Daniel in The Lion’s Den Bible Story for kids

Daniel in The Lion’s Den Story for kids – This story dates back to the time when Darius was the king of Babylon king. King Darius had great concern for his people. He wanted that the people of his country should be well and everyone in his country should be happy. For this, the king decided that he would appoint 120 supervisors and governors who would take care of his country’s people.

But the dilemma before the king was who would he give the task of choosing 120 supervisors and governors. He needed a good and honest person for such work. You can also watch the video of the story at the end of this post.

Daniel an Honest Man

There lived a person named Daniel in that country of Darius. Daniel was a very religious man who believed in God. Daniel loves God and everyday prays to him. He prayed 3 times in a day to God. Not a single day passes in which Danielle has not prayed. He used to pray, whatever happens to him.

The king heard about Danielle and gave Danielle and two other men the task of choosing 120 supervisors and governors. Those two people did not like that a common man like Danielle would work with them.

Daniel does his work with great honesty and honest passion. The king was very pleased to see Daniel’s honesty and gave Daniel the responsibility of taking care of the kingdom.

People Getting Jealous From Daniel

People were getting jelous with Daniel when he got so close to the king. They thought of removing Daniel under any circumstances. Together they began to find Daniel’s shortcomings. Everyone tried their best to find the flaws and faults of Daniel. But nobody found a single fault of his, because whatever he did, he would do it with sincerity.

Other supervisors and governors together conspired against Daniel. They prepared a plan against Daniel. Supervisor and Governor came to King Darius and both said to the King, “Hail King Darius, King Darius we want to announce something in this country which is very good for us and it will be beneficial for us.”

“So what do you want to announce? Tell me in detail. Explain to me what it is?” The king said.

The officials said to the king, “king, all the supervisors, governors, lieutenant governors of this country all want that no one to pray to God except you for the next 30 days. We request you to make such a declaration. It would be perfectly right to do so. If anyone will not obey your command and pray to God, then he/she will be put in the lion’s den. “

The king listened to everyone and the king decided that he would do the same and he said that he will soon sign the decleration so that it would become law. After the signing of the king, it became law throughout the country. Now no one but the king could pray to God.

The news reached Daniel, and he was wondering that how King could give such an order? Who can live without praying to God? Everyone has the right to pray to God.

But without worrying about punishment, Daniel got up the next day to pray to God, as he had done before because he could not live without praying to God.

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Daniel Inside The Lion’s Den

Everyone saw Daniel praying and everyone wondered how Daniel could do this? The king has made a rule that no one will pray to God for the next 30 days. But Daniel was doing it nonetheless. It reached the king that Daniel was praying without the king’s orders.

The other supervisors and governors were beginning to rejoice that their idea is working and Daniel is about to have serious troubles. Taking advantage of that opportunity, they went to the king and said, “King, you made a rule that no one can pray to God except you for the next 30 days. But someone has broken this rule and that person is Daniel. According to the rule Now he has to be thrown into the lion’s den. “

On hearing this, the king got very upset and understood that it was someone’s trick and he started thinking that Daniel is a gentleman, how can he punish him?

Daniel in The Lion's Den Story for kids
Daniel in The Lion’s Den Story for kids

King’s worries had increased throughout the night, the king kept thinking about how he would save Daniel, but he could not see any way to save Daniel. The next day the supervisor and the governor came and told the king that now the king will have to punish Daniel. Now Daniel must go to the lion’s den.

The king summons Daniel to the assembly and with heavy heart, ordering that Daniel be put into the lion’s den. Soon after the king’s order, the soldiers came and led Daniel to the den and put him in the den. There used to be many dreaded lions in that den.

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King’s Worries

After putting Daniel inside the den, the mouth of the cave was covered with large stones so that Daniel could not come out of there. By covering the mouth of the den with a stone, a royal seal was applied to the stone so that no one could save Daniel from outside.

After putting Daniel in the den. The king was very worried thinking about Daniel. He could not even sleep that night due to anxiety. As soon as dawn the next day, King immediately walked towards the cave to see Daniel.

Daniel in The Lion's Den Story for kids
Daniel in The Lion’s Den Story for kids

The king started shouting from the outside of cave, “Daniel! Daniel! Are you alive? If you are alive, give me a voice. I want to know what you are doing inside? Daniel, if you are alive, give me a voice.”

“Hail to the king, I am fine. My kings, angels of God came in the night and they had stopped the lion so that it would not attack me. God has saved me so that you know that I am innocent. I have been trapped. I have not done anything that is contrary to you. Believe me I have done all the work with honesty,” Daniel told the king from inside the cave.

The king was overjoyed to hear Daniel’s voice and immediately ordered his soldiers to take Daniels out. When Daniel came out, the king saw that there was not a single scratch on him.

The king then sentenced the men who had trapped Daniel, the king ordered them to be put in the lion’s den.

After this, the king issued a new deceleration that no person of this country, whether it be a woman or a man, be it a child or an old person, has the right to pray to God, no one can stop them to pray to God.

Daniel in The Lion’s Den Story for kids video

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