Aladdin and His Magic Lamp Story

You must have heard the story of Aladdin and his lamp. In which Aladdin finds a magic lamp and uses it. The story of Aladdin is very popular and children are very interested in listening to this story. Now in such a situation, they must listen to this story. So let’s know the story of Aladdin for kids. This will be a great story for kids’ bedtime.

Aladdin’s Father

Long ago, there was a tailor named Qasim in a small town in Afghanistan. He was very poor. Qasim was able to run his family with great difficulty. He was accompanied by his wife and his son Aladdin.

Aladdin was a naughty child since childhood and his mind seemed to be only in sports. Like every father, Aladdin’s father also worried about, what Aladdin would do next? What will his future be like?

Because of this, Aladdin’s father wanted Aladdin to learn his work so that in future, Aladdin would not have to face problems because of money. But Aladdin remained a cool boy. He did not listen to anyone.

Meanwhile, Aladdin’s father died due to illness. The task of handling Aladdin falls on his mother. Now his mother was also worried about Aladdin. But Aladdin’s mother never let Aladdin fall short of anything. However, Aladdin’s mother was still worried about Aladdin. Because Aladdin did not want to do any work. He was always loafing.

A Magician

One day Aladdin was roaming in the streets outside the house, when a stranger came to him, that stranger was a magician.

The stranger went to Aladdin and said, “Are you the son of Mustafa tailor?”

Aladdin said, “Yes, but my father is dead long ago.”

The stranger expressed sympathy with Aladdin, saying,
“Oh! My child. I’m your uncle.”

“Your father was my elder brother. I was very sad to hear the news of his death.” magician said.

After that magician gave Aladdin some coins
And said, “Now you go home and tell mother that I will come to your house tomorrow.”

The next day he came to Aladdin’s house and brought a lot of gifts as well. Aladdin’s mother said to her, “My husband has no brother”.

Then the magician said to Aladdin’s mother, “I had gone to Baghdad to work 40 years ago and I did not get much attention from my brother. So you may not have ever been told by my brother.”

Now after hearing such things of the magician Aladdin’s mother had to believe him. The after hearing such things of the magician asked Aladdin’s mother, “What does Aladdin do?”

Aladdin’s mother cried, “Aladdin does no work and wanders throughout the day.”

The magician said to Aladdin’s mother, “Don’t you worry I’ll get it working.”

By saying this, he took Aladdin with him and took Aladdin to a dense forest under the pretext of work and went to a cave and stood with Aladdin. Aladdin was absolutely terrified.

The magician said to Aladdin, “Aladdin, this day is the end of your poverty, treasure is there inside this cave.”

Hearing this, Aladdin was pleased and asked the magician, “What do I have to do to get the treasure?”

The magician said, “I will tell you the way to go in, but you have to bring a lamp from inside for me.”

Story For Kids' Bedtime
Aladdin’s Story For Kids’ Bedtime

After hearing such things of the magician Aladdin immediately agreed to this. Magician recited a spell to open the cave door, after that Aladdin went inside the cave.

Aladdin Got Magic Lamp

Aladdin reaches near the lamp but the cave doors close as Aladdin picks up the magic lamp. So that Aladdin panicked and went to the cave door and said to the magician, “Get me out of here.” Seeing all this, the magician also got scared and left from there.

As soon as Aladdin came out of the cave with magic lamp and reached his house. Aladdin reached home and thought, “what is there in this lamp? And why is the magician want this lamp.”

He thought that maybe this lamp is very precious. He was cleaning that lamp with clothes to sell it on the same night. While cleaning, a Jinn suddenly came out of that lamp and said, “What is your wish, My lord.”

Seeing this, Aladdin panicked and asked the genie who you are. The genie said in response, “I am a slave to anyone who owns this lamp.”

After getting that lamp Aladdin fulfill his all wish. All of Aladdin’s troubles have since ended. Whatever he needed, he would ask the lamp’s genie. It is said that Aladdin never used Jinn as a slave. He treat the genie like his brother.

Before his death, Aladdin gave one last order to the genie that you be buried in such a place that no one could ever find you. And Jin did the same. Some people believe that Aladdin’s lamp is buried in the mountains of Central Asia.

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