Interactive Children’s Stories for Church

Interactive Children’s Stories for Church – In the present time children are leaning towards the Internet. In such a situation, their morale, confidence and faith of God has come to an end. It is seen in today’s children that they lack self confidence. Keeping these things in mind, we have brought the story of Lily for you. Through this story you can also increase faith in your children towards God. Story for kids’ bedtime.

Lily And The God

Story of Lily

Lily is a cute baby girl but she was a little naughty. Lily’s mischiefs were such that no one was harmed with it. One day Lily became ill. In such a situation, she became a little sad and depressed. She told her father, “Papa, will I be fine soon?”

Father replied, “Yes, my child you will get well soon. For this, we have to pray to God once.”Lily did just as Dad said. She folded her hands and said, “Oh God, please heal me soon.” Father said, “Our prayer to God is very powerful.” and then he kissed her oh her head and said good night to her.

Interactive Children's Stories for Church - Lily And The God - Story For Kids' Bedtime
Interactive Children’s Stories for Church – Lily And The God – Story For Kids’ Bedtime

After saying this, Lily ate the medicine and went straight to her bed for sleep. The next day, Lily woke up and saw that she was completely recovered. In such a situation, she went to her father and said to him, “See, father, I am completely cured. God has completely cured me. God listened to my prayer.”

Father said, “Yes my dear, when we are in any trouble then, if we pray to God with full faith on him, then God will definitely listen to us and help us.” Dad asked Lily, “Did you thanks to God?”

Lily replied, “No”.

Father said, “Then do it. Never forget to thank him.” Hearing this, Lily immediately folded her hands and thanked God. And Lily decided that from now, she would always pray to God and trust Him wholeheartedly.

Lily’s Mistakes

Time passed and Lily’s mischiefs continued. One day, Lily broke her mother’s favorite flowerpot by mistake. But no one saw Lily while breaking the flowerpot. She was very scared about this and started thinking about what to do. Then she remembered what her father told to her and then she immediately prayed to God. She went to sleep after praying.

In Lily’s dream, God came and told her the solution to Lily’s problem. God said to Lily, oh my dear you did everything inadvertently(meaning -done or happening unintentionally). But, you have to go and tell this to your mother and promise her that you will not do such a thing again.” God went away after saying this.

The next day, Lily did what God told her to do. Lily went to her mother and said, “Mother, the flowerpot that was broken yesterday was broken by me. That was a mistake and I promise that I will never do it again.”

Hearing this, mother looked at Lily and said, “Never mind my dear, you told the truth, I am happy that you told the truth.” After this, Mother gave Lily lots of chocolate.

Lily was overjoyed to see this and thanked God again. After this, she never made such mistakes. Due to this, Lily found that if she make a mistake, accept it soon then the problem ends soon.

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Lily Becoming a Good Girl

Now the time passed and Lily’s mischiefs kept on diminishing and she would always remember what God had told her. But Lily had a bad habit, she does not do her work in time even the homework of the school. Due to this, she did not complete the homework she had got in the holiday vacation and as soon as the holiday time was over, she started getting upset and because of that, she started praying to God.

This time God again came in her dream and said, “Lily, it is a bad thing to not do your work on time. It is wise to finish the work in time, this can save time. You should do your work on time. “

The next day Lily did what the God had said and she finished her homework in 3 days with a lot of effort. After this she started thinking it was very easy and again she thanked God.

Now Lily started doing all her work on time and she started living happily.

From this story we came to know that God always shows us the right path and he helps everyone. We just need to pray with a sincere heart, believing in God.

God Always Watch Us

Once upon a time there was a small boy named Ramesh lived in a small village. He was roaming in the village during the summer season. While walking, he saw that there was a big mango tree inside a house. Many riped mangoes were there on that mango tree. Ramesh thought that he would break the mangoes secretly from the tree. He wanted to take it home eat it with great fun and give it to his father too.

Ramesh broke a lot of mangoes and tied them in his clothes and walked towards the house. On his way home, he showed his father all the mangoes and said, “Look, Dad I have a lot of riped mangoes.”

Dad looked at Ramesh and then looked at the mangoes and said, “Where did you bring these mangoes from? From where did you get that much money?”

Ramesh said, “Father, I have not bought these mangoes. I have broken it from other’s tree.”

Dad said, “That means you have stolen these mangoes?”

Ramesh said, “No father, I have not seen anyone there, so how is this theft?”

A Big Lesson by Father

Father said, “My children it is theft. And always keep in mind that when no one is watching you then God is watching you. What you have done is wrong.”

Hearing this, Ramesh apologized to Dad and said that he will not make such a mistake again and will always take care of what he had said.

After few years Ramesh’s house lacked food. Ramesh’s father was not earning. One day Dad told Ramesh that you should come with me, we have to cut some paddy from the field. We will harvest paddy from another’s field.

On reaching the farm, Dad said, “Ramesh, keep an eye around you and let me know if anyone sees us.”

After a while Ramesh said, “Dad, someone is watching us.”

Dad immediately got up and looked around but he did not see anyone. Dad asked Ramesh, “There is no one around us. So who is watching us?”

Ramesh replied, “Father, you said that if no one is watching us then God is watching us.”

Hearing this, Dad’s eyes were opened and he decided that from now he will not do anything wrong. After a few days, Ramesh’s father started earning again and he started living happily again.

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