The Jackfruit Tree (Written, PDF, Video) – Akbar Birbal Story in English

The Jackfruit Tree story in English written. Birbal was a very good person. He would also take care of the people around him. Along with this, he also loved nature very much and mostly he also spent with tree and plants. That is why he lived mostly in Emperor Akbar’s garden. A gardener named Mir used to guard the garden. He used to do his work very well and lived a very simple life and mostly talked to Birbal. Birbal liked him very much and Mir also liked Birbal.

Jackfruit Tree Story in English Written

One day while Birbal was walking in the garden, he heard the sound of someone crying. Birbal starts thinking, who is crying like this in the garden? Then Birbal turned his head here and there but still he did not see anyone crying. Then they chased that voice. While chasing, he noticed that this sound was coming from behind a jackfruit tree. He thought of going after that tree. Birbal arrived behind the tree and saw that Mir, the gardener was sitting there crying.

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The Jackfruit Tree

Seeing him crying, Birbal asked, “What’s the matter, why are you crying here?”

“Huzur, I was robbed. I was ruined. All my possessions were looted.”

“Hey! Hey! Wait, what happened? First of all, tell me this?” Birbal said to the gardener.

Mir explained, “Actually the thing is that I used to save whatever part of my earnings, stuffed it in a pot and kept it under the tree here. But today when I dug a pit here, I came to know that the pot was missing from here. All my money is gone. That’s why I’m sitting here crying.”

Hearing this, Birbal was a little sad but then he encouraged him and asked, “Don’t worry, we will find out, that who took your money from here? You don’t worry we will find out. Well tell me, did you tell anyone that you are keeping money here? “

“No sir, I did not tell anyone.” The gardener said to Birbal.

“Well, did anyone see you keeping money here or withdrawing” Birbal then asked.

“No, I came here alone. No one else comes here except me. No one saw me while withdrawing money or keeping.” Mir replied.

Birbal had to face a big problem. He said to the gardener, “All right you should go home. I find out that who took your money as soon as possible.”

After all this is done, Birbal goes home. Upon reaching home, Birbal sat in one place and thinking, who would have taken Mir’s money? No one saw Mir keeping money there nor did Mir tell anyone. Where can that money go in this case? Then one thing came to Birbal’s mind and he got up and went to the court of Emperor Akbar.

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After going to the court, he told Akbar all that thing, then the king said, “Who does keep money beneath the tree? Well Birbal, tell me, how will you find this out?”

“I have to ask the ministers some questions to know this.” Birbal told the emperor.

“Okay okay you continue your proceedings”

After this, he asked all the ministers present there, “Have any of you took any treatment to any physician in these days?”

Then a minister stood up and said, “I feel a little ashamed to say. Yes, I had treated constipation from a physician.”

Then Birbal said to him, “Can you call that physician here?”

“Yes. Yes. We can call him here. He doesn’t stay far away. He will come here immediately.”

After this, the physician was called to that assembly. He came there and said to Emperor Akbar, “Jahanpanah did you call me?”

Emperor Akbar said “No I have not. Birbal has called you here.”

After this Birbal asked him, “Vaidya ji these days I am having a lot of constipation problem and when I asked a minister present here, he told me your name. That is why I have called you here.”

“Yes Huzur, I was the one who gave him the medicine for constipation and he has recovered.” physician said, “I can also give you the medicine and you will be cured within 2 days”.

Hearing this, Birbal asked the physician, “Well, can you tell me what you use to make that medicine?”

Then the physician replied, “Huzur, if anyone else asks for this answer, I do not tell him but you are asking so I am ready to tell you abou it. Actually, to make this medicine, we need the root of jackfruit tree.”

“Okay,” Birbal said, “Then where will you bring the jackfruit tree? I don’t know if there is any jackfruit tree around.”

“There is a jackfruit tree near the king’s garden and can take its root from there. Even before that I took root from there.” physician told.

“Well, now you will tell the truth. Have you taken money buried under that jackfruit tree?” Birbal asked that Vaidya.

The physician was scared and told everything truthfully, “Yes, yes, forgive me. I don’t know who was keeping the money there? So I thought that someone had forgotten those money there. That’s why I took it and gone from there.”

Then Birbal told him that the money belonged to Mir. After that the gardener was called to the meeting and he got his money back.

Birbal took out 10 gold coins from the gardener’s pot as a punishment and gave it to physician. Birbal did this because the gardener kept the money in such a place from which anyone could pick it up and it was a lesson for him. After this was done, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal, “Birbal, how did you find out that physician had taken the money?”

Birbal then replied, “I knew that someone would break the fruit of the jackfruit or its leaves if needed. But a physician only uses the roots of the jackfruit for some treatment. That’s why I guessed it. “

“Wow! Birbal! Wow! You have proved once again that you are very intelligent.” The king told Birbal. The Jackfruit Tree.

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What do we learn from Jackfruit tree story in English?

In this story, we learn that we should not keep our important belongings to a unprotected place. We should keep our important belongings in a safe area so that no one can take it from there.

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