King Solomon Children’s Bible Story

King Solomon Children’s Bible Story – People make good progress in their good time. They earn fame, name and money all this. If that person works by keeping his intellect right, then they go on and on. But if the same person falls into pride, ego and wrong company, then his fall is certain.

In this story, we will see that a wise and intelligent king who was popular among his people. God was the hand of that king but due to wrong company, his pride and ego. He had to face his downfall and disappointment at the last time of his life.

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We are talking about King Solomon who was a very wise ruler. Solomon was the son of King David and took over Israel after his father. It is said that God himself blessed King Solomon that he would become the most intelligent ruler.

After Solomon became king, he eliminated all the other rulers and enemies. Solomon had many soldiers, ships, horses, elephants, etc. Which made his army strong. Because of his army, he was able to finish his enemy.

Solomon also built large temples for God because he loved God. He was a justice-loving king who always did justice to others. Whoever comes to him will get justice.

King Solomon’s Justice

One day two women came to King Solomon crying, one of whom had a small newborn child. Seeing both of them crying, Solomon asked them, “What happened to you two? What is the reason that you are crying so much?”

The first of them said, “King, you help us and I hope you will do justice to us. This is my son and this woman is saying that he is her son. You should decide that Whose son is it. “

“King, his son was born today but he was dead. My child was born on this day. She snatched my living child from me and started telling him as her,” another woman said.

The king was confused on hearing this. He started thinking who among these two is speaking the truth and who is lying? After this, the king figured out an idea.

He ordered his soldier, “Soldier come here and bring that child to me. Now you cut this child into two equal pieces and divide these pieces among those 2 women.”

On hearing such a thing of the king, people were thinking that why the king ordered to cut the child? The reason for this was that he would die after cutting that child.

When the king gave the order, the first woman started saying that this decision of the king is absolutely correct. She agrees to do so. On the other hand, the other woman started crying loudly. She said that the king should not do this, so it is better that he should give this baby to her.

The king noticed the gestures of the two women and after that, he understood who the real mother of that child was? The king orders, “The other woman is the mother of that child. Give that child to her and the first woman should be in jail.”

Seeing the understanding of the king, the whole public was pleased. They said that they had found a sensible king and justice-loving king. This is why many people came to Solomon to ask for justice

Solomon’s prudence and appreciation of his works were also being started abroad. He had become very popular. Her admiration reached the daughter of Pharaoh the Queen of Sheba. The queen of Sheba decided that she would go to King Solomon and test her intelligence.

The Queen of Sheba asked Solomon many questions. Solomon answered these questions with prudence and intelligence. Seeing Solomon’s intelligence, she was impressed with Solomon. They got married a few years later.

Fall of Solomon

Now she had become Solomon’s wife. Solomon’s wife brought with her the idols of her deity. Solomon began to build a temple in Jerusalem for his wife’s deities. Idol worship began in Israel against God’s command. Solomon started building grand palaces for his wives. Solomon stopped thinking about the public of Israel.

The need for more people and more money is also required to build temples and palaces. For this reason, Solomon imposed huge taxes on his people. He forced people to work in temples and palaces. It was beginning to increase sin in Israel. The exploitation of those people was increasing.

The people of Israel started getting upset because they were very much exploited. Because of this, they would pray to God day and night. So that God would help them and save them from this exploitation. God heard the prayers of those victims and gave his message to the prophet Elijah to King Solomon.

Prophet Elijah

After receiving the message of God, the prophet Elijah reached King Solomon. The king asked them, “Who are you? You don’t belong here.”

“I am the prophet Elijah and I have come here with the message of God. God has asked me to deliver his message,” the prophet told the king.

Elijah said, “What did you do, King? You have humiliated David’s throne.”

“How dare you,” said the king.

After this Elijah said, “Keep calm. This declaration is a declaration of the word of God. You have decorated my holy city with idols.”

“But I have built many grand temples for God. If I built a temple for the worship of my wives, what was wrong?” said the king.

The Prophet said again, “You made slaves those people whom I have freed. I will not take this kingdom away from you because of my dear David. But after your death, your kingdom will be destroyed. It is not my words but the words of God to remember.”

Elijah preached the message of God to the king and left. Solomon was changed now. He did not listen to God and kept doing his evil deeds. He would kill everyone who raised his voice against him.

Read the full story of Elijah


There was a man in the king’s authority. The man was very kind to the people whose name was Jeroboam. He would help people and avoid them from cruelty. God was pleased with his generosity and compassion. Because of this, God sent his message through the prophet Elijah. As soon as Elijah approached Jeroboam, he preached the message of God to him.

The prophet said “Jeroboam, I am Elijah The Prophet. God has sent to meet you. Will you stay for a while?”

Upon hearing Elijah’s talk, Jeroboam was in dilemma and asked Elijah, “but why?”

“God wants me to tell you his message. Tell me how you treat the people of Israel? What would you have done if you were a king?” Elijah said.

Jeroboam listened to the prophet’s questions and answered, “If I were a king. I would have freed slaves and worked for the good of the people.”

The prophet said the message of God, “You have proved that you are great, now you hear the message of God. It is absolutely true that I will give you 10 families of Israel. for my servant David. I will give Judah to his descendants.”

“Is it true? Thank God thank you,” said Jeroboam.

Solomon got the message that the Jeroboam was showing mercy to slaves. Solomon felt that he was provoking people to the king. In such a situation, the king ordered him to be hanged.

After hearing this, Jeroboam fled to Egypt. The prophet Elijah helped him escape and told him that you should not return here until the king dies.

Time passed and the king tried to suppress the people a lot. But in the last stage of his life, he felt very sad about what he did to the people. His last time was spent in sorrow.

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King Solomon Children’s Bible Story

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