Jonah and The Whale Bible Story for Kids

Jonah and The Whale Story for Kids – This story dates back to the time when Nineveh was an enemy of Israel. In those days Nineveh used to be the capital of Assyria. The people of Nineveh tortured and persecuted the people of Israel. People there were not able to live in peace and happiness. Jonah was a prophet (a person who used to preach the message of God) who lived in Israel.

What God Told to Jonah

One day Jonah had to leave his house for his work. He left his house and started towards his destination. While Jonah was on the road, a light started shining in front of him. A voice came from that light, “Jonah, go to Nineveh and convince the people there to stop persecuting the people of Israel. Bring them on the path I have been told. Tell them to live a good life.” This voice was from God who told Jonah to do all this.

Jonah says to God, “Just as you command God. I will do this work as you said.”

Jonah agrees to do the God-given work, but after considering it, he starts thinking that he will not do it. Jonah had no desire to do the God-given work and began to think that the people of Nineveh were not good and that they would not listen to him.

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Johan Hide Himself

Now Jonah wanted to hide from God, for this, he moves in the opposite direction to Nineveh. He reaches Joppa city where he sees a ship. He asks the shipowner “Where is this ship going?”

“This ship is going to a neighbouring city.” The ship’s owner said to Jonah.
Now Jonah begs the master of the ship to give him some space in the ship for that he was willing to pay more.

The master of the ship agrees to take Jonah with him. Jonah goes to the ship and falls asleep at the bottom of the ship. Now the ship leaves towards its destination. Shortly afterwards a storm engulfs the ship. The storm slowly starts to increase and the people in the ship fear that the ship will sink and all will die in this storm. Everyone was really afraid of it.

In fear people start praying to God, “God save us from the storm. We request you to save us. You are the only one who have control over everything. Please God save us.”

Seeing all this, Jonah comes and says, “My friends, God is punishing me. God had given me a task but I ran away from there and tried to hide from God. I am sorry that you all are suffering because of me. You all throw me in the water this will stop the storm. “

The ship’s men listened to Jonah but they did not want to throw Jonah into the water. Everyone refused to throw Jonah into the water. Gradually the storm started increasing and the fear of the people increased. Now everyone was ready to throw Jonah into the water. Everyone picked him up in their shoulder and take him to the deck of the ship. From there they threw him into the water.

Jonah Inside a Big Fish

As soon as he fell into the water, a big fish came near Jonah and swallowed him. He was afraid of it. He thought that the fish will kill him full of his stomach. Jonah understood that God was punishing him. 1 day was spent, 2 days were spent but Jonah had to stay in the stomach of the fish. He starts thinking whether he will ever get to see the sun or not. He was worried and in fear, he begs God to get him out of here. Jonah also apologized to God and said, “My God, forgive me. I was a fool that I did not listen to your command. I will complete your work. God, please forgive me.”

Jonah and The Whale Story for Kids
Jonah and The Whale Story for Kids

After 3 days the fish left Jonah in a safe and dried place. At that place God said to Jonah, “Jonah, go to Nineveh and convince the people there to stop persecuting the people of Israel. Bring them on the path I have been told. Tell them to live a good life.”

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Jonah in Nineveh

Now Jonah walked towards Nineveh as God had said to him. After reaching there, Jonah said to all, “God is very angry with you because you all have sinned a lot and you are all partakers of punishment. You all have to apologize to God. If you will not do this then within 40 days this place will be completely ruined by God.”

“God loves us the most. We should love him too. Stop your bad deeds immediately and love God. He will forgive all our sins,” Jonah said to the people of Nineveh.

Everyone listened to Jonah and started praying to God, all the people stopped their bad deeds. Now everyone started living there happily. Jonah felt that no one would listen to him but it did not happen everyone listened to him because he was preaching the message of God.

Moral of The Story

What lesson do we get from this story?

By reading this story we got lesson that we should complete the work given by God without any doubt. We do not have to run away like Jonah because we all know well that no one can hide from the eyes of God. Wherever we are, God’s eyes are always on us.

When God gave Jonah the task, Jonah started thinking that people would not listen to him, but he forgot that God had asked him to do it himself. That is why we should not think too much to do God’s work. We should immediately start that work.

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Jonah and The Whale Bible Story for Kids

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