Adventures of Pinocchio Story for Kids

Adventures of Pinocchio Story for Kids. A long time ago, an old man named Geppetto lived in a small town of Italy. Geppetto made very beautiful wooden toys that the children played with fun. He used to make many toys for children. Geppetto was sad that he had no children.

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Pinocchio a Puppet

Seeing other children he always thought that he would have children too. One day Geppetto thought that he would make a wooden puppet and keep it with him like a child. Geppetto closed his shop and went towards the forest. He went to the forest so that he could bring the best wood for the puppet.

On the way to the forest he found a log of cedar wood. He picked up that log of wood on his shoulder and walked towards his home. On reaching home, he started the work of making puppet from that wood. Geppetto was making that puppet very carefully.

First he made the mouth of the puppet, then made his hands and finally made his feet. The puppet’s neck, arms and legs could move. Now it was completely ready. Geppetto named it ‘Pinocchio’.

Angel’s Boon

It was night time while making the puppet. At the same time a falling star passed from there. Looking at the star, Geppetto said that if it had been alive, he would have spoken to him like his child and would have played with him.

After all this was done Gappetto was very tired. He quickly went to sleep on his bed. The broken star turned into an angel right there. The angel thought of fulfilling his wish by listening to the talk of Geppetto. The angel swung his magical wand(stick) and the Pinocchio woke up. Now Pinocchio is alive. As Pinocchio came alive, he thanked the angel.

Angel said to him, “Pinocchio you have to be a good child. You should listen to your father and take care of him as well. If you do all these things, I will give you a boon.”

Pinocchio then said to the angel, “Okay! I will definitely listen to you and take care of my father. I will take care of him myself.”

Geppetto and Pinocchio

After all this, the angel left. When it was morning, Geppetto saw that his Pinocchio was sitting in front and staring at him. He was blinking his eyes. Seeing all this, Geppetto jumped happily. He said, “Hey you are alive. There is life inside you. The wish I had yesterday has been fulfilled. I am very happy that you are alive.”

After that Gappetto would play with Pinocchio all day and take care of him. While doing this, the time passed and the two started living happily together. When Pinocchio had grown up, he told his father, “Dad, I have grown up and I think I should go to school to study now. Can you give me some pencil and a books? So that I can go to school and study. “

“Yes.” Geppetto said to Pinocchio, “My children, I bring all these things to you right now.”

Having said this Geppetto immediately went towards the market. Geppetto had no money so he sold his coat. In exchange of his coat he got some money. He went and gave that money to Pinocchio. He told Pinocchio, “Whatever you need, you can buy with these money. Go and start you school my child.”

Pinocchio said, “Yes, father. I will do as you say. But, where is your coat, I don’t see it?”

“Oh! My coat, It was very old. I don’t even like to wear it. I can’t wear my coat. Don’t worry and go to school and study.”

Pinocchio at Circus

Pinocchio started going towards the school with those money. At first he wanted to buy some pencil and books. But on the way, he saw a lot of people at one place on the way. It was very crowded there. Pinocchio went ahead passing through the people. He saw that there was a huge tent and ‘circus’ was written on it.

A clown stood at the gate of the circus. Pinocchio started going inside that circus. As soon as he reached the door, Joker stopped him and told him, “You can’t go in. You have to get a ticket to go in.”

On hearing this Pinocchio thought that he did not have any ticket, so how could he go in? Joker then told Pinocchio, “You would have to pay some money and in return you would get a ticket.”

Pinocchio had some money in his hand which his father had given him. He thoughtlessly gave the money to the Joker and took the ticket in return. Pinocchio could now go inside.

He went inside and see a lot of tricks, see magicians, many bears, animals, lions etc. Pinocchio was very happy to see all this.

While Pinocchio was enjoying all these things. Then the owner of the circus started to see him. The owner of the circus saw that this puppet could walk and speak. The owner thought that if he kept this puppet with him, he would not have to pay people for the puppet show. So as Pinocchio was finally getting out of the circus, the circus owner caught him.

The owner said to him, “Now you belong to me and you will stay here and work in my puppet show.”

Pinocchio requested him, “No please, forgive me. I just wasted my father’s money here. He gave me that money to buy books. Now I have to arrange money for school. Pinocchio was embarrassed and begged the owner again and again. Upon hearing Pinocchio the owner was pity and gave Pinocchio five gold coins so that he could buy school things.

Getting those coins, Pinocchio said that he would now directly do what he had set out for, and would not do anything other than that. Pinocchio proceeded with those coins.

