A Trip to Heaven – Akbar Birbal Story in English

A Trip to Heaven. One of the minister of Emperor Akbar was very jealous with Birbal. He was very jealous of Birbal’s wealth, fame and popularity. His name was Abdul. One day he thought of taking revenge on Birbal and removing him from his post. For this he hatched a conspiracy with the royal barber of the Emperor Akbar.

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The Emperor Akbar’s barber goes to the Akbar and shaves his beard and his hair. One day Emperor Akbar called his barber so that he could get his beard cut. The barber was cutting the beard of Emperor Akbar then he said to the emperor, “Jahanpanah you are very great. Your fame is not only in India but all over the world. You do justice to everyone. But.”

“But what?” Emperor Akbar said to the barber, “What is the matter tell me, is there something wrong or have I done injustice to someone?”

“No no. You haven’t done anything like that. You take care of everyone very well. But have you ever thought about your ancestors? Have you tried to know about their well being?” The barber told Emperor Akbar.

“Well, we talk about them and we remember them in prayer. But what more can we do than that? They has now gone to heaven”

“Yes, I know that they are all in heaven, but you can send someone to heaven and know their well being”, the barber cleverly told Emperor Akbar. Emperor Akbar was surprised to hear this. He asked the barber, “How can this happen by going to heaven? Can anyone go to heaven and come back from there? Is it possible?”

The barber tried to persuade the emperor Akbar and said, “Yes, I know a Baba who sends people to heaven and brings them back from there too. Wazir Abdul also knows about him. “

Emperor Akbar came into his words. He said to the barber, “Well, if this is the case then I immediately talk to Wazir Abdul and send someone to heaven so that he can know about my ancestors.”

The next day Emperor Akbar called Wazir Abdul. The Emperor said to Abdul, “Abdul I have heard that you know a Baba who sends people to heaven and brings them back from there too. I want you to bring that Baba here.”

“Yes, Huzoor, as you command. I immediately bring Baba here in front of you.” Abdul told Emperor Akbar.

Abdul immediately went and brought that Baba with him. Baba saluted Emperor Akbar. After that Baba said to Emperor Akbar, “Emperor Akbar, I can do the work you have called me for here but I want a person whom I can send to heaven. That person should be your special and trustworthy person.”

Hearing this, Emperor Akbar started thinking about whom he could send to heaven. Then Abdul said, “Huzur, Birbal is your special and you trust him the most. So why don’t you just send him to heaven.”

“Yes, you are absolutely right. Birbal is the person we trust most.” Emperor Akbar said.

After this Emperor Akbar ordered Birbal, “Birbal you will go to heaven and bring news of my ancestors. I want to know how my ancestors are?”

Birbal obeyed Emperor Akbar and said to him, “Yes, I will definitely obey you. But I have some questions that I want to ask Baba.”

Then Emperor Akbar said to Birbal, “Yes, you can definitely ask the question to Baba.”

Then Birbal asked some questions to that Baba, “Tell me what you are going to do so that I can reach heaven?”

Then Baba replied, “I will build an altar and set fire to it. On which I will send you and then read a mantra. After that you will reach heaven.”

“Ok, where are you going to do this method? Birbal asked Baba another question. Then that Baba answered Birbal’s question,” I am going to do this method on the banks of the holy river Yamuna.”

Then after that Baba said to Emperor Akbar, “Badshah till date I have sent many people to heaven but there are many people who did not come back after seeing the life of heaven. Heaven is so beautiful and wonderful that people from there Don’t want to come back. That’s why you think again. “

Then Emperor Akbar replied, “Yes, we have full faith in Birbal. He will surely go and return from there.”

Birbal said to Emperor Akbar, “Wherever I am going to heaven and it may take me a long time. So I want to talk to my family for four to five days and I have to complete my remaining work. So I want to ask you that I will complete this method after four-five days. “

Emperor Akbar approved Birbal and said to him, “Yes Birbal, of course, as you wish.”

After this, everyone went back to their home. The method was completed after five days. During that method, Emperor Akbar and all his wazirs were present there. Baba set fire to the altar and asked Birbal to go there. Then he read a mantra and Birbal disappeared from there.

After the method was completed, everyone had returned from there. But Emperor Akbar had a worry in his mind, that when Birbal would return? Two months passed but Birbal did not return. Then Emperor Akbar ordered Baba to be summoned. Baba came in front of Emperor Akbar. Emperor Akbar asked him the question, “It has been two months but Birbal has not returned yet. What is the matter?”

“I told you that there are many people who do not come back from the life of heaven. So maybe Birbal too must have stayed in heaven and he would not want to come back here.”

Then suddenly Birbal came from behind. Birbal had a long beard and long hair. Emperor Akbar, looking at Birbal said, “Come Birbal! I was looking for you. I am very happy to see you. But why have you kept such a long beard and hair?”

Then Birbal replied, “Your all ancestors in the heaven are very well. But everyone has complained to me that there is not barber in heaven. That is why they have asked you to send a barber for them and That is why I too have grown a beard and hair.”

The king immediately called his royal barber and ordered that he too be sent to heaven. Hearing this, he started pleading in front of the emperor and said to him, “Forgive me. I have made a mistake. This heavenly thing is all a lie. There was nothing like this. It was the trick of Wazir Abdul and in this trick I supported him. Baba also supported Wazir Abdul in this conspiracy. “

After this, Emperor Akbar punished both and said to Wazir Abdul, “I can sentence you to death for this mistake. But, you have served us for a long time, I am leaving you. But you will surely get punished for this mistake. I will punish you for getting you out of the country. Get out of my country and do not come back here again.”

After saying this, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal how Birbal had finally understood his tricks and what he had done to avoid them. Birbal said, “The king I had already understood his move and I caught the weakest of them and he was the barber. I asked you for four-five days of deferment. During this time I made a tunnel on the banks of river Yamuna And that tunnel used to go to my house. When the fire was burning on the altar, then I jumped inside that tunnel. From there I reached my house. For two months I was there.” Hearing Birbal, Akbar was very overjoyed. He complimented Birbal. A Trip to Heaven.

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