Adam and Eve Bible Story For Kids

Adam and Eve Bible Story For Kids-This story is about Adam and Eve, which is one of the most popular stories in the Bible. In this story, we get an opportunity to know how God created this world? And how God created humans.

This story has been written keeping children in mind. It is written to be easy for children to understand. Don’t forget to read about the moral of the story.

Creation-Adam and Eve Bible Story For Kids

There was nothing before the creation of the world. Neither this earth, nor this sky, nor water, nor man nor even light was there. God has created this world with great effort. He has made this world very beautiful and amazing.

God created this world in 6 days. On the first day, God created light and from that day and night originated. The second day God created the sky. On the third day, God created trees, leaves, flowers and all kinds of vegetation. The fourth day God made fishes living in the water. On the fifth day, God made all kinds of animals and birds. And finally, on the sixth day, God created human.

After these things were done, God rested on the seventh day.

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Creation of Adam and Eve

God made a man out of the soil. After the creation of man, God gave him life and the name of that first man was Adam which was kept in the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden was very beautiful. Where beautiful trees, beautiful birds etc. were present. There was also a tree of life in this garden and a tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree of knowledge of good and evil had forbidden fruit.

Adam never worries about food he get food from the garden and he was immortal.

God gave Adam the responsibility of maintaining the garden. Adam did as God told him. God saw that Adam was alone and Adam needed a partner. Then The God thought that he should make a partner for his Adam.

One day while Adam was sleeping, God created a woman with one of his rib and that woman’s name was Eve and she was the first woman on earth made by God. Adam’s eyes opened and he saw Eve near him.

After this God appeared and said, “Now both of you will live together. You both can eat whatever you want from this garden. But, never eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If any of you eat forbidden fruit from that tree, then he or she will die. “

Saying this, God went away.

Eating Fruit

Adam and Eve lived happily there. One day when Eve was plucking fruit from the garden, then a snake came and said to Eve, “Has God allowed you to eat all the fruit?”

“Yes, God has allowed us to eat all the fruits. But God forbids us to eat fruit from the tree of good and evil. If we eat the fruits of that tree, we will die.” Eve said while replying to the snake.

The snake said, “No, it is not like that at all. The person who eats the fruit of that tree does not die but becomes like God. He or she will have powers like God.”

Eve goes to the tree after hearing the snake about the tree. The fruits of that tree looked very tasty and the fragrance was also coming out of it. That forbidden fruit looked delicious.

Seeing this, Eve broke one of the fruits of the tree and ate it. Eve also fed the fruit to Adam.

Adam and Eve Bible Story For Kids
Adam and Eve Bible Story For Kids

After eating that fruit, Adam and Eve began to have knowledge of good and evil. After this, suddenly the voice of God started humming, “Adam! Adam! Adam and Eve, did you both eat fruit from the tree of good and evil?”

Both Adam and Eve hide behind a tree. From behind the tree, Adam said, “Yes God, but Eve fed me that fruit.”

Then Eve said, “Snake told me to eat that fruit, my lord. That’s why I ate that fruit. Forgive me.”

Both Adam and Eve apologized to God. But God punished their wrongdoings to Adam, Eve and the snake.

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God’s punishment

God punished Eve that whenever she gives birth to children, it will be very painful. So much pain that no one has experienced.

Adam was punished that he would now have to work hard to eat and for food. From now on he will grow grains for himself and he will not get anything without hard work. He also said that both of you will also die. You were made of the soil and in the end, you will be mixed in the soil.

God punished the snake too, he will live in the land from now on. There will always be differences between snakes and humans. Snakes will bite man’s feet and man will crush a snake with his feet.

God then drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.

So this was the story of Adam and Eve for kids.

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In this story, we saw how God gave us all the comforts but due to the influence of evil forces and others, we lost them all. Greed always leads us in the wrong path.

God always wants our good but we waste our lives by doing wrong things like a foolish person.

We should always do good deeds and if we have the idea of ​​doing something bad in our mind then we should remember God. God will surely show us the right path.

Should God have forgiven Adam and Eve?

By the way, this question leads to different answers. But just think. Every mistake is punished. If there is no fear of being punished, then people will start doing what they want. That is why the punishment of mistakes is necessary. Whatever God did was right.

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