The Jackal and The Drum Panchatantra Story in English

The Jackal and The Drum Panchatantra story in English. A long time ago there was a fierce war between two big countries in the jungles. One country was conquered in the war and then the war ended. The next day after the war was over, a big storm came and strong winds started blowing. Due to the strong wind the drums, instruments and other things used in this war started flying here and there.

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A drummer flew into the forest and hanged on a tree. Whenever the wind used to move on the tree, the twigs would repeatedly hit the drum. Because of which the sound of big bangs would start echoing in that forest.

There was also a jackal in the same forest. The jackal was wandering here and there in search of food. While he was wandering food, he saw a rabbit eating a carrot. Seeing that rabbit, Jackal got water in his mouth and immediately thought that he will hunt this rabbit.

He slowly started moving towards the rabbit in his feet. He leaped as he approached the rabbit. But the rabbit was aware of the jackal’s arrival. The rabbit cleverly stuck a carrot in the jackal’s mouth and he ran from there.

The Jackal and The Drum Panchatantra Story in English
The Jackal and The Drum Panchatantra Story in English

The jackal took the carrot out of his mouth. He regretfully sat there and started thinking whether he would get anything to eat or not? While he was thinking all this, he heard the sound of big bang. In such a situation, he followed the voice and reached the tree where the drum was on the tree.

Looking at that drum, jackal thought that it was some other animal. In such a situation, the jackal thought to attack it. Jackal jumped towards the drum. As soon as he hit the drum, there was a loud noise. Then he hid behind that tree.

After watching for a while, he again jumped towards the drum and again a loud sound came from that drum. This time he understood that the drum is not an animal but an inanimate object. In such a situation, he started jumping on the drum again and again and suddenly the drum was broken from the middle.

A lot of delicious food came out from the inside of the drum. Jackal ate those food and filled his stomach.

Moral of the The Jackal and The Drum Story

From this story, we learn that anything has a right time and we get it at the right time. If we talk about this story then the jackal was hungry and he got that food at the right time.

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