5 Unicorn Bedtime Stories For Kids

Unicorn Bedtime Stories For Kids-The unicorn is a fictional animal mentioned only in stories. This animal has wings and looks like a horse. The specialty of the unicorn is that this animal has a horn on its head which is very straight and pointed.

Children love unicorn stories. They like this kind of animal and they thought about this animal in their imaginations. That is why we have brought for you stories of the unicorn which children will surely be happy after reading.

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Unicorn and Sam – Unicorn Bedtime Stories For Kids

This is the story of a country called Samasanu. This is a country where common people cannot go. People here specialize in hunting. If an animal comes in front of them, it is impossible to survive for that animal.

But there is only one animal that escapes from them every time. That animal is ‘Cess the Unicorn’. The Cess unicorn is by far the most agile animal. Not a single person of Samasanu could touch Cess unicorn till today.

The headman of Samasanu’s clan always looked for that unicorn. He always thinks about catching her and makes various traps to catch the unicorn. But his all traps failed to catch the unicorn. The chieftain of the clan tried so much to catch that unicorn as no one has done till date.

One day a shinny unicorn flying from the sky came down. Eyes of the people of the clan caught sight of the unicorn and they all agreed to capture her.

This news reached the clan headman. On hearing the news, the clan headman stood up and vowed that he would catch the Cess unicorn today. He ordered his people, “Get ready, now we have to catch that unicorn under any circumstances.”

All the people stood up and shouted, “Huh hu, today we will catch her hu hu yeeeeeeeeeee”

The people secretly chased the unicorn. They saw that the unicorn was drinking the river water very comfortably. The chieftain of the clan said the most in a gesture that no one will attack now.

This time the clan chief thought to work with his mind and decided that he would attack the unicorn only when he will get a perfect opportunity to catch her.

Now Cess unicorn drank water and started eating grass in a pleasant manner. After eating the grass, she lay down on the ground and then after a while, she fell asleep. The chieftain of the clan understood that this is his perfect chance to catch her.

The headman orders his people to catch the unicorn in a gesture without making a single noise. And together they attacked the unicorn with rope. One put a rope in his back leg, another put a rope in the front leg and one put a rope in his neck. After this, everyone got together and started holding on that rope to provide support and strength because the unicorn was very powerful and having awesome strength.

Meanwhile, the unicorn woke up. After getting sleepy, he was terrified to see himself in such a condition and started shouting for help but no one came to help her to escape from that trap.

People imprisoned him and the unicorn screamed. People pf the clan take the unicorn to the clan and placed it inside a fort. The chieftain of the clan happily ordered for a grand feast and a party to show his victory to the people of Samasanu. People started preparing for the feast and party. Party begins with the evening and all the people of the clan were present in the feast. The clan chief displayed the unicorn in a cage in front of everyone to demonstrate his victory.

Unicorn Bedtime Stories For Kids

Everyone watched the unicorn very closely. People had never seen a unicorn so closely. When people were enjoying the party with fun the news of a sudden fire started in the clan.

Hearing the news of the fire, people were stirred up. Everyone tried to reduce the fire but by spreading the fire had taken a huge form. People were not able to reduce the fire even though they tried upto their will.

The fire started spreading and slowly the fire started moving towards the fort. The Unicorn had realized that people around him were in trouble. The unicorn again shouted. The unicorn kept shouting repeatedly but this time a boy came to her aid. The boy’s name was Sam.

Sam noticed that the unicorn is in trouble. He thought of helping the Unicorn. Sam came forward for help and went to the unicorn’s cage. As he approached the cage, he told the unicorn, “Don’t worry, I am here. I will get you out of here”

Saying this, Sam tried to open the cage but the cage was not opening from him. The fire was slowly approaching and the danger to Sam was increasing. Sam tried again and the cage opened. The unicorn came out as soon as the cage opened. The unicorn seated Sam on his back and flew off. Now both the unicorn and Sam were safe.

Sam looked down and saw the scene of the whole clan burning. The scream of the people was heard. Sam asks the unicorn, “Can’t you help us? Please help them all to be saved, please save them.”

The unicorn listened to Sam and then the unicorn made a voice and turned back down. On reaching the fire, the unicorn opened its mouth and from there he released icy wind and started extinguishing the fire. Gradually she extinguished the whole fire. Seeing this, the people were happy and shouted happily. They thanked the unicorn and started encouraging Sam. Everyone was shouting ‘Sam Sam Sam’.

Now Sam was the only boy who had ride a unicorn. As soon as the fire was extinguished, the Unicorn moved away from the clan. Sam was riding on his back. While flying, they reached a forest. The unicorn landed there and started rubbing Sam with his head and Sam also started caressing her throat with his hand. The two had developed a good friendship.

Now the unicorn went away from there. Sam understood that he was about to leave. Sam asked the unicorn, “Will you come back?”

The unicorn looked at Sam and then flew away.

Sam had now returned home. Upon arriving at the clan, he first made his home back. People come to Sam and ask him, how the unicorn was? How much did he enjoy riding? And there were a variety of questions people would ask Sam.

Unicorn Bedtime Stories For Kids

Sam would periodically visit the same place of the forest and wait for the unicorn to arrive. He did this several times but the unicorn did not came there. But even then he would go there and wait for her in the hope that she would come to meet him one day.

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