Birbal’s Khichdi Story in English

The story of Birbal’s khichdi is the most prevalent story among Birbal’s stories. Many times people also use the title of this story as an idiom. So let’s know the story of Birbal’s khichdi.

If you want to read this story in Hindi you can read it from here – Birbal ki khichdi

Birbal’s khichdi

It was a cold time, Delhi was very cold. At that time both Emperor Akbar and Birbal were walking in the garden in the morning. Emperor Akbar said to Birbal, “Birbal you see how cold it is. It seems that if someone comes out without warm clothes, it will immediately freeze like snow.”

“Yes, you are absolutely right.” Birbal told Akbar.

“Tell me, Birbal, you came here even in such a cold. But there will be many people who will not be out of the house in this winter and will not be doing their work.”

“Yes, you are right my lord. But there are many people who are forced to come out in this winter too. They do such things under compulsion which should not be done in this winter.” Birbal said.

Akbar said to Birbal, “Well, but I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that someone will come out of their house in such a winter and go to work. He will stay indoors and lie in a warm bed. But he won’t get up and go to work.”

“No no, there is no such thing. People are compelled to work even in this wintry” Birbal told Akbar.

“Good! If this is the case then show me by proving how one can get out of working for even a small amount of money in such a winter.” Emperor Akbar said while challenging Birbal. There was also a pond nearby, whose water was extremely cold. Emperor Akbar pointed to that pond and said to Birbal, “Birbal, look at that pond. Looking at that pond it seems that its water will be so cold. You bring a person who will stay in this pond overnight. I will reward him a lot. “

Birbal said, “As you wish. I will do what you are saying right now and today arrange for a person who will do it.”

Birbal immediately came out of the court and announced that the king would give a lot of reward to the person who would stay overnight in the garden pond. One of the people, Gangaram reached the court of Badshah and said to the king, “Let the king be safe. I am ready to do what my king told to do.”

Emperor Akbar said, “I admire your courage. For today you are our guest. Go and at night we will take you to that pond. You have to spend all night in that pond.”

It was night time. Gangaram was taken near the pond. Gangaram touched the water. Water was extremely cold, yet Gangaram dared to go inside the pond. Initially, Gangaram was trembling, but after some time he stood upright and spent the whole night.

As soon as the day came, he was called to the king’s court. Emperor Akbar was stunned to see him. He immediately asked Gangaram, “After all, how did you stay so cold all night? I would have died if I were.”

Gangaram answered Emperor Akbar’s questions, “Jahanapna, there was a burning lamp nearby and I spent the whole night looking at it. I kept all my attention on that lamp.”

“Oh! So here’s the reason. You took heat from that lamp and stayed in the pond all night from that heat. So you have cheated us all. Well I let you go because it was not easy to do. But I will not give you any reward for the way you have worked.” Saying this, the emperor sent Gangaram back.

Birbal standing nearby was watching all these things. Then the king said to Birbal, “See Birbal no one can do this kind of work.”

Birbal said, “Yes, you are right?” Saying this, Birbal returned to his home.

The next day Birbal invited Emperor Akbar to eat. Birbal said, “I make very delicious khichdi, king. I want you to come to my house tomorrow and eat my hand made khichdi.”

The king accepted Birbal’s invitation and went to Birbal’s house the next day. On reaching Birbal’s house, the king said to Birbal, “Birbal, bring your khichdi, let us also taste it and see what kind of khichdi you make.”

“Yes Jahpanna, it is just going to be ready.” Birbal said.

“Okay.” Said the king.

Time was passing and the king’s hunger was increasing. In such a situation, the king again asked Birbal, “How much more time your khichdi will take? My hunger is increasing.”

Birbal replied, “Just stay for a while and your khichdi will be ready immediately.”

“Okay okay. Bring it fast.”

While doing so, time passed and the king’s appetite started growing. He asked Angry Birbal, “What are you doing? Your khichdi is not ready yet. Bring it fast I am very hungry.”

“Yes, My lord it’s just going to be ready.” Saying this, Birbal then went towards his kitchen. After some more time, the king got up and went towards Birbal’s kitchen. Emperor Akbar saw that Birbal’s pot (cooking utensil) was placed very high above the fire. So that the heat of the fire could not reach that pot. In such a situation, Birbal said, “Oh idiot! What are you doing? Your khichdi will never cook.”

“It will.” Birbal said.

“Oh, if the heat of the fire is not reaching the pot, then how can your khichdi be cooked. For this, the heat of the fire should reach the khichdi’s pot.” The king said while explaining.

Birbal said, “The way a small lamp can heat Gangaram. So the pot will definitely get heat from the fire.”

On hearing this, the king understood what he had done wrong. Immediately the king said to Birbal, “Birbal, I have understood what you want to say. I will immediately call Gangaram and reward him and I thank you that you told me my mistake.”

So this was the story of Birbal’s khichdi, if you like it, then share it and tell us about it in the comments.

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