10 Short Dinosaur Bedtime Stories for Kids Online

Dinosaur Bedtime Stories for Kids Online – Read amazing and interesting dinosaur stories. These stories are written for kids. They can enjoy these stories at any time. So, enjoy these stories.

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Saving The Jungle – T-Rex Dinosaur Story for Kids

Tyrannosaurus rex is a popular dinosaur because this dinosaur has been used many times in films. In this story, we will see how millions of years ago the animals of the forest saved everyone from Tyrannosaurus rex. It is an imaginary story for kids.

Saving The Jungle – T-Rex Dinosaur Story for Kids Video

Millions of years ago, the jungle’s animals were greatly disturbed by Tyrannosaurus rex, a ferocious dinosaur. This dinosaur was very ferocious and would eat three to four animals in the forest at once. Sometimes 4 to 5 dinosaurs came together in the jungle to fill their stomach and kill many animals.

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Seeing this, the animals of the forest were troubled. They had to face this problem in the coming days. Many times these dinosaurs would also destroy their house.

One day Lion, the king of the forest called a gathering. At that gathering, everyone was going to solve how the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex can be avoided and they can prevent themselves from T-rex. The animals came to the Lion for the gathering. The Lion started the gathering with a strong roar. Lion asked the most, “What to do so that we can prevent ourselves from that dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex?”

The monkey sitting in the assembly said, “I will leap and grab his neck and then he will not be able to eat us.” Everyone mocked him and said, “Are you mad? Have you seen yourself and his body? He is much bigger than you, he will crush you easily.”

The monkey said, “You don’t know me. I am very powerful. If you don’t believe it, try it.” Biting the monkey’s point, the fox said, “What strength will you show? We must defeat him by using brains, not with force.”

The Lion saw the truth in the fox talk. The lion asked, “Well, tell me what would we have to do?” The fox said, “For this, we have to enlist the help of the eagle and the hawk.” Hearing this, both of them came forward and said, “We both are ready. What is the matter to do? We will give up our lives for this jungle.”

After this, the fox told everyone his plan. Now everyone was ready. Everyone was waiting for when that dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex would arrive.

This happened a few days later. That ferocious dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex came and attacked the forest. But this time everyone was ready. As soon as he arrives, the hawk and eagle attack the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex in the eye.

The dinosaur could not see properly after the attack. Then immediately the monkeys tied his leg with a rope and the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex fell to the ground. The animals of the jungle attacked him and the dinosaur shouted, “Let me go. Don’t kill me.”

Everyone said, “Well what you did to our people. What about that? Your punishment is that you can no longer be saved.” The dinosaur said, “If you kill me, my companions will come in search of me and bring tremendous destruction here.”

The animals did not listen to him and the king of the forest, The Lion, attacked him directly on the neck. This led to the end of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex. Everyone was happy to see the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex dead. Now it was time to celebrate. People were very happy in the forest. Everyone enjoyed the party with fun.

Now everyone was happy in the forest, no one attacked there for a long time. But everyone remembered the warning of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex.

Time was spent and one day suddenly 5 dinosaurs attacked in the forest together. Everyone got scared in the whole jungle. All the animals started hiding in small caves and tunnels waiting for where the dinosaurs would go from there.

After waiting for a long time, suddenly huge fireballs started raining from the sky. That fireball killed all the dinosaurs.

There are no dinosaurs left in the forest anymore. All the animals came out and started living happily. Now everything was fine in the forest.

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I am a Dinosaur – A Funny Dinosaur Story For Kids

Dinosaur Bedtime Stories for Kids Online

Long Neck Charlie – The Good Long Neck Dinosaur Story For Kids

Years ago there were various dinosaurs. Some of them ate meat and some lived by eating leaves. In this story, we will talk about a dinosaur whose neck was very long. And such dinosaurs are called Sauropods. So let’s know what happens in this children’s story.

For millions of years, dinosaurs used to live on this earth. There used to be different kinds of animals. But here we are talking about Charlie, whose neck was very long. Charlie was very upset about this. One day Charlie is invited by his friends to their house party.

Charlie was overjoyed to hear the news of the party and spent the whole day getting ready for the party. He was dressed in a black coat and a tie around his neck.

