Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story-Akbar Birbal Story in English

Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story. In earlier times, the kings of two different sultanates used to send riddles to others and ask them to solve it. Due to this, the ruler of Iran also sent a puzzle for Emperor Akbar. In this story we can know how this puzzle was solved. So let’s know Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story –

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Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story

One day the emissary(messenger) of Iran appeared in Emperor Akbar’s court. The envoy(messenger) was presented with honor to the court of Emperor Akbar. In the court he asked about Emperor Akbar and asked about Birbal.
Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story

He then read the message of Emperor of Iran to Emperor Akbar, “Salutations to Emperor Akbar. Today I am sending you a puzzle. My envoy will explain this puzzle to you and I hope that someone in your court will definitely solve it. After saying this, the messenger took command from Emperor Akbar, “Jahanpanah, can I start explaining the puzzle ahead?”

Emperor Akbar ordered, “Yes you can do that.”

The messenger begins to explain, “there is a cage here. Inside this cage there is a fake tiger. You need to get this tiger out of the cage. But you can’t touch this cage and you can not touch this tiger. This can be done only three times. If someone fails three times, it means that this puzzle is not solved in your court. “

After saying this, the messenger sat there. Emperor Akbar had already thought that he would ask Birbal to solve this riddle. The king asked Birbal, “Birbal, I want you to solve this puzzle. But first tell me whether you will be able to solve this puzzle or not?”

“Yes, I can solve it.” Birbal told the emperor. After Birbal said this, a minister stood up and said to Emperor Akbar, “Jahanpahan we want you to give this opportunity to other people too. You give opportunity to Birbal every time. So we all want you to let the rest of the ministers also have a chance to solve it.”

With this, all the people started saying, “Yes, we should get a chance too.”

After hearing so much of the ministers’ request, Emperor Akbar commanded them and said, “Well, seeing your plea, I have decided that I will give chance to the others as well. You try.”

Sukhdev ji then stood up and said to Emperor Akbar, “Jahanpanah I know a great magician. He will drive this tiger out of the cage in a pinch. I want to call him in the court.”

“You can.,” Emperor Akbar said while giving the order.

The magician was called to the court. As soon as the magician enters, the first thing to be done is to turn a handkerchief into a rose and give it to King Akbar. Seeing this, all the people of the court were surprised. Then he was asked to do his work.

The magician covered the cage with a large cloth. Magician showed his magic after covering the cage. He shook his hand in the hove then recited the mantra. He did not remove the tiger from the cage after reciting the mantra. The magician was surprised to see this.

He said that he would try again but then the messenger stood up and said, “You have lost a chance. Now you have only two chance so take some caution.”

Hearing this, Emperor Akbar thought of giving a chance to the other and said to the people present in the meeting, “No! Now no one will try this magic anymore.”

Then another minister stood up in his assembly and he said to Emperor Akbar, “Jahanpanah I know a very powerful and known monk. He is a very knowledgeable man and I know that he will do this work immediately. I want to ask you that I can call him in this court. “

“Permitted.” Emperor Akbar said.

Birbal and Tiger's Cage Story-Akbar Birbal Story in English
Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story-Akbar Birbal Story in English

After that the monk was called in the court. He came in and recited his mantra too but even with his mantras tiger did not come out of the cage. In this way two out of three chances were wasted.

Then Emperor Akbar called Birbal, “Birbal, you only come and solve this riddle.”

At the behest of the emperor, Birbal first went to the cage and started seeing the tiger well. After looking at him for a while, he asked the soldiers to bring a lot of wood and set fire to it.

The soldiers did exactly what Birbal told them. They went out and took a lot of wood and put it near the cage. Then they fire on it. The fire was slowly rising and the tiger inside the cage was melting. The tiger completely melted and came out of the cage.

Birbal did this because the tiger was made of wax and by doing so Birbal again proved that he is the most different. Emperor Akbar was overjoyed to see this and he complimented Birbal.

Moral of the Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story

That is why we must always use our mind to solve any problem. By doing this we can solve the problem correctly. Birbal also used his brain and melted the wax tiger and threw it out of the cage. Birbal and Tiger’s Cage Story.

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