The Louse and The Bedbug Panchatantra Story in English

The Louse and The Bedbug Panchatantra Story in English. Long ago a louse lived in a king’s bed. She was very happy as she can suck king’s blood. After the king fell asleep, the louse got out of bed and sucked the blood of his body. One day he noticed that a bedbug had arrived in the bed. Seeing this she became very angry and said to the bedbug, “You cannot come here. This is not your place. I live here and no one can come here except me.”

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In such a situation, the bedbug started lovingly saying to the louse, “Oh sister, won’t you help a destitute like me? I have come here in search of food. I have not sucked anyone’s blood for long. So, will you drive me away like this? “

Hearing all these things of the bedbugs, the louse felt pity and allowed the bedbugs to stay there. After that the louse said to bedbug, “Well you can stay here but to stay here you have to pay attention to some things. Because of you the king should not have any problem and you will suck his blood only when the king sleeps. Besides, you will not suck his blood.”

He agreed to the louse’s words and said to her, “All right. I will do as you speak.” After all these things happened, the louse went to her place and on the other side, bedbug started searching for a good place to live.

The Louse and The Bedbug Panchatantra Story in English
The Louse and The Bedbug Panchatantra Story in English

When he was searching for his place of residence, the king entered through the door. The king was fit and very fat. His belly was out. Seeing the king, bedbug’s mouth became watery and he could not stop himself. As the king came into his bed and lay down. Bedbug immediately went to bite the king’s stomach and started sucking blood.

The king was in pain. The king screamed in pain and called his guards. As soon as the guards came in, the king said to the guards, “Look, there is a bedbug or louse on this bed. Find it and remove it from here.”

On the king’s orders, those soldiers began to see the king’s bed well. Then they got louse and killed her. Now bedbug started staying at that place.

What is The Moral of the Louse and the Bedbug Story?

This story teaches us that we should never trust any stranger. Fully trusting any stranger maiy bring trouble in our life. So be careful to trust any stranger.

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