Charlie headed out to his friend’s house dancing and humming the song. Now he reached his friend’s house. However, he could not enter the house because Charlie’s neck was too long. This started making fun of him. Hearing everyone, Charlie became sad and left the party.

Charlie walked towards the forest in a sad way and fell asleep beside a tree.

It was early morning and the rays of the sun began to fall on Charlie’s eyes. Because of this, his eyes were opened. As soon as he woke up from sleep, he listened to the crying of someone. Hearing the sound of crying Charlie started looking around but he did not see him crying.

Charlie calls out, “Who’s crying?”

“This is me, I have to cry like this every day”

“But why are you not seeing me?” Charlie then asked the question.

Then that voice said to look down here.

Then Charlie looked down and saw a small plant talking to him. Charlie asked the plant, “Why are you crying?”

The small plant said, “I am too small, the sunlight does not reach me, due to which I cannot make my food. There are big trees above me, they would stop the sunlight from reaching me. Because of this, I am crying out the upset. “

“If I do not get sunlight like this, then I will not be able to grow properly. Now you tell me what to do. Apart from me, there are small trees that do not get sunlight and because of that they are also upset.” Plant told Charlie.

Charlie thought for a long time, about what to do so that the sunlight reaches small plants. After thinking for a long time, he thought why don’t I eat the leaves of these big trees so that light will reach the small plants?

This is what Charlie did. Charlie slowly started eating the leaves of big trees. But he did not eat all the leaves. Otherwise, how do big trees make their food?

After eating the leaves, the sunlight started reaching the bottom and small plants also started taking advantage of the sunlight.

After getting light, small plants started cooking their food and they all became happy. After being happy, they thanked Charlie and considered him his hero.

After seeing all this, Charlie became very happy, and forgetting about the previous night, he started living happily. Now he was happy.

It is not necessarily that bad things will happen every day and good things will happen every day. We must accept that good and bad events will happen in life. But what matters is how we respond at that time.

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The Little Dino – Dinosaur Story For Kids

Dinosaur Bedtime Stories for Kids Online

A Paleontologist

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved dinosaurs. Every night before bed, he would read about all the different kinds of dinosaurs and imagine what it would be like to meet them. One night, he had a dream that he was a T-rex and was chasing after some cars. He woke up feeling excited and happy and decided that he wanted to learn more about dinosaurs.

He started reading books about dinosaurs every day and even began drawing them himself. One day, he saw a documentary about dinosaurs on TV and learned that they were actually really smart animals. That made him even more interested in them and he continued learning everything he could about them.

Eventually, the little boy grew up and became a paleontologist. He studied dinosaurs for years and traveled all over the world to find new fossils. But no matter where he went or how much he learned, he always remembered his first love: the dinosaurs.

The Dream

Once upon a time, there was a happy little dinosaur who went to bed every night with a smile on his face. His mom and dad would tuck him in tight, give him a goodnight kiss, and turn off the light. And every single night, the little dinosaur would drift off to sleep with dreams of dinosaurs dancing in his head.

One night, however, the little dinosaur had a very strange dream. He dreamt that he was walking through a dark forest when he suddenly came face-to-face with a massive T-Rex! The T-Rex was so big and fierce that the little dinosaur was terrified. He tried to run away, but the T-Rex chased after him and began to gobble him up!

Just when it seemed like the little dinosaur was going to be eaten alive, he woke up with a start. He quickly realized that it was just a dream and that there was nothing to be scared of. He smiled and went back to sleep, safe and sound.

Sleeping Next to a T-Rex

The little boy’s favorite dinosaur was always watching over him while he slept. One night, the little boy had a dream that he was sleeping next to a T-Rex. The T-Rex was so big and powerful that it scared the little boy awake. But the little boy was happy to know that even though the T-Rex was scary, he was also very friendly. And so the little boy went back to bed, feeling safe and sound knowing that his favorite dinosaur was watching over him while he slept.

Three Triceratops Gruff – Dinosaur Story For Kids

Dinosaur Bedtime Stories for Kids Online

Star Fall Dinosaurs – Dinosaur Story For Kids

Dinosaur Bedtime Stories for Kids Online

Tiny T-Rex Dinosaur Story For Kids

Dinosaur Bedtime Stories for Kids Online

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