The Oil Seller and A Butcher-Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Oil Seller and A Butcher. One day Birbal was sitting in his house and resting. While he was resting, someone knocked on his door. Hearing the sound of the door, Birbal ordered to his servant, “Ramu, go and see who has come now?”

If you want to read this story in Hindi you can read it from here – The Oil Seller and A Butcher Story in Hindi
The Oil Seller and A Butcher

At Birbal’s behest, Ramu went to the door and opened it. As soon as the door was opened, Ramu saw that 2 men were standing in front. One of them said, “Is King Birbal inside?”

“Yes, he is inside and he is resting right now. Go and come later.”

“No! No! We will not leave from here. We will not leave here until justice is done with me. I have to meet King Birbal.” That person said.

Ramu said to him again, “If you want justice, you should go to the Emperor Akbar’s court. There, you will get justice.”

“No, I cannot bear this man anymore. He has made me redundant. I want justice right now and I want my money to be refunded.”

Then Birbal called Ramu from behind, “Who has come Ramu?”

“There are two men and they are saying that they want justice.”

Hearing this, Birbal asked both of them to come inside. After some time, Emperor Akbar also came to meet Birbal there. He also listened to both.

Both came in and said to Birbal, “Huzoor my name is Gangu and people know me as Gangu Teli. I sell oil by wandering from place to place. Today when I sell oil, I was passing through the butcher’s house then this butcher called me and asked me to give some oil. When I was giving him oil, he saw my money bag. It had a lot of money. He snatched the money bag from me and now I want it back. I want you to do justice and get my money back. “

The other man said, “my name is Salim and I am a butcher. Gangu Teli is telling a lie. I tell you the truth. Actually it happened when I was in my butcher house, then Gangu Teli Came to me and started telling me that he has not sold oil since morning. He asked me to buy oil again and again so that he could earn something. He started pleading with me again and again and I bought a little oil from him. When I was paying for it, his eyesight went to my money bag. He snatched that money from me. I want you to do justice to me and get my money back.”

Hearing both of them, Emperor Akbar said to Birbal, “Birbal, this is a very peculiar matter. How will you find a solution and find out who is telling the truth and who is lying here? There is neither proof nor any witness who can tell you the actual truth?”

Then Birbal said to Emperor Akbar, “No, there is a witness here.”

“Well, who is the witness? Who saw the actual incident?” Emperor Akbar asked Birbal.

“Jahanpnah their money bag is the biggest witness. He will testify to all of us now.” Birbal told Emperor Akbar.

After hearing Birbal, Emperor Akbar’s curiosity grew. He carefully started seeing Birbal what he was going to do next. Birbal called his servant and said to him, “Ramu go and fetch water in a vessel.”

Ramu went to the kitchen and brought water in a pot. Now Birbal asked for the money bag from both of them. Birbal took out some coins from that bag and put those coins in water. After some time, Birbal said, “I was saying that this bag of money would testify and see it has given a very good testimony. It is Gangu Teli who is telling the truth.”

“Well how did you find out that Gangu is telling the truth?” Emperor Akbar asked Birbal.

“You see once in this pot of water. Oil has come over the water and this oil was in the coins. This means that the coins were of Teli who sold the oil throughout the day and while collecting the coins his coins used to apply oil. This oil has come over the water. If you look carefully at the remaining coins, then it has oil. It means that this bag is of Gangu. “

Emperor Akbar was pleased to hear Birbal and he said to Birbal, “Wow Birbal! Wow! You used your mind again today to solve this little problem in a pinch. After which Emperor Akbar sentenced the butcher to stay in prison for a months. This is how Gangu got his money back. The Oil Seller and A Butcher.

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