Cat and Fox Tricking Pinocchio

While walking, a fox and a cat saw Pinocchio. They noticed that Pinocchio has some gold coins in his hand. The fox and cat thought to rob Pinocchio’s coin.

They both wanted to fool him and grab his gold. The two appear in front of Pinocchio and said, “What’s the matter where are you going?”

“I’m going to buy school books.”

“Hey why don’t you buy burgers and ice cream?” Both of them told Pinocchio.

Pinocchio replied, “No-no. I don’t have that much money. I have to buy books and I can’t waste it like that.”

“Oh you don’t know that you can do a lot with these coins.”

“Well, that’s the case.” Pinocchio said.

“Come on, we will show you a place where you can sow it and make lots of coins from it.” The cat said to Pinocchio.

Now Pinocchio was going with both of them. While running the trio(trio is a word which is used for the gropu of three people) reached a place. But The fox secretly left from behind.

The cat showed Pinocchio a place and said, “Yes, you can sow this coin here so that you will get many more coins.”

Together, they dug the pit and put coins in that pit. Pinocchio covered the coins with mud.

After doing so the cat scolds Pinocchio and threatens, “These coins belong to us and you cannot escape from us.” The cat was frightening Pinocchio. Then Pinocchio was slowly going backwards and suddenly he fell into a big pit. He did not know about that.

Now Pinocchio fell inside the pit. The cat and the fox then took out the coins and left. Pinocchio was very depressed after this happened, and he was sitting and crying inside. Then the angel came to Pinocchio. The angel asked Pinocchio, “What are you doing there?”

Pinocchio told all things to the angel. After a while Pinocchio’s nose began to grow up on its own. Pinocchio was taken aback by his long nose. He wondered that what is happening with his nose?

The angel replied, “You lied. Because of this your nose is getting longer. Your nose will be longer every time you lie.” Pinocchio apologizes to the angel for his mistakes.

After Pinocchio apologizes, the angel takes him out of the pit and told him, “Go to your home and take care of your father.”

Pinocchio in Toyland

Pinocchio was on his way to his home. On the way he found a friend of his. His name was Romeo. Romeo calls Pinocchio and said, “Where are you going Pinocchio? Come with me I’m going to the toyland. I heard that there’s a lot of toys to play. There’s food to eat. There we can have lots of fun and Nobody will be there to stop us.”

After listening to all these things of Romeo, Pinocchio went to the toyland with Romeo. Both went there, stayed for a long time and enjoyed themselves. They ate lots of chocolate. Played all the games.

After a few days Pinocchio noticed that his ear had grown up like a donkey and had a tail. Pinocchio begins to wonder why this is happening to him? Then he saw that the owner of that toyland used to sell donkeys in the market.

What actually happened there was that the owner of the toyland was a donkey merchant. He used to give various kinds of things to attract children and turn them into donkeys. After turning into a donkey, he would sell them in the market at high prices. Pinocchio knew all these things. He immedietly escaped from there. Pinocchio started running back to his house.

Inside a Whale

As he was going to his house, he heard that his father had been searching for him for a long time. When they did not hear any news of Pinocchio, Geppetto went to the sea to find him. There was a big storm in that sea and he got lost in that storm there.

Pinocchio was in panic. He was too sad from inside thinking about his father. Pinocchio went to the sea in search of his father, and he swam to the sea. Pinocchio was made of wood so he did not submerge in water.

While Pinocchio was swimming, a large whale came after him and swallowed him. Pinocchio was in the belly of the whale and there was a lot of darkness.

When he was in whale’s stomach, he was crying, “If I had not left my dad, I would have been with him today.”

Then suddenly a voice came from behind, “Don’t worry my child. I am here. I am with you.” This voice was from Pinocchio’s father. Then Gappetto lit the match and darkness gone. Pinocchio was very happy to see his father and then both thought of getting out of there.

Pinocchio and his father set fire to the remaining wood of the boat in whale’s belly. Due to the fire, smoke started filling in the throat and nose of that whale. As the smoke was filling his entire body. The whale started coughing.

Pinocchio and his father immediately came out of the whale’s mouth. After this, both of them swam and reached the beach.

Both went towards their home from there and then in this way both stayed with each other and looked after each other very well.

Adventures of Pinocchio Story for Kids
Adventures of Pinocchio Story for Kids

So this was Pinocchio’s story, if you liked this story, then definitely share it with your friends. Adventures of Pinocchio Story for Kids.

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