New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids

New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids
New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids

New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids – Here you can read two amazing Princess stories that you would definetly love. So read the story provided below.

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The Mountain Princess – New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids

The Mountain Princess
The Mountain Princess

Once upon a time. There was a very beautiful mountain near the most beautiful village in the world named Ranga. That mountain doubled the beauty of that village. People used to come to that village from far to enjoy the beauty of the village. The weather of that village was always pleasant.

There is always a balance in the weather there, it never rains too much, neither is it too hot nor is it too cold. This balance of weather did not happen in any corner of the world.

It is said that the mountain was involved in balancing the village and there is a princess in those mountains, who controls the surrounding weather. People also say that there is no one as beautiful as that princess. Ther called her the magic princess. But, people had heard all these things, in fact no one had seen her yet.

The Mountain Princess
The Mountain Princess – Princess Story

Changes in The Village

Everyone was happy among themselves. But suddenly one day, there was sudden increase in heat in the village’s weather. The heat was so terrible that people got upset. There was never any such heat till date. D

ue to the rise in heat, the river suddenly flooded. Because of the flood, the house of the nearby people was destroyed. This happened due to melting of frozen ice in the mountains. A few days later there was also a lot of rain.

The people of the village were very upset. They did not understand that what is happening? Some people said that this is the curse of the princess. And some refused to believe it.

But a young boy from the village named Alaris secretly decided that he would go alone in those mountains. Alaris waits for the darkness of the night. He comes out of the village and goes towards the mountain.

The Mountain Princess
The Mountain Princess – New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids

Alaris on Mountain

He has to face many challenges along the way. Alaris faces all the challenges and reaches the middle of the mountain. But his problem was not over yet. Suddenly a bear attacks him from behind. Somehow Alaris escapes from that attack but he falls on ground. In such a situation, it is difficult to get up.

The bear slowly moves towards him. Bear now approaches Alaris and is ready to attack. The bear rises his claw to attack Alaris then suddenly a lot of bees attack the bear from which the bear runs away.

A beautiful hand comes towards Alaris to help him. Then he looks up and sees. He sees a beautiful princess in front of him. The princess was so beautiful in appearance that Alaris keeps on seeing her.

The princess speaks to Alaris, “Are you alright?”

Alaris said, “Yes, I’m fine.”

He then asked, “Did you save my life? And who are you?”

She said, “Yes, I saved you and I am the princess of the mountains.”

Hearing this, Alaris tells her all the problems of his village and says, “Can’t you help us? I have heard that you control everything here.”

The princess said, “Yes, I could but now I can’t.”

In such a situation, Alaris looked at the princess in distress and said, “Why can’t you do that? Everyone is upset in the village below. Sometimes there is heat, sometimes winter and floods have devastated people’s house.”

The princess said, “I cannot do this because I am sad nowadays. Look there is no one here with me.”

Problem of Princess

The princess told, “One day I went to the village. There I saw people enjoying themselves together. They were happy and enjoying everyone’s company but here, no one is there with whom I can play and have fun.”

Alaris find out the major problem with princess and said, “That’s all. You can live with us and I’ll be with you. Make you happy forever.”

Saying this, Alaris began to make her feel happy. He used to perform various tricks and also told funny jokes. After the act of Alaris, the princess started laughing. The princess was very happy with all these antics.

The people in the village below saw that the weather was improving and everything was happening as before. Now the princess was happy.

Alaris said, “Come, you can stay with us in the village below. We will all keep you happy.”

The princess said, “I cannot go there. My place is here. I cannot leave this place.”

Alaris said, “Well, it doesn’t matter if you can’t come, I’ll come to meet you. And sometimes you can come to meet us.”

The princess was very happy to hear that from Alaris.

Now everything is good in the village. People are starting to feel happy again.

Now Alaris went to the mountains to meet the princess and sometimes the princess used to come to the village to meet Alaris. New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids.

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Princia – The Giving Princess

Princia - New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids
Princia – New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids

Years ago there was a country named Megmin. The king of that country used to be very cruel. He was so cruel that the people of his country used to fear him very much. But that king also had a daughter and that is Princess named Princia. Principia was a very naughty girl, but everyone liked her.

Princia’s mischief was increasing day by day. Due to which the king got angry and imprisoned Prinia in her room. Princia could not go out of her room. She was always guarded in front of the room. Now in such a situation, Princia started thinking how to go out of this room.

Princia got an idea: First the princess changed her disguise and took out all the bedsheets and curtains inside the room, tied them to each other and threw them out of the window and came down with it and came out of the palace.

Outside The Palace

Nobody knew Princia outside the palace, so she could roam there comfortably. She was able to see the people around. At first she thought of playing with some children. Then the princess started playing with them very happily.

New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids
Princia – New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids

After, playing with everyone, the princess started going further into the city. Inside the city she saw that people were very poor and they neither had good houses nor food to eat properly.

Suddenly, an old man came in front of Princia. The old man was in a very bad condition and started asking for food from Princia. Pricia pulled out her precious ring and told him that by selling it he can buy a lot of food.

The old man asked Prinsia who are you? Princeia ran away from there and ran straight to her palace.

After arriving at the palace, Prinsia kept thinking only about how bad the condition of the people in the city was. And how bad people live. Then Princia decides that now everyday she will go to the city and help the people.

Principia did exactly that the next day. She secretly went towards the city. This time she helped a family whose people were very hungry and they was always upset. Gradually, time passed and Princia began to prevail among the people.

But no one in the city yet knew who the girl was? Who used to help everyone and used to give so much money to people. Gradually the condition of the people improved and everyone started to be happy.

People and The King

Now the cruelty of the king was also increasing. But people had thought that now they would not bow down in front of the cruelty of the king.

All the people of the city united and all thought of attacking towards the palace. They all started towards the palace. While attacking the palace, the kings of the palace came out and ordered their army to fight. A lot of fierce fighting took place between the people and soldiers of the city. But the people of the city were so much that the soldiers could not stand before them.

Now it was the turn of the king, all the people took the king captive and everyone pleaded to kill him. In such a situation, Princia came in front of everyone and said, “stop, all of you don’t do this. He is my father.”

After seeing Princia there, all the people of the city come to know that the girl who had been helping them for so many days was princess. Seeing such a good attitude of the princess, people obeyed her and they left the king.

Seeing all these things the king was very sad and he promised in front of everyone that he will help everyone by becoming a good king and will try his best to keep everyone happy.

After this, the people of the city started living happily and the Princess Princia had become a favorite of all. Everyone in the city liked the princess and everyone respected her. New Bedtime Stories of Princess For Kids.

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