Fall and Rise of Businessman Panchatantra Story in English

Fall and Rise of Businessman Panchatantra Story in English. A very skilled businessman lived in the city. People highly admired him because he was very skilled and knew how to run a business. His praise reached the king’s ears. The king, hearing of his praise and skill, gave him the responsibility to handle the business of the kingdom. He took over the business of the state.

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The businessman also had a daughter who was ready for marriage. Now the time of his marriage had arrived. The businessman had organized a wonderful wedding for his daughter. At the wedding he also invited the king, royalty and other people of the city.

Everyone visit his house on the wedding day. At the same time, a housekeeper accidentally sat on the chair which was for royal people. Seeing this, the businessman became very angry. Enraged, he drove the servant out of the event. The servant felt very bad by all this. He felt humiliated himself. In such a situation, he thought of taking revenge on the businessman.

A few days later he was cleaning the king’s room in the morning. At that time the servant noticed that the king had a rough sleep. The king was not much sleepy. He took advantage of this and said in a soft voice, “The courage of the businessman to humiliate the queen in such a way!”

Hearing this, the king immediately got up and asked the servant, “What did you say? Say it again? Did that businessman insult the queen?”

As soon as the king asked him questions, the servent fell at his feet and he apologized to them. He said to the king, “Forgive me. I have not slept properly at night, so I am mumbling. You don’t pay attention to me.” Saying that, the servant left. But a doubt arose in the king’s mind.

Fall and Rise of Businessman Panchatantra Story in English
Fall and Rise of Businessman Panchatantra Story in English – freepik.com

Hearing all this, the king refused that merchant to enter the palace and also reduced his rights. The next day, when the merchant reached the door to enter the palace, the guard stopped him and said to him, “You cannot go in. You are not allowed inside.”

At the same time, the servant was standing nearby who was laughing out loud and he said, “Oh hey, you don’t know who is he? He is a very rushed man. He can remove anyone from anywhere.” The servant went away from there.

After listening to that servant, the businessman understood that all this done by servant. The businessman understood that the servant had taken revenge on him. In such a situation, the merchant again invited the servant. The merchant served the servant well and apologized to him. Seeing all this, the servant became happy and forgot the old things.

Pleased, the servant said to the merchant, “Don’t you worry, I will return to your old position. The servant happily went away saying this.”

The next day the servant was cleaning the king’s room again. Then he saw that the king was not much sleepy. He said, “O Lord, how hungry our king is. He also eats food in the bathroom!”

On hearing this servant, king immediately stood up and said to him, “How dare you speak all this about me.”

In such a situation, the servant again fell into the king’s feet and said to him, “Forgive me, I did not sleep properly last night, so I am mumbling.” Having said this, the servant went away again.

After this, the king understood that if that servant could say the opposite thing directly about the king, then he must have lied about the merchant too. In such a situation, the king gave back the position of merchant to him.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that we should not insult anyone. Otherwise, a humiliated person can take revenge on us and harm us. If we have inadvertently insulted someone, then in time we should apologize to him. Fall and Rise of Businessman Panchatantra Story in English.

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