said, “master, you have asked many people to sacrifice what about them?”

“Nobody will sacrifice anyone from today onwards. Go and tell them.” The priest told his disciples and in that way the goat saved his life and the rest of the animals. The Brave Goat Story in English.

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Moral of The Brave Goat Story in English

What is the moral of the brave goat story in English?

From this story, we learn that in times of trouble, we should consider using our minds to solve problems. If we just keep thinking about the problem, we will never get rid of it.

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