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The Frog Prince Story For Kids With Moral. Many years ago a king and his queen lived in a big palace in a big country. Both the king and queen were very good and they took good care of their people. People also loved them very much.

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The king and queen had a daughter who was very beautiful. People believed that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. The king and queen took good care of her. They fulfill her all needs.

The princess was now grown up. She was bored with her toys. That is why she needed something else so that princess could play with it. She went to her father with this complaint and said to him, “Dad, I am bored playing with all the toys I have. I want you to give me some new and precious thing. With which I can play. “

Hearing this from his daughter, the king wondered what he would give her? Then he told his daughter, “Okay, I will give you a precious thing that my father gave me. It is very precious and very special for me.”

Saying this, the king got up from his bed and went to his cupboard. Many of the king’s precious things were kept in that cupboard. From there he took out a golden ball and gave it to his daughter. While giving the gold ball the king said to her, “Take good care of it as it is very valuable.”

“Okay dad, I will take care of it very well.” The princess told her father.

The Frog Prince story for kids with moral video.

The princess used to play with that ball. She would walk around the palace with that ball and play for hours. She started playing with it for several days in the palace. One day the princess thought she would take this ball out and play in the open space.

She did exactly the same. She took her ball and started playing near a pond. Sometimes she would throw the ball down. Sometimes she would throw it up. While playing, the princess thought that she would throw the ball too far. She threw the ball upwards with great force. After that the ball came down and hit the ground. The ball immediately went inside the pond.

Seeing that ball going inside the pond, she became depressed and started sitting there crying. She was wondering how she would get that ball out of the pond? But she was not able to think anything, so she started crying sadly.

When the princess was sitting and crying, a voice came to her, “Don’t worry princess I can help you.”

Hearing this, the princess turned her eyes around here and there. After looking around, she did not see any. She could not understand where that voice was coming from? Then a frog came to her and he said, “This is me, princess. I want you to stop crying and not worry.”

This was the first time she was seeing a frog speaking! Because of which she got a little nervous. Then princess thought that the frog is very small, so there is no need to fear him. As his fear subsided, she asked the frog, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

The frog answered the princess’s questions very well and said, “Princess you can see that I am a frog and I live in this pond. I know that the ball you have has gone inside this pond and I can get it out. “

“Can you do this? Can you get my ball out? The princess asked that frog.

“Yes princess, I can get it out but I have a condition.”

“What’s your condition?” The princess asked.

“I want you to make me your friend and take me with you to the palace. I will be there with you.” Upon hearing the frog, the princess immediately said yes.

As soon as the princess said yes, the frog jumped into the pond and brought the golden ball. He gave it to the princess. The princess is overjoyed at getting her ball and going back return to the palace. As the princess was returning to the palace, the frog shouted to her, “Princess you are forgetting your promise. You have to take me in as promised.”

Hearing this, the princess said to him, “Get away, dirty frog. Who will take you? Have you ever seen yourself? Dirty frog!”

The frog felt bad after listening to the princess and went back inside the pond.

It was night and the princess, the king and the queen were sitting at the table having dinner when someone knocked on the palace door. The king orders his maid to go and see who is at the door? The maid went and opened the door. She saw the frog at the door telling her that the princess had invited him to the feast.

Then the maid went to the prince and told him this. The king asked the princess, “My sweetheart, did you invite someone to the feast?”

“No father I did not call him here. He has come here without any invitation.” After saying this, the princess told the king all that had happened to her in the morning. Hearing all these things, the king said to her, “If you promised, you should keep your promise. You should treat him well because he helped you. On hearing this of his father, the princess told the maid that she bring that frog in.

The frog came in and started eating food from the princess’s plate. Seeing all this, the princess was getting angry but she could not express her anger so she kept watching him quietly.

As soon as the food was over, both of them walked into princess room. When the frog was sleeping, he lay down on the princess’s bed and said to the her, “Princess I am sleeping on your bed.”

The princess got even more angry on hearing this thing of the frog but due to her father she could not show her anger. In angry the princess slept on the bed next to the frog.

As the next day the frog shouted to the princess, “Wake up princess, it’s morning!”

This was not the time for the princess to rise, so the princess got frustrated.

The princess started thinking that how can she get rid of this frog? Then the frog said to the princess, “I know that you want to get rid of me. If you want to get rid of me, you have to do one thing and after doing this I will leave from here.”

“Okay tell me what to do soon.” The princess asked the frog.

“You’ll have to kiss me one. Then I’ll leave from here.”

The princess angrily said to the frog, “Have you ever seen yourself? The filthy crappy frog. I won’t even touch you.”

“Well you don’t. Anyway, I am having a lot of fun here and then I have no problem waking you up you every morning.” The frog said.

Hearing such a thing about the frog, the princess began to think for a while that she had to get rid of the frog. For this, she just have to do a small kiss. That’s why the princess agreed to do it. The princess took him in his hand and gave him a kiss.

The Frog Prince story for kids with moral
The Frog Prince story for kids with moral

After kissing the frog, suddenly a white light filled the entire room. The room was so light that the princess could not see anything. When the light disappeared from the room, a prince was standing there. Seeing this, the princess asked the person standing in front of her, “Who are you and where did that frog go?”

To overcome the princess’s concern, the man told the princess, “Don’t worry Iam that frog. Actually, I am a prince of a far country and a magician did a magic on me. Since then I had become a frog. To be a human back from that frog, I had to spend the night with a princess and that princess had to kiss me. As soon as you did that I became a human again and thank you so much to kiss me.”

Then the princess took the prince to her parents and told them the whole thing. The king and queen asked to take care of that prince. A few days later the prince and princess fell in love with each other and the two married. Then both of them started living happily together forever. The Frog Prince Story For Kids With Moral.

Moral of the Frog Prince story

We must keep the promise given to others. If anyone helps us, we should thank him.

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