Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids

Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids – We all read the story of Abraham, in which we saw that God told Abraham the way to the land of Canaan and also told that Abraham will have children and he will start many countries.

Abraham and Hangar(second wife of Abraham) had a son Ishmael. Later Abraham and Sarah(1st wife of Abraham) also had a son named Isaac. God promised Abraham that he would support Abraham and he would do the same to the first child born to Abraham’s seed.

If you have not read the whole story of Abraham, then you must read from here – Abraham and Sarah Bible story for kids.

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Birth of Jacob and Esau

After Abraham’s death, his son Isaac took care of everything of his father. He married a girl named Rebekah. Isaac loves God and prays to him forever. God heard Isaac’s prayer and he had two twins together.

Isaac was very happy to have both children. At birth, Issac noticed that his two children were not the same. His first child was very strong and on the other hand, his second child was not as strong.

Isaac named the older child Esau and named his second child Jacob. But Esau was older in both of them, so he had the birthright. The birthright was given to the child who was the father’s first male son. That child would get more share in father’s property and everything.

Isaac had more love and affection for Esau and in the same way, Rebekah loved Jacob more. She always worry about Jacob.

Esau grew up and became a hunter. He was a strong man with more body hair. On the other hand, Jacob would take care of the sheep of the house. Jacob was very fond of reading, he used to read many books in his spare time.


One day Esau returned empty-handed from hunting, while Jacob was making soup for everyone at home. Seeing Esau come back empty-handed, Jacob mocked him and said, “Here you come again, empty-handed. Looks like my elder brother is already sluggish. What’s the matter, you still return empty-handed today?”

“Nowadays all animals have become clever. The animals become cautious when there is even a slight noise. It is difficult to catch them. What are you cooking? its smell nice” Esau said to Jacob.

Jacob said, “I’m making soup but it’s not for you.”

Esau had just returned from hunting and was very hungry, so he begged his brother, Jacob, “My brother, Jacob please give me soup to eat. I’m so hungry.”

“No, this soup is not for you, so I can’t give it to you,” Jacob said to Esau.

Now Esau begged Jacob repeatedly to give him soup to eat. Jacob eventually agrees to give him the soup, but Jacob puts a condition to do so. Jacob said, “Okay, I’ll give you this soup to eat but for that, you have to make a promise with me.”

“Say, I’m ready to do whatever you say,” Esau said to Jacob.

“Okay. For this, you have to give me the birthright. Obey God and say that you give me the birthright.” Jacob told Esau, stating his condition.

Esau gives such a huge right to his brother Jacob, to calm his hunger. Perhaps he had no idea of ​​the great authority he is giving to his brother. Esau adopts the condition and says, “I swear to God that from now on my birthright will belong to Jacob.”

After Esau does this, Jacob gives him soup to eat but from now on Jacob had the birthright.

Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids
Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids – pinterest.com

Isaac’s Blessing

Time passed and Isaac began to grow old. His eyesight had also weakened with age. Now Isaac recognized his sons by their voice and by their touch. Esau had a loud voice and had more body hair. On the other hand, Jacob’s voice was not as loud as Esau and the number of hairs in his body was also less.

Now Isaac’s last time had come. At his last moment, Isaac called Esau and said, “My son, I won’t live long now. I want to eat your hand made delicious meal in my last time. I will bless you after eating it so that God will also bless and support you.”

Esau told his father, “I will cook deer for you, father don’t worry.”

Esau immediately went on the hunt thereafter. At the time when Isaac was saying this to his elder son Esau, his mother Rebekah was standing there listening to all the things. After listening to all the things, Rebekah thought that Isaac’s blessings should not go to Esau it is for Jacob. For this Rebekah goes to her younger son Jacob and tells him the whole thing.

Rebekah’s Plan

Rebekah tells Jacob, “Son, I want that your father’s blessing be with you. Go and bring a lamb.”

“But my voice is different from Esau’s voice and he has a lot of hair in his body. Dad will hear my voice and touch me to recognize that whether I am not Esau or not,” Jacob told his mother, Rebekah.

Listening to Jacob, Rebekah said, “Don’t worry and do what I am saying to you. Go quickly get a lamb before Esau arrives. Remember don’t throw the skin of lamb.”

Jacob then did what Rebekah had said. He immediately went and brought me lamb. Jacob removed its skin from the body and then Rebekah made a delicious meal for Isaac from the lamb.

After this, Rebekah put the skin of the lamb in Jacob’s body Rebekah gave Jacob the dish and said, “Listen, Jacob, go quickly and put on your brother’s clothes and raise your voice a little when you go to your father.”

Now Jacob was fully prepared and then after that, he took the food to his father and said, “Father I returned.”

“Your voice sounds like Jacob. Come to me here, I will touch you once,” Issac said.

Jacob went to Isaac and Isaac touched Jacob’s hands. Jacob’s body was covered with lamb’s skin and his body was smelling like Esau, so Isaac could not recognize him and began to believe that he is Esau.

Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids
Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids – crossref-it.info

Jacob then said, “I have prepared this delicious meal for you. Get up and eat.”

Then Isaac got up and ate that food, and then after that Isaac blessed Jacob. He gave his all the blessings to him.

When Esau returned, he came to know all the things that what his brother did to him. Knowing this, Esau was angry and then decided that he would kill Jacob. Esau said, “Jacob did wrong to me. First, he took my birthright and now he also fraudulently took away my rightful blessing. I will not leave him. I will kill him.”

Rebekah went and told Jacob all that thing and told him to run away.

Jacob left Canaan

Jacob leaves Canaan and runs away. He goes to Aram. Jacob goes a very long way. Many days and nights pass by, Jacob continues to walk. One day, while Jacob was sleeping, God comes and says to him, “There is no need to fear Jacob. I am the God of Abraham and Isaac. And I will always protect you and support you the way I did to Abraham and Isaac. I will give you this land and bring you back here. “

After God said this, Jacob woke up and got up and left a sign on that place because he considered that place to be the place of God. Jacob named the place Bethel.

Jacob reached Aram after several days of journey. There he went to live with Laban, who was Rebekah’s brother.

So this was the Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids.

Jacob and Esau Bible Story for Kids

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