Magical Sticks – Akbar Birbal Story in English

Magical Sticks. Manilal was a very hardworking merchant. He would work diligently throughout the day. Whatever would be the profits from work he tie it in a bundle and return home in the evening. In that bundle he had all the money which he earned throughout the day. He kept his day’s earnings in a box kept at his house.

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The box would have been kept at a distance from his bed. Manilal would keep his bundle of money daily in that box and leave it locked. Then he would put that key under his pillow and go to sleep. He did it everyday. There was a lot of money in his box.

One day when Manilal woke up in the morning, he saw that the lock of his box was unlocked and the key under his pillow was missing. Then he immediately got up and went and opened his box. He was stunned as soon as the box was opened. He saw that the money kept in the box was not there. In such a situation, Manilal gave a voice to his soldier, “Soldier! Soldier! Come here soon.”

Magical Sticks

Hearing Manilal’s voice, the soldier immediately came in and asked Manilal, “What is the matter? What has happened?”

“Did you see anyone coming in or going out last night?” Manilal asked the soldier.

“No sir, I do not see anyone coming in nor anyone going out. But what has happened you seem worried?” The soldier asked.

“All my money was stolen. Everything I had earned so far was looted. I am completely ruined.” Manilal told crying to the soldier.

Then the soldier told Manilal, “Don’t worry, sir. You can go to Emperor Akbar for help and I am sure that he will definitely solve this problem.”

“Yes you are absolutely right. I immediately go to Emperor Akbar.”

After this Manilal immediately reached the court of Emperor Akbar and told the emperor all his things. Akbar listened to him, the emperor started wondering who would have committed the theft? Then he assured Manilal, “Don’t you worry Manilal. We will definitely resolve your problem as soon as possible.”

The emperor then ordered Birbal, “Birbal, You will solve the problem of Manilal. Find out who committed the theft after all.”

“Yes, Huzoor, your command.”

After this Birbal asked Manilal a few questions, “Okay tell me who lives in your house? Do you have any doubt on them? Do you have any suspect?”

Hearing this question, Maniram replied to Birbal, “Huzoor my servant and soldiers live in my house. They has been serving me for many years and they are very loyal. I don’t think that they would have committed any kind of theft.”

Emperor Akbar was sitting and listening to all these things. Then he asked Birbal a question, “Birbal here you cannot find any evidence nor do you have any witnesses, can you find the thief?”

“Yes Hazur, but I need an hour. I shall return to this assembly after one hour.” Birbal told the emperor. “

After this Birbal again told Manilal that he would go and bring his soldier and servants here. Exactly an hour later, Birbal came to the court with some sticks in his hand. He told the emperor, “My lord this is some magical sticks in my hand. These magical sticks are very powerful. I have done many things before and have also detected many thieves with the help of this magical stick. That is why I will use it again today.” Saying this, Birbal gave each servants and soldier that sticks in their hand. Birbal told everyone that whoever would be a thief, the next day his wood would become 1size big and then we would see that wood and find out who the thief is?

Hearing this, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal, “Birbal, do you really want to do this?”

“Yes, I believe that we will find out the thief by tomorrow.”

After all this, everyone left the court. The day passed. The next day, all the people came back to the court. The servants and soldiers of Manilal, and Manilal were also present there. Birbal took the wood from the servants and the soldier. Birbal then said, “The thief is soldier because the stick he has is one size smaller. He is the thief because the soldier thought that his stick would be one size larger. So he cut his stick one size smaller.”

Hearing this from Birbal, the soldier immediately fell on his knees and started begging to Emperor Akbar, “The King forgive me this was my helplessness or else I did not steal. I have not spent that money yet. I will return everthing to my boss.

And in this way Birbal discovered that thief. Seeing this understanding of Birbal, Emperor Akbar praised him and said to him, “We have to believe, Birbal, you are very intelligent. Because of you we have overcome many problems. I had got a gem!

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