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The Story of Moses for kids – Every time when people suffer from persecution and sin. Then the righteous man of God is definitely born. God guides him and helps him. There was one such person who freed the Hebrew people of Egypt from the cruel king and created a new nation. The name of the nobleman of God was Moses. God sent Moses to this earth for a noble cause. So let’s know the whole story of Moses. You can also watch the video of the story at the end of this post.

Birth of Moses

It was at that time when the king of Egypt was a pharaoh who enslaved the Hebrew people. He was very cruel and was concerned that the number of Hebrew people was increasing. There was a fear that if the number of Hebrew people started increasing, they would later rule over Egypt. That is why the pharaoh ordered their people that the children of the Hebrew people would no longer be born. He ordered the first male children of the Hebrew people to be killed.

This news of the pharaoh spread to the whole of Egypt. People started looking for new ways to save their children. The same Moses was born. There used to be a woman named Jochebed in Egypt. Jochebed began to worry about how she would save her newborn child. She placed her child in a basket and took him to the banks of the river where the daughter of the pharaoh used to come to bathe.

Jochebed was crying and prayed to God, “God please take care of my child.”

For mothers and fathers, their children are everything. If something happens to the children, the parents are very sad and anxious. And seeing them go away, they feel very sad. So Moses’ mother was also very depressed.

The place where Jochebed left his child. There came the daughter of the pharaoh, she saw that there was a small child in the basket and there was no one around. The princess was a pity to see the lonely child. The princess picked up the basket and decided that she would raise the child. She named the child Moses, which means ‘taken out of the river’.

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Raising Moses

Moses was brought up as a prince and he was given every comfort that is given to a prince. Over time, Moses had grown up and had also come to know that he was a Hebrew.

Moses suffered greatly from the fact that the Egyptians persecuted the Hebrew people and kept them as slaves. One day Moses saw that an Egyptian man was beating a Hebrew slave. In anger, Moses killed the Egyptian man.

Moses later realizes that he has made a big mistake. He decided that he would leave the place and go somewhere and he left Egypt and moved to another place so that he could save himself. He remained in hiding for 40 years.

Command of God to Moses

One day God indicated his existence to Moses. A fire started burning on a tree in front of Moses. From there the voice of God started echoing in Moses’ ears. That voice was that of God. God said to Moses, “Moses, I have heard the call of my people in Egypt. They are all sad and tortured every day. I want you to go there and free them and take them to a place where milk and Rivers of the honey flow, where there are happiness and prosperity. “

The Story of Moses for kids
Command of God to Moses –

Hearing God, Moses said, “God, I will do as you said.”

“Tell the king of Egypt to free the people. If he does not listen to your first request, then spread your hands and show your miracles. I will always be with you” God said to Moses.

Moses did what God told him. He walked towards Egypt and reached Egypt and started convincing the pharaoh that free the Hebrew people otherwise God will curse the whole of Egypt. But the pharaoh did not listen to him. In such a situation, Moses threw his stick in front of the pharaoh and the stick immediately turned into a snake. The snake was picked up by Moses and it turned back into a stick.

Seeing all this, the Pharaoh said to Moses, “What do you think I will do with such small magic. My sorcerers can also do this. I will never set your people free.” Saying this, the pharaoh denies Moses’ request.

After this Moses thought about what he would do. After this, Moses poured his stick into the river, after which the water of the river turned into blood and all the fish and living beings in the river died. Seeing this, again pharaoh refused to free the people.

The Story of Moses for kids
Moses turning water into blood –

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God’s Wrath on Egypt

Now Moses could not understand what he would do now. He prays to God, “O God, even after trying twice, I failed to do your work, now you tell me what to do. God show me the way.”

“Moses, my children I will now wreak havoc in the whole of Egypt,” God told Moses.

After this, a large number of frogs started coming in all over Egypt. Entire Egypt was full of frogs. Seeing all this, the pharaoh got nervous and started saying to Moses, “Moses, I give up before your God. Remove these frogs from here, I will set your people free.”

Moses prayed to God and in a few days, the number of frogs began to decrease. Now pharaoh had to liberate the people. But the pharaoh retracts his promise and refuses to liberate slaves and the people remain imprisoned again.

Now this time there was an attack of grasshoppers in Egypt. Grasshoppers filled in entire Egypt. But Pharaoh did not change his decision.

God’s Anger

In compulsion, God has to show his wrath on Egypt again. This time flies attack the whole of Egypt. There were so many flies in the entire of Egypt. After losing, the pharaoh again goes to Moses and begs him to free Egypt from these flies. By doing this, the flyback disappears from Egypt. But the pharaoh again turns back from his promise and refuses to free the people.

After this, all the animals of Egypt start getting sick. Goats, camels, horses, etc. slowly start dying. Then the epidemic spreads throughout Egypt. People have to face terrible diseases. But the Pharaoh did not change his mind.

Now God had understood that he would have to punish the pharaoh hard. God says to Moses, “Moses, mark all the Hebrew people’s homes. Today I will take all the children who belong to the people of Egypt.”

Moses does what God told him to do. He marks the house of people who belonged to the Hebrew people.

Death arrives at night and takes the children’s souls with him. Which includes the son of the Pharaoh. Now Pharaoh had given up completely. He decides that he will free the people and let them go.

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People’s Freedom

The Pharaoh turns people free and Moses takes his people to a place where God told him.

In this story, a king forgets that God is at the top of which no one can win.

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The Story of Moses Bible for kids

The Audio Story of Moses Bible for kids

The Story of Moses Bible for kids PDF

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