The Monkey and the Wedge Panchatantra Story in English

The Monkey and the Wedge Panchatantra Story in English. A temple was about to be built near the city. Woods were arranged to build that temple. Trees were cut so that the temple could be made well. Numerous craftsmen were called from the city to build the temple. The craftsmen used to cut wood and give it shape. All those craftsmen would go to the city to have lunch in the afternoon. When they went to the city. The place was deserted when they went for lunch.

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One day an craftsmen was cutting a piece of wood from the middle. The piece of wood was only half cut when it was time to eat. In such a situation that the piece of wood does not join again, he stuck a peg in the middle of the wood. After doing this he went to eat food.

When there was no one at that place, a monkey herd arrived there. There was also a mischievous monkey in the flock of that monkey who was wandering here and there and scattered things around. The head of the monkeys was stoping them all to do it. After some time, the chief ordered everyone to go from there.

All the monkeys started leaving, but that naughty monkey remained behind. The monkey saw that a piece of wood was torn from the middle and a peg was stuck on it. In such a situation, the monkey tried to remove that peg. He was pulling it out hard.

While doing so, his tail got stuck in the middle of that piece of wood. But he had no idea that his tail was stuck in the middle of the wood. The monkey forcefully pulled out peg and then his tail stuck forcefully in the middle of the wood. The monkey screamed in pain.

Then the craftsmen returned there. He was coming forward to help the monkey but the monkey started running away from there. While running, his tail broke into two pieces. Seeing the broken tail of the monkey, the rest of his companions started laughing loudly at him. The Monkey and the Wedge Panchatantra Story in English.

Moral of the Story

From this story we learn that we should not tamper with the work of others.

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