The Persian Trader. When Emperor Akbar was in court a soldier came to Emperor Akbar and told him that an Iranian Persian businessman had come out to him with a complaint. Hearing this, Emperor Akbar invited the merchant of Iran to the meeting inside.

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After this Emperor Akbar said to the businessman, “What is the matter? We have heard that you have brought a complaint to us here. Do you not like Hindustan(India)?”

“Huzur, my name is Shamsher Singh and I am an Iranian businessman. Huzur, it is not about liking or not like Hindustan.”

“Then what’s the point, tell us openly?” Emperor Akbar told the merchant.

“At the time when I was coming here from Iran to India with some goods with me. I had goods worth of about 500 pieces of gold with the finest workmanship, then a businessman came to me and he told me that his donkey is empty. So he started pleading with me to put his belongings on his donkey. He was generous to me. So I agreed to do so. After that, when we reached India. He refused to give me the goods. He scared and threatened me. Now I have somegoods left that I can sell and go back to Iran. But I can never do business afterwards. Because he looted all my belongings.” That merchant told the Emperor Akbar the whole thing.
The Persian Trader

“Okay, that’s it.” Emperor Akbar said, “Do you know the name of that merchant?”

“Yes, I know the name of that man and I also know where he lives. His name is Dilawar.” That Persian merchant replied to Emperor Akbar.

After this, Emperor Akbar ordered his soldiers to call Dilawar. The soldiers immediately went and brought Dilawar. As Dilawar reached the meeting, Emperor Akbar asked him questions, “Is your name Dilawar?”

“Yes, my name is Dilawar my lord.”

“Do you recognize him?” Emperor Akbar asked.

“Yes Huzur, I know him. His name is Shamsher Singh and he is a trader from Iran. When I was coming back here from Iran. Then he came to me and begged me to take him to India because Shamsher did not know the way. That is why I brought him with me to India. But as soon as we both reached Agra, he started threatening me that he would falsely accuse me and get me punished. Then he tried to rob my luggage.” Dilawar told Emperor Akbar.

Hearing this, Shamsher Singh immediately began to say to the emperor, “No! No! Huzur, he is telling a complete lie. He told me that he had lost all the money in gambling and for some money he made me pay less for his donkeys.”

After hearing all these things, Emperor Akbar pacified both and promised to do justice to them. Then King Akbar called Birbal, “Birbal, I entrust you with the task of solving the problem of these two. Will you be able to do this? Emperor Akbar asked Birbal.

“Yes, I can do this,” Birbal said, “I need at least 2 to 3 days of time to find out the truth.”

Hearing this about Birbal, Emperor Akbar gave Birbal up to 3 days and then everyone went to their respective homes. On reaching home, Birbal thought up some tricks and disguised himself the next day and went to Dilawar with his servant. When Birbal approached Dilawar, Dilawar could not recognize him because he had changed his disguise. Both Birbal and his servant called themselves a trader.

Birbal told Dilawar, “We are both merchants of Jaipur and we have to buy some of Iran’s fine carvings and fine workmanship. We have heard that you have these things.”

“Yes. Yes, You have come to the right place. You can buy the best things of Iran from me,” Dilawar told them.

After this, Dilawar ordered his servant to bring clothes of Iran’s workmanship, etc. The servant did what his master told him. He went and brought Iran’s things. Both Birbal and his servants started pretending to be a good businessman. They began to closely examine the things of Iran. It seemed that both of them were very experienced traders.

After seeing the goods, Birbal asked Dilawar, “Okay, please tell me the exact price.”

“Yes, I sell these things of Iran at very expensive prices, but I will give you this in exchange of thousand pieces of gold.”

Immediately after this, Birbal said, “No, I do not think that their prices are as much as the thousand pieces. I will give you 500 gold pieces.”

After Birbal said this, Birbal’s servant immediately started saying, “No, even 500 gold pieces would be too much for this, because I see a lot of shortcomings in all of this and there are some flaws as well. That’s why we just pay only 300 gold pieces. “

Dilawar started thinking for a while and then he quickly said, “Okay, I will sell you this in three hundred pieces of gold.”

After this happened, Birbal said to Dilawar, “Okay, then tomorrow we will give you 300 gold pieces and will take this item in return.”

3 days had passed. After 3 days, Birbal reached the Emperor’s court, seeing Birbal, Emperor Akbar asked him, “Birbal, have you found out the truth?”

“Yes, I have found out the truth and the culprit is none other than Dilawar.” Birbal told Emperor Akbar.

“Oh! But I was thinking that Dilawar is a good person. Can you tell me how did you find out that Dilawar is the culprit and he is lying?”

Birbad told Akbar everything he had done yesterday. After telling this, Birbal told the king, “Wherever a merchant makes a bargain while selling his goods and does not reduce the price immediately. But Dilawar agreed to give his goods in exchange for a very small gold pieces. But if there was a businessman who would have bought the same himself. So he does not give his goods so quickly for a low price. After knowing this thing. We caught Dilawar’s servant and scared him of punishment. Fearfully, Dilawar’s servant told the whole thing and he is now ready to testify before you.

After hearing all these things, Emperor Akbar summoned both the businessmen and after that Dilawar was sentenced to one year imprisonment. He had to give 500 gold stamp to Shamsher Singh as a fine. Birbal again solved another problem in this way. The Persian Trader.

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