The Little King – Story For Kids’ Bedtime

Read this amazing Story for kids’ bedtime. It is a story of a kid who is going to be a great king for the people of his country.

The Little King-Stories For Kids' Bedtime
The Little King-Stories For Kids’ Bedtime

Introduction of Mike-Story For kids’ bedtime

Once upon a time, a boy named Mike lived in a distant country and loved his parents very much. Mike was a very good boy and always listen to his parents, that is why everyone liked him. But the king of the country where Mike lived was very cruel. Everyone used to scare the king there.

Every day Mike used to see around him that the king’s soldiers used to punish innocent people unnecessarily. In such a situation, he would ask his father, “Father, these people always punish innocent people unnecessarily. Is there no one to stop them?”

The Little King- Story For Kids' Bedtime
The Little King- Story For Kids’ Bedtime

Dad was busy with his work at that time, so he said to Mike, “Mike, Don’t you see? I am working now. Go and play with your friends.” Dad did not respond to Mike by saying so.

Mike and Her Mother

But, Mike was a curious boy, he would know anything what he wanted to know. In such a situation, he went to his mother and asked her the same question, “Mother, these people always punish innocent people unnecessarily. Is there no one to stop them?”

Mother looked at Mike with her beloved and said, “Only one man can stop them from doing this.”

“And who is that mother? Tell me, tell me please.” Mike said.

Mother said, “Oh my dear, What will you do after knowing this?”

“Please mom tell me I want to know.” Mike told mother.

Mother replied, “He is the king. These soldiers belong to him and he can stop them.”

Mike then asked the question, “So why don’t he stop them from doing this?”

Mother replied, “Because our king is not a good king. He is a cruel king. Everyone afraid from him.”

In such a situation, Mike said, “Mother, I will fight these soldiers and I will guard everyone.”

Mother said handily, “You are very small, you do not have any army nor do you have any magic power. Then how will you fight the king?”

Hearing such things from mother, Mike got sad and started thinking in his mind that what can I do?

Now it was night and Mike had to do something. Mike was thinking the same thing while sleeping, how can I fight the king? While thinking this, he pleaded with God and said that God may give me powers so that I can defeat the king and protect the people of the country.

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Mike’s New Journey

In sleep, Mike had a dream. An angel came in the dream and said to Mike, “Mike, God has heard your prayer and God has given you this sword to fight the king. As long as you have this sword, your strength will increase and no one can do anything of you.” Saying this the angel went away.

As Mike woke up in the morning, he first search his full house. He started searching every corner of his house but could not find the sword.Mike got tired. In such a situation, Mike sat in his bed. Sitting, he started thinking, “Was that just a dream or did it really happen?”

Suddenly Mike remembered that there is only one such place in the house where he has not seen yet and that was under the bed. He immediately looked down under his bed and found a bright sword there. On seeing the sword, he immediately pulled it out.

The glow of that sword was higher than all the other swords and the sword looked magical in appearance.

Now Mike walked towards the king’s palace with the sword in his hand. Seeing that sword in Mike’s hand, everyone was shocked and all started following Mike towards the king’s palace.

Battle of Mike and The King

As soon as Mike reached towards the palace door, 3 soldiers of the palace tried to stop him, but due to that sword no one could stand in front of Mike. Now Mike went inside the palace and challenged the king directly.

The Little King- Story For Kids' Bedtime
The Little King- Story For Kids’ Bedtime

Seeing a small child in front of him, the king started laughing and said, “Child, this age is for you to play. Go and leave the sword.”

Hearing this, Mike attacked the king directly and the fight between the two started. People was watching the battle between the two . Everyone saw how bravely Mike is fighting, a small child with a king. And finally that sword showed its power and Mike defeated that king.

Now Mike had become the king of that country. Mike severely punished the king and his soldiers. Now everyone started living happy in Mike’s country and Mike began to rule in his country.

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