Crane and The Crab Story

Crane and the Crab Story. This is the story of Crane who used to live in a pond. That pond was in the middle of a dense forest. Crane was very agile and used to hunt many fish at one time. He always eats the fishes of the pond and fills his stomach. All the fish in the pool run away from him and hate him. Crane always kept his stomach full by killing the fishes of the pond, sometimes he would kill and eat too many fishes.

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Slowly the age of Crane was increasing. Because of this, his body, his eyes and his fast flying were all becoming weaker. Now he used to have difficulty in fishing. He would very rarely catch fish and fill his stomach. Because his body was not supporting him. Even the fish were not afraid of him anymore. While going to him, he used to tease and make fun of him. Crane was very hungry. He could not understand how he would fill his stomach in future.

Crane discovered an idea and went and sat quietly on the banks of the pond. As he sat very depressed by the bank of the pond, everyone watched the Crane carefully. Everyone started wondering what happened to him? Why is he sitting so sad and disappointed? Gradually all the fish, frogs etc. of the pond all came near him and started asking him, “What is the matter, why do you seem so disappointed?”

Crane replied, “One thing is bothering me a lot.”

“Well what is it that is bothering you? Tell us if we can, we can overcome that problem.” Everyone said to Crane.

“Actually the thing is that some people are coming here and they will put soil in this pond to cover it. People will do farming on it. If people do this then everything will be finished and I will not get fish to eat.” Crane said to everyone.

Hearing all these things, all the creatures of the pond got upset that what would happen to them after this? If this pond is covered like this, then everyone will be killed. In such a situation, Crane said, “I can understand why you are all scared? But I have a solution for your fear. There is another pond nearby and that pond is bigger than this. That pond is beautiful too. The water there is much cleaner than here. We can all live well in that pond.”

Hearing these things, all the creatures of the pond were happy. They all begged him to take them there.

Crane said most of all, “I can take you there but I have a condition.”

“What is your condition,” everyone said in retaliation, “We are ready to accept each of your conditions. Tell us quickly what is your condition?”

Crane told her, “The thing is that I’m getting old and my body is getting weaker. So I can’t take more people there at once. When I get them, I have to stay somewhere in the middle so that I can relax.”

Everyone accepted the condition of the Crane. Now Crane used to take some fish daily from the pond. He flew and he would eat them. After eating, he would rest well at that place and when he felt hungry, he would come back to that pond. While doing so, he ate many of the creatures of the pond. He was healthy after eating them. His body also started getting better.

Now almost all the creatures in the pond were finished, there was only one crab left. The crab begged the Crane, “My friend take me there too. I also want to know how the people are there? I am very keen to go there.”

After listening to the crab, Crane thought in his mind that this time he should eat something different. Now he wanted to eat crab. The Crane took the crab on his back and flew from there. While in the path, crab was repeatedly asking him how soon the new pond would arrive. Hearing his words, Crane said, “I am not taking you to another pond. There is no such pond. I used to bring everyone away from the pond and eat them. I am also going to eat you now.”

Hearing this, the crab immediately grabbed the Crane’s neck with its claws and pressed it hard. The Crane died after it. The crab crawled back into its pond. When he came back, he told the rest of the living beings about it. The Crane was dead and all the people in the pond were safe.

Moral of the Story – Greed is a worst thing. People should be away from it. We may get caught in many problems due to excessive greed. Even life can be difficult due to this. Crane and The Crab Story.

Crane and the crab story
Crane and the crab story

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