Noah’s Ark Bible Story For Kids With PDF

Noah’s Ark Story For Kids – At the beginning of time when God created this world, it had everything in it and that too was absolutely right. God was satisfied with his creation but all changed when Adam and Eve made a mistake.

Still, God forgives them so that they can live on earth and be happy with God’s blessings but the mistake is not rectified.

Through people, sin increased and people began to forget God. People neither pray to God nor intimidate him before committing any wrongdoing.

This increased the resentment of God and he thought of punishing everyone. By the way, God loves everyone but sin has increased so much that now this is the only way left. Only those who had true faith in him and prayed to him could escape from this punishment of God. You can also watch the video of the story in the end of this post.

Noah’s Faith

There was a man named Noah who loved God and was very honest. His faith in God was commendable.

One day God suddenly said to Noah, “My child I have a message for you.”

“Tell me, my God,” Noah pleading with God.

God said to Noah, “Talk to everyone and warn them that I am going to ruin the earth and everything in it. You build a ship that has space for 2 beings of every kind, before the end of the world. It is your responsibility. “

“As you command my mercury, Father God,” Noah said to God.
Noah did what God told him. Now he started preparing to build the ship.

“According to God, I have to build a big ship, I have to build a ship that survives the water,” Noah said to himself.

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Noah's Ark Story For Kids Bible Story
Noah’s Ark Story For Kids Bible Story

Noah Making Ark

Noah cut a lot of trees and started building ships from them by shaping those wood. Gradually the ship began to take shape.

In the same way, Noah started pleading with the people and also started convincing people that, please walk on the path of God and pray to God, they will forgive you. He loves all of us. If not done then everything will be ruined.

People started questioning Noah, “What if we did not listen to God?”

Noah answered the question, “If we don’t listen to God, it will rain for 40 days continuously and everything will be ruined. Everything will get submerged in water.”

People said, “We don’t believe in you. It is absolutely impossible and if it rains for 40 days, we will deal with it.”

Noah tried too much to convince the people but what was to happen was certain.

Noah then returned to his work. But now people started mocking him. People told Noah, look, he has gone mad and is wasting his time in making the ship. God is not required of us but this maniac.

The day passed with no rain. In such a situation, the people again said, “Noah no rain, it was said that it will rain for 40 days but nothing like this has happened.”

“You were absolutely right. We are not going to let anything go.” The other person said.

People had no idea what was going to happen to them. People continue their wrongdoing and sin increases.

Now the ship was almost ready. Noah very carefully prepared the ship. Now it was the turn to test the ship. Noah wants to see whether his ship would float well in water or not. Noah succeeded. This ship of his was swimming on the water safely.

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Noah's Ark Story For Kids Bible Story
Noah’s Ark Story For Kids Bible Story

What to Take on Ark?

As soon as the ship was ready, God said to Noah, “Listen, Noah bring seven kinds of clean animals that are in pairs and two that are not clean. Bring your wife, your children and their wives on board with them.”

Noah obeyed God and he did as God told Noah.
The ship consisted of 7 cows, 7 sheep, 7 goats, 7 chickens, 7 ducks, 7 turkeys, two lions, two bears, two elephants, 2 giraffes, 2 zebras, two dogs, two cats, two lizards, two spiders and two small bugs. Brought the ship on. People were watching him with surprise.

People looked at Noah and said, “Noah has a bad mind and I really don’t understand what he wants to do with that big ship and with those stinky animals too.”

Noah looked at the people with regret from inside the ship and thought that he failed to convince the people of God.

Noah said to the people, “Friends, I beseech you all to come in this ship so that you too will be safe.”

But no one believed his words again.

His family and all the animals spent the entire night inside the ship. The next day when he woke up in the morning, he saw that everyone outside was making fun of him.

The same happened on the second day, then the same on the third day and also on the fourth day. There was no sign of rain. But still, Noah kept pleading with the people that everyone should come on board. People started mocking him.

Noah's Ark Story For Kids Bible Story
Noah’s Ark Story For Kids Bible Story

Beginning of The End

Then suddenly the ship’s door closed automatically. The rain continued to fall. Days passed but the rain was stopping. Ten days passed but the rain did not stop. The rain did not stop for twenty days. 35 days have passed, 36 days have passed, 37 days have passed but the rain has not stopped. Finally, after 40 days the rain stopped.

Noah peeked out and saw that there was water all around. Water was far away. Noah waited for the water to dry.

A week later he felt a shock in the ship. Noah felt that the water has dried up due to which his ship has hit the shore. Noah looked outside but still, the water was not dry but a little bit of land was visible. He sent a dove bird to the outside so that it could find the place to stay.

But that bird came back, that means the bird could not find a place to stay anywhere. Noah understood that the water is still not completely dry.

After a week, Noah again sent the Dove Bird to search for the land, but the bird returned again. This time the Dove bird had Olive leaves in its mouth. Seeing this, Noah understood that the water had started coming down and the plants started growing back.

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The New Beginning

He waited for a week and again sent the dove bird in search of land. This time the dove bird did not return. This means that the water has now dried up.

Noah came out. He saw a beautiful view. Then God opened the door of the ship and said to Noah, “Noah my child, all of you can come out now.”

Noah thanked God.

A rainbow came out from the sky and again a voice came. This voice was from God. God said. “This rainbow is proof that I will never destroy this earth with water.”

So this was the story of Noah’s ark. In this story, we saw how God helped Noah and guided him. If we believe in God with true heart and with true reverence, then he helps us in troubles. God also prevents us from going on the wrong path.

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