The Foolish Sage and a Thug Story in English

The Foolish Sage and a Thug. A long time ago a sage lived in a village. The sage was very famous who took care of the village temple. The sage used to get a lot of donations. People used to give him a lot of donations as there was only one sage in that village. He deliberately does not allow any other sages to stay in that village. If there were other sages, it would have reduced his donations. Due to the large amount of donations, he got ample amount of money.

A thug was watching the sage for a few days. He was eyeing the money of him. He wanted to steal the sage’s money. For this he devised an idea and went to the sage in disguise as a disciple.

He went to the sage in disguise as a disciple and said to him, “O Mahatma, I have heard a lot about you. I want you to make me your disciple and impart your knowledge to me.”

At first, the sage was refusing to make the boy his disciple. But after repeated pleading by that thug, the sage agreed to make him his disciple. Now he live along with the thug and used to clean the temple. They take care of the temple. Thug was just looking for a chance to somehow steal the sage’s money. The sage was very happy to see the work of that disciple. But still he did not fully trust him.

One day that sage received an invitation from another village. He agreed to go to that invitation. He took the disciple and the bundle of his wealth with him. There was a river on the way. Seeing the river, the sage thought to take a bath there first. The sage hid his money bundle under a blanket and asked his disciple to monitor it. Then he went to take bath in the river.

The disciple was very happy to see the bundle of money. Then he went away from there with that bundle of money. After some time, when the sage came back by taking a bath, he saw that both his disciple and his wealth had disappeared. In such a situation, he grabbed his head and started crying.

The Foolish Sage and a Thug
The Foolish Sage and a Thug

Moral of the The Foolish Sage and a Thug Story

From this story, we learn that we should not trust others immediately and should not give any unknown person a place in their home. We also learn from this story that greed is a bad thing.

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