Field of Gold-Akbar Birbal Story in English

Field of Gold. Sometimes Emperor Akbar used to punish big to the people, their workers, or soldiers for a small mistake. This happens only when humans start getting more angry. Emperor Akbar was getting old. Due to this, he used to get angry too much and in anger, he used to give big punishments to people. This story is also about it. So let’s know the story of the field of gold –

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Field of Gold
Field of Gold

There was a beautiful vase in the room of Emperor Akbar. That vase was very special for Akbar. He took great care of it and a servant was also kept for cleaning the vase.

One day, the servant was cleaning the vase. Then it suddenly fell from the hand of servant and broke. In such a situation, that servant was very scared. He could not understand what he would do. Because he knew that the vase was the most special vase of Emperor Akbar. Fearfully, he collected the broken vase and took it in a bag so that no one could see it.

After sometime Emperor Akbar came to his room and did not see the vase. Then, he gave voice to his soldier, “Soldier! Soldier! Come in immediately.”

The soldier hurried in and asked Emperor Akbar, “Yes Jahanpana.”

“There used to be a vase here. Have you seen anyone carrying it?” Emperor Akbar said to that soldier.

“No, I didn’t see anyone moving it from here. But yes, your servant was cleaning it.”

“Go immediately bring that servant.” Emperor Akbar ordered that soldier. In the same way, the soldier immediately ran and brought the servant. Seeing the servant, Emperor Akbar asked him the question, “Were you cleaning that vase?”

“Yes, Huzoor, I just took it to clean it up.” That servant told.

“So where is the vase?”

Seeing the anger of Emperor Akbar, the servant was very much afraid and told him the truth, “Sorry my lored, it was broken by mistake.”

On hearing this, Emperor Akbar became even more angry. He said, “That flower vase could have fallen from anyone by mistake. I would have forgiven you for this too. But you have told me a lie. I will not forgive you for this. Go, I will punish you by exposing you. Go from this country. Never even try to come here again.” After that the servant went away from there crying.

The next day Emperor Akbar told that incident to his people in the meeting. Emperor Akbar said most of all that lying is a very wrong thing and he does not like lying at all. Hearing this, all the people started shouting yes to Akbar’s words. Everyone started saying, “Yes, absolutely right. You are right. You did right.”

But the same Birbal was sitting quietly. Seeing Birbal, Emperor Akbar asked him, “What’s the matter, Birbal, don’t you think I have done it right? Tell me have you ever lied?”

“Yes, I have lied at some time or the other. I have never told a lie to harm anyone or I have told lies for the better of others. We all have told a lie for some reason or the other. “

On hearing Birbal’s statement, Emperor Akbar immediately became angry and said, “Birbal you have told a lie. I don’t want a minister who tells lie. I cannot tolerate that my minister is a liar!”

Saying this, the emperor removed Birbal from the post of minister and asked him to leave the assembly. Birbal listened to the emperor like a good citizen and left. Birbal went home thinking that Emperor Akbar used to punish him so much on small matters. Then Birbal started thinking of an idea to convence emperor Akbar. That’s when he thought up an idea. He had a wheat spike in his hand. Then Birbal called his servant and ordered him, “Ramu come here. You have to go to the market. Go to the market and find out who is the best goldsmith? When you find him, give him this spike of wheat and tell him To make wheat spike made of gold exactly which I am giving to you.

Birbal’s servant did exactly what Birbal had told him. He went to the market and went to a goldsmith to get the same wheat spike made of gold and gave it to Birbal.

The next day Birbal brought that to Emperor Akbar with him. Seeing Birbal, the Emperor Akbar said to him, “Birbal, how dare you to show me your face here? I had forbidden you to come here.”

Birbal said, “Pardon me, but I am also a citizen of this country. I wish this country grow well. I have something that will make our country the richest country in the world.”

Hearing this, the king asked him, “Well, if this is the case then tell me openly what it is?”

First, Birbal showed Emperor Akbar the gold spike and said to him, “You are seeing this golden wheat spike. It is given to me by a very great monk. He has told me that it should go to the most fertile land of the country. Put it on and it will give golden wheat.”

Hearing this, all the people present in the meeting were stunned and even Emperor Akbar started thinking whether this could happen or not? To dispel his doubts, the emperor asked Birbal, “How shall we assume that the monk was telling the truth?”

Birbal immediately replied, “At first I was thinking the same but I saw the monk crossing the river walking in the water! Then I understood that the monk was not telling lies. He was a very great monk. ” After hearing Birbal’s word, Emperor was shocked and agreed, “tomorrow we will immediately go and find the best fertile land and sow this gold wheat there.”

“You have no need to do this. I have already discovered that land.”

Birbal again told everyone the address of that place and told them that tomorrow everyone should come there. The emperor ordered that all the people would be present there tomorrow.

The next day, all the ministers, people, Akbar and Birbal appeared there. Birbal showed that land to everyone. After seeing the land Emperor Akbar said to Birbal, “Birbal take this seed and plant it here.”

“I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you one thing that only a person can plant it who never told a lie and you know that I have told many lies. I cannot plant this seed .” Birbal told Emperor Akbar.

Hearing this, Emperor Akbar said to other people, “Well, come on one of you who has told no lie till today. He will come and plant this seed here.”

No one came forward after Emperor Akbar’s order. Emperor Akbar was stunned to see this and understood that all of them have told lies and they are all liars!

Seeing all this, Birbal said to Emperor Akbar, “I think everyone has told a lie here. That is why no one is coming forward. Then let’s do one thing. You should plant this seed on the ground Jahanpanah.”

“Hey! I Can’t plant it.” Emperor Akbar said.

“Why?” Birbal asked.

“I too had told a lie at some time in my childhood. That is why I also cannot plant this seed.” Emperor Akbar said.

“Yes, I was trying to tell you same thing that day. We all have told a lie at some time. We have to lie sometime for the good of someone and it is not wrong to do so. If we tell a lie to harm someone or to do evil to someone, it is wrong.” Saying this, Birbal explained to Emperor Akbar.

After explaining Emperor Akbar’s eye were opened and he realized his mistake. After this, Emperor Akbar returned his position to Birbal and also recalled his servant. Field of Gold.

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