Isaiah and Hezekiah Bible Story for Kids

Isaiah and Hezekiah Bible Story for Kids – This story is of the prophet Isaiah who was born in the 8th century BC in a place called Judah. Which is located in Jerusalem, Israel.

Isaiah predicted the coming of Jesus Christ and said that Christ would liberate everyone from their sins and bring people into the path of God. Isaiah is also known as to how he helped King Hezekiah to save Jerusalem from Assyria. So let’s know the story of Isaiah. You can also watch the video of this story at the end of this post.


Isaiah had a great love for God. He used to go to the temple every day to pray to God. Like every day, this time also Isaiah went to the temple to pray to God.

While he was praying, something happened that he had never imagined. There Isaiah saw God. Isaiah was astonished after seeing God and by seeing God, he realized the holiness of God. At first, Isaiah was pleased with the vision of God and enjoyed the holiness of God. But later he also realizes that he is a sinner.

Realizing this, Isaiah sought help from God, “O God, I am a sinner and I am living with sinners. I beg you to forgive my sins and sanctify(holy) me as well.”

After this, the angel of God came and made Isaiah holy. All of Isaiah’s sins were forgiven. Then God said to Isaiah, “Go and teach people my words. People will not listen to you for the first time but they will listen to you when you say it again and again to them. I command you to take people on my path. “

Isaiah accepted the command given by God, and after this, he began to do the work given by God. Isaiah goes from place to place and asks people to walk in the path of God. He would tell people to stop committing their sins. Everyone should apologize to God for their sins and love him. God is merciful He will forgive us for our sins.

There was so much sweetness in Isaiah’s words that people would stop to listen to him. People listened and followed what he said. He said that everyone should stop exploiting everybody. We must protect widows and orphans.

Isaiah also forbade people to perform idol worship and sacrifice animals. Gradually, Isaiah began to prevail in the surrounding villages. Wherever he used to go, he would reach out to the people about what God had said. In such a situation, the number of followers of Isaiah was also increasing and everyone became his disciple.

Isaiah and Hezekiah Bible Story for Kids
Isaiah and Hezekiah Bible Story for Kids – (Source –

Isaiah and King Ahaz

At that time Ahaz used to be the king of Judah. King Ahaz was receiving threats from neighbouring countries. Syrian soldiers wanted to invade Judah from the north and Palestinians from the west were also preparing for an attack. It was a time of great trouble for King Ahaz.

Ahaz wanted to please the God of War to save him from war. For this, he sacrificed his son. When Isaiah came to know of this, Isaiah went to King Ahaz and said to him, “Ahaz what you did is a sin you have sacrificed for your son. It is a sin.”

“Who told you this thing?” Ahaz asked Isaiah.

Isaiah responds to Ahaz by saying, “God sees everything and you can’t hide anything from him. All you have done is sin and God is angry with you for this.”

In such a situation, Ahaz said unhappily, “We are surrounded by soldiers from all around. Soldiers of another country can attack here at any time. I had to do this to please the God of War.”

On hearing about the God of War, Isaiah was enraged and said to him, “You are an idiot who has come to this point. God will never leave us alone. He is with us. God will help us this time too.”

There was a long debate between Ahaz and Isaiah. And Ahaz was not ready to accept any other god. That is why Isaiah asked him to ask for a sign. A sign that will be a symbol of God.

Ahaz was very clever. He knew that if he asked for such sign, then after this he would not be able to ask for help from the king of Assyria and the king of Assyria used to do idol worship. That is why he refuses to do so and banishes Isaiah from there.

Ahaz then sends his envoy to the king of Assyria for help, and the king of Assyria agrees on two terms. The first condition of which was that Jadah would have to pay a lot of money every year and the second condition was that in Judah, the idol of God of War would have to be installed.

Ahaz agreed to the terms of Assyria. After this, Assyria gave her army to Ahaz, which led to Ahaz winning the war. Now Judah had won the war but now that country was not free.

In Judah, most of the places were filled with idols, which the people of Judah did not like. Then Isaiah prophesied about a king who would love the God of Israel. He will be a truthful king and liberate the entire Judah and remove the entire idols from there.

Isaiah and Hezekiah

After Ahaz died, his son Hezekiah became king of Judah as Isaiah said. Hezekiah was the 13th king of Judah and was a very truthful king with a good sense of mind. He also loved God very much and walked in the path of God. Hezekiah was against idol worship. A new chapter of Judah had begun with the coming of Hezekiah.

Hezekiah was aware that from whom he should seek advice. He walked in the way of God, so he decided that he would consult from the prophet, Isaiah. After this, he would consult the prophet Isaiah for everything.

Hezekiah worried that sin was rising in his country, which was under the shadow of the God of War of Assyria. He wanted to cure the sins committed by his father. For this Hezekiah asks for advice from Isaiah and asks him, “O Isaiah, tell me, how do I stop my people from sinning? Sin has increased in the whole Judah, this will against our God.”

Seeing Hezekiah worried, Isaiah said to him, “Don’t you worry. You can change all these things. For this, first of all, remove all the idols in Judah. ​​I trust you will be a great king.”

According to the prophet Isaiah’s command, the commander ordered his soldiers to remove all the idols present in Judah. He then ordered the people to stop idol worshipping. Hezekiah also refused to give money to Assyria.

The king of Assyria was not pleased with Hezekiah’s doing so he attacked Judah. Assyria’s army attacked Judah. They murdered the innocents. The soldiers did not spare even children and women. There was an atmosphere of fear in the whole Judah. Gradually the army started moving towards Jerusalem.

When Hezekiah received this news, he told his soldiers to prepare for war and sent his messenger to Isaiah so that he can know that, what is the will of God?

The messenger asked the prophet Isaiah and gave him the king’s message. After this, Isaiah told the messenger, “Go tell your king everything will be all right. God is with us. Nothing will happen to us.”

Messenger gave the news of Isaiah. By listening that Hezekiah was overjoyed and the war was over before it even started. The Assyrian soldiers returned as Babylon attacked Assyria.

In this war, Assyria suffered a great loss and could never emerge as a powerful country again. This ended Judah’s troubles forever. For years, Hezekiah ruled Judah and maintained peace. After Hezekiah, his son became king, a very cruel king.

So this was the story of Isaiah and Hezekiah written for kids. If you like this story, then do share it.